"Charlie Brown": Archery Deer Hunting/Bowhunting – The Management Advantage

"Charlie Brown": Archery Deer Hunting/Bowhunting – The Management Advantage

I think one of the coolest things of you know whitetail management are just land management in general is watching the animals response and seeing how they react to certain things that you give them maybe I'm weird but it's just so much fun to watch these animals change how they live or where they live and how they go about their daily business just by manipulating certain things in the habitat and giving them things that they want it's so ironic watching you know this particular dear that we're about to talk about how he moved in and created his own little home in a five acre area and it just so happened to be one of the spots that we really focused on this year we've got about a four year standard switchgrass you can see we've got good clumps but it's scattered it's not real thick and we want to fill it in a little bit if you notice all this green down here at my feet and we haven't been able to run a really good fire through here and we probably couldn't run a good hot fire through here right now just because there's so much green fescue that's coming back so we're gonna spray it leave it for a week and I'm gonna come here and run a fire through it and what we're gonna have instead of this green mass of just nasty fescue is bare dirt and that's gonna be key because we've got mature plants of switchgrass that have dropped seed on the ground those plants are gonna have a chance to grow now there's that seed that's lay on the ground but it's also gonna fill in the other gaps with beneficial weeds ragweed all kinds of things that the deer want to eat is going to be good vertical cover it's but we're gonna have a real nice diverse stand and this is where we want a diverse stand is in the center of the farm where our deer spending a lot of time so the middle of September rolls around we really don't have any mature deer that I really want to go after we don't really don't have a pattern yet but during this timeframe we have a big shuffle that takes place and lots of deer come in lots of deer leave and on September 24th we get the first picture of a deer that would soon be coined Charlie Brown really was the last camera that I hung for the summer of 2017 and it ends up being our most productive camera this deer sets up shop like I said and he walks by it once every 2 or 3 days I'm getting pictures of him walking South in the morning which is really weird because you can see the shed in the background the only thing that is up there is that patch of switchgrass that we sprayed and burned and manipulated back in April so whatever we did to that particular stand he liked it because he was bedding in that in that stand of switchgrass away from all the other deer away from all the other cover and I think one of the main reasons he was betting out there was because he was he was alone he could hear us at the shed if we were there he could smell us if we walked in or drove down that road and he felt really safe we just weren't lucky enough to have a camera where we could keep tabs on him and we soon could figure out and formulate a plan to get in and out and hunt that deer without him knowing we were there October 27 it's my fourth sip on this particular pot normally I don't like this heavily in one particular area but this dear its bedding down really close to this food source and I can get out of here without any deer knowing that I'm in the world I've got this redneck a bail bond tucked in this row of switchgrass and as long as they're not standing directly in front of me all I gotta do is sniff right back up and back walk a straightaway back over the hill that can be 20 deer fifty yards from me and I can't get out so this spot four times now it's October 2700 at the 15th 24th 25th and 27th I just have a feeling that this deer it's gonna change as a pattern and just be gone before I can get back in here so we've got a lot of northwest winds someone I utilize them on I can you know like I said I hate to hunt a certain spot this long but I feel like I'm being fairly undetectable this deers gotta be within a hundred yards something I've got a camera 200 yards that way on a scrape on video mode he's hitting it you know in the dark of course I've got a camera right here on the edge of the plot he's been there a couple afternoons right at right at dusk and I've got another camera on the other side of this plot where I feel like he's bending just just outside of it's a waiting game right now I don't know they don't know what else to do without getting super aggressive and I don't like to get really aggressive until you know that sure enough hard rut November rolls around and get in there he's on a pretty good pattern now I don't want to bump him out out of this little bitty spot that he's in I've said it time and time again I don't like to bump deer out of these little bitty farms that we have access to hunt if we keep bumping them we just we lose them they go to the neighbors and they get killed somewhere else the same goes with a lot of your young do you know if you got two and three-year-olds that you're bumping out consistently and the one you're educating them number two they're going on the neighbors and getting shot so try and keep them whole so to speak bad back miss Charlie Charlie Brown I'm not sure on the shot it looked like it was a dig forward Charlie [Applause] look at the glottal switch graphic you can see it from 10 yards away frickin right there yes I filmed him last Friday come out let's eat back Patra switchgrass really and this is what a little 20 20 yard by 20 yard practice which look how its I don't think he's been flopping around and this is like whatever he was that he was coming home he's been hit him brought on the other side just dead center shoulder at and he was quartered and he was quartered away I think I got one lung and it probably came up in here and cut some stuff sorry Brown Charlie Brown Thank You Chuck Sykes for coming up with the names and Charlie Brown we named him Charlie Brown because of his head he had a big old blockhead and Lucy used to call Charlie Brown log lock-in yep so we always like to try to come up with unique names for him yeah we could have came up with big right brow or chocolate ten or something like that we like to come up with something unique so everybody knows what dear we're talking about and we really haven't had a big story with this dear especially like the dear Oscar Oscar was a deer that we chased for a long time this deer he's new he showed up on September 30th and I don't I cannot say for certain that I that I know who he is from previous years but it was it was like opening the gates when we killed Oscar we finally made room for another mature deer this is a tiny little farm we're doing as much as we can with the habitat as you can see this switch pretty pretty ironic right here we built the house this is home we found beds on the other side with another food plot where they'd been coming in and regularly betting down in the switch yeah same spot well this is why we do it we don't have to keep them here to 365 days a year on this particular place just because we're in big AG country but when those crops start coming out we've got the home tank of a deer probably my this will be my biggest bull boy a chess match that I've been playing with this deer for the last I don't know 10 days it's been it's been aggravating because I know that he lives right here but there's nothing you can do to make a mature deer get up on his feet in daylight now I had a ton of pictures of him in daylight but being where he was that on his feet in daylight is the chess match these deer play the wind just like we do I've got a northwest wind stand that he would be in front of when we'd have a south wind volunteering the stand that I killed him out of is the south wind stand and finally you know she's November first I just took advantage of what he likes to do he likes to kick ass and take names [Applause] Oh take what you need your own sacred you

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  1. I just purchased 54 acres in Va and was wondering how many acres you're hunting? Thanks for the videos, good stuff bubba!!

  2. Shocked and disappointed. My son loves your videos and they're usually clean, and you used profanity to close it out.👎

  3. Always one of my favorite channels!! I love when I have time to catch up … Its a lil late but CONGRATS!!

  4. this vid shows two things that are very important 1: Hard work always pays off in some way or another  & 2: The more work you put in for the deer=the more deer on your property (and most of the time it also means the bigger the bucks get :p !)

  5. Wow, amazing video from start to finish! I have told so many guys at work to check out your video of Oscar and when I saw this one I definitely subbed! Keep it up and God bless!

  6. best intro for a youtube hunting channel I've seen so far…you guy's are cooking it and everybody's smelling it….ya'll should win some kind of youtube outdoor hunting video award or something for these great little adventure shows….dang good job….nice touch with ole bobby cat chasing deer in the opening..very impressed got a new suber by me

  7. Awesome channel! Would be sweet if you guys checked out my channel. I’m 15 years old and I self film my hunts. My goal is to get to 5,000 subscribers by September 2018.

  8. I’m already a huge fan of these guys but I had no clue they were Christian based I support these people 100% for what they are supporting to do with this beautiful wildlife God has given us.

  9. ive been beng watching your videos, especially the trapping. All i watch is this kind of stuff and you guys are by far my favorite. Keep going! and looking very forward to more trapping.

  10. Awesome buck (video & story), congrats!!

    Is there a particular variety of switchgrass that you used to get the height? And can you share where you purchased from? I'm trying to figure out screening and/or bedding cover for some areas of mine for next year.

  11. Awesome buck. Congrats. Check out the 6 year old ohio public bow buck I got this season. It's on my google account.

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