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  1. Pack all the wires (posts) together and file as one, better still, use a small sized bench grinder, just get an old batt. drill, mount to baseboard, fit grinding wheel to chuck, mount a platform to 60 of height of grinding wheel and feed in wires. Use a fan to blow solder fumes away. Instead of soldering fence posts with rails make a spot welder (lots of vids on youtube about this, make one from a Microwave oven transformer – all low voltage at about 4 to 5 volts) and spot weld joins (no soldering, no fumes, nothing to file as there's no blobs of solder left, there's no additional metal).

  2. This may be the most inefficient manufacturing process I've ever seen. Most of us wouldn't live long enough to see the finished product. But what do I know I was only a manufacturing engineer for 35 years…..yikes!

  3. Wow..awesome..I would like to try the metal one.. thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.. Lance

  4. Ottimo, anche io faccio cose del genere. MY CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/user/rxsbr/videos?view_as=subscriber

  5. Soldering with lead solder doesn’t give off much in the way of lead containing fumes
    (Unless your iron is over 450°C. But it shouldn’t be)
    The vapour you see coming off is the flux core
    But you still shouldn’t breathe that as it’s bad for your lungs
    Though if you do it a lot
    Have an extraction fan

  6. if you misted it from far away with a rust covered spray paint could you make it look rusted or is there a better method?

  7. very nice thank you and greets from Germany.
    i want to build a german army camp and need a lot of this.
    i think i used sealing wire for the top 🙂

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