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  1. My favorite part was when she gave him the pats, and the little walk break, (my opinion) I think dressage bits are pretty harsh and the position of the neck probably hurts after a while, and again thats my opinion, but this was beautiful ๐Ÿ’œ

  2. Your riding is amazing but I don't like this because I do not like bits and spurs but other wise amazing

  3. I ride Saddlebreds, and while I found some of this a tiny bit boring( sorry if I offended you, but our shows are faster and we have more than one in the ring at a time), I thought that the cantering pirouette and the changing leads on every stride was amazing.

  4. That was incredible. These two were incredible and absolutely beautiful to watch. I can only describe them as โ€˜poetry in motionโ€™

  5. What a talented couple – what a joy to watch… in the comments people have discussed Valegro and Totilas…this made me look up more…

    We all agree both horses are superb athletes AND magical !!. However their training has been quite different.

    Totilas was trained by Edward Gal using the "Rolkur" method that results in hyperflexion of the neck and jaw. This method forces the horse to work in a very compressed manner and is very damaging both physically and mentally. The back is unable to move correctly and thus inhibits the ability of the back to lift and move in a relaxed manner. This also inhibits the movement of the hind legs and they are unable to move deeply and freely under the horse with a full upward and forward movement.
    There has been a lot of controversy in Europe and demands for "Rolkur" to be banned. A really good and interesting article about Totilas shows changes as he ages and how his behaviour and performance declines due to the stresses this method creates.

    I think if you read this article and watch the videos it contains you will then see the difference the training makes in each of their performances.

    The training for Valegro has been traditional and allows him to develop his body and mind without force resulting in a horse both relaxed and healthy, using his body and mind to it's full extent = Brilliance ! Charlotte Dujardin was supposed to ride some demonstrations with Valegro in New York but he was too tired to travel – she then did a Master Class instead and this can be watched in parts on Youtube.
    The article about her methods and this class are here: https://dressagetoday.com/instruction/inside-charlotte-dujardins-training-principles-30759

    This information should really result in "Rolkur" being banned – there is no doubt – it is CRUEL and should not be tolerated in our modern world. The only reason it has not resulted in horses attacking humans is due to the fact that they do not scream or cry – they endure in silence. SHAME ON US.

  6. It is amazing to think that most of these moves came from wars, and now it is classical riding. Just the difference as time goes by. The music for the fast canter almost looks like they're riding into battle. And well done to both of them, along with a happy retirement for Valegro.

  7. My riding instructor does dressage on her cleveland bay. The two work together and i have comr to live dressage. Its a beautiful sport and id gladly pay to see this.

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  9. maybe it's just the music or the beautiful flow of both the rider and the horse. But in this act don't you see a story in it? I dont know if it's just me or not but I see the story in their presentation. A story of a horse that lived with it's owner in harmony until a war broke out and the horse and his partner were taken to the wars. The horse tires to keep his owner safe by running through the battle field and crossing great distances just to get him and her home. xd maybe I'm over thinking it, but that's the story that popped into my head when I watched this.

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