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  1. Beware! I installed a similar system in my garden and two of my cats broke their knees (cruciates) when falling back. The two operations cost me a fortune and both cats suffered a lot and took a very long time to recover.

  2. hi, guys, I do live in London and I'm getting off from the last 3 months. can you tell me where I can get this stuff, please?

  3. My aunt lives near a highway and has had over 3 of her cats get run over. This fence would be a life saver, literally. Thanks so much for showing me about this concept.

  4. Great idea, but they also forgot the persistence factor. Cats are very persistent. They keep trying until hey hit there mark. At least my cat does.

  5. wait… never mind it's so freaking expensive! LOL what a joke, it'd cost over a couple thousand bucks USD to do an average yard fence. More than building a fence!

  6. Good idea lol. I bet before long though cat learns how to beat it. They are devils for figuring things out lol.

  7. I need that on the outside of my fence to keep the ammonia stinking turd machines OUT. All the poisoned tuna did was make the cats crawl under porches and other hard to reach places to die and rot all over the neighborhood. That was a mistake. We've been shooting them with pellet guns and .22's this past winter with bait and shoot food. It's fun when they are only stunned because when "Pepper" hears the shot she scratches at the door to get out to scoop the flailing cat in her jaws and shake it until it stops hissing, screaming and moving. We think we have all toms.

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