Catch Free Horse in Horse Riding Tales

Catch Free Horse in Horse Riding Tales

so I found again a horse with this icon in the center so just click this copy here and choose another horse you wanna like I just wanna use this one oh maybe I should use my Pegasus yeah okay so I got a bonus bonus here see this is need three orbs and I only got two so you can get this free because we see this icon here so just click it and choose this way Pegasus and yet I'm standing here so I can just see you so I got another free Pegasus horse here and then this time it only needs one orbs I have to but I don't wanna use it because I can get this free this yeah it's like the old time just click this just click this it's really good okay so 600,000 okay

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  1. Wow I’m so going to try it lol I tried to do it but Horse doesn’t stay still so I can’t do it lol so it doesn’t work

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