Cheap, Fast, & Easy DIY Garden Deer Fence that WORKS

Cheap, Fast, & Easy DIY Garden Deer Fence that WORKS

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  1. Awesome! This is exactly what we did and have had no problems! We don't have this implemented in our new garden yet though. When I was looking at deer fencing solutions 3 years ago, the guy at TSC is the one that told me not to spend a lot of money yet…try 30lbs fishing line. So we did and were happy! Our posts were even very far a part! – Mike

  2. Ever have any issues with birds getting caught in the line? We always were bummed with how much the black fences caught dragonflies and small birds

  3. Why not just use plastic deer stop and keep the rabbits and wood chucks out also? I also use bird netting because its cheap and will work. I DO put bright red plastic strips on it to make it visible so the deer or birds don't get all tangled up in it. I want them to see it so they will stop and realize there is a barrier.

  4. This did not work for me. I had 30 lb fishing line stretched tight every 8 inches from the ground up to 7 feet. The deer easily crawl right under it. Search YouTube for videos of deer crawling under fence; they are very nimble.

  5. Your thoughts: we have our 75×75' garden surrounded by 4' welded wire fence which is attached to wood posts. I'd like to add something (before deciding whether to invest in polywire) to the tops of the posts to make it less inviting to the deer (who we see day AND night – the horses at the neighbors across the street actually chase them out of their pasture and the deer then hop over their electric fence and come over to our property..sigh…) and was wondering if there might be a way to integrate the fishing line idea without buying t-posts (meaning, connect something to the actual tops of the wood posts perhaps? not sure). Any thoughts on how to integrate ?

  6. Food for thought. I need to keep deer out of a 3/4 acre area which is surrounded by large pines on one side, black willows on another. I don't want to fence directly up against these dense tree lines, but thinking that running fishing line through the trees might deter the deer from cutting through them into my orchard. Thanks:)

  7. Great solution and nice video. Thanks for putting this up. The degradation of Monofilament Fishing Line over time under sun would be an issue as it is not UV resistant. If the fence is going to stay for long term, consider using Fluorocarbon Fishing Line which is UV resistant.

  8. I thought this was a great idea but apparently the the deer in Florida are more intelligent than yours LOL. After installation no deer showed up for 5 days then on the 6th day I caught them on my trail cam. I watch as the first deer walked up to the fence, inspected it and then carefully went right between the line. I had 4 lines of 30#. One at 12, 24, 36 & 48. After I saw that I decided it was time to try an electric fence deterrent. Tractor supply had everything I needed. Trail cams setup but after day 1 no deer showed up. We'll see after a few more days if they can out smart the electric fence.

  9. I already have a roll of barb wire could I run 2 lines like lower down towards the ground so when the deer starts pushing they get stuck by the barbwire too? Plus using the fishing wire?I have like 8 deers I shot 2 with my 12 ga. but you can't get them all and they are a heard !

  10. Small firecracker called a hand popper has minimal power and most fire confetti. It operates by pulling a little string on the base as you hold it and it pops and fires confetti. About 2 inches long x 1 inch diameter. A soup can facing across gate. Install popper facing into can, string out. Tie fishing line to string and attach across gate. Deer hits string, POP, echoed made by can, confetti spray, and you have one deer made into a believer. Noise slight cuz can contained and focused it but maybe you or your dog might get the heads-up signal. Confetti on ground in morning confirms. Set low might work for rabbits. Or dogs, raccoons, opposum.
    Bait string with peanut butter, etc. These poppers are dirt cheap. Several for a dollar. Harmless if you walk thru, but you might spill your coffee.

  11. I loved this idea as well and so did it at my garden. I couldn't find a large quantity of 30# but did find 50# mono. I did it every 6-inches up to 6-feet. It worked well for awhile. The white tail deer then figured out they could push on it and actually duck through it and even some found they could chew on it enough to break it. So this fall they've totally overtaken our garden….

  12. Probably the difference between the white tail you have and the pacific black tail we have, but we got to watch our local deer go through the v style gate without issue at our neighbors house. They tried using the lines after there was a mishap (big buck inside garden got spooked and crashed through their 7 ft high welded steel fencing that it failed to jump snapping the 3 inch posts off at the ground across one entire side of the garden) we watched them carefully step through the lines. I think they used jute string though rather than monofilament.

  13. Hmm? Is this some kind of paranoid prepper channel?
    Armageddon isn’t coming.
    Just know if an asteroid hits the earth WE are GONE just like the dinosaurs

  14. OK this has been up a year now. How is it working? All I see on these videos are anecdotes, no data on success rate vs. deer traffic, failures and their causes, etc. If it is not effective, it doesn't matter how cheap it is.

  15. I apologize if someone's already asked, but I just did this yesterday and tied a string of cans for calamity in the middle of mine. Should I take that down? Also, how close together does the line have to be?

  16. This may work in the summer but doesn't work in the winter when deer turn into eating machine zombies. They go right through multi strands of fishline and piled up brush. My trees were stripped this winter by deer even with fishline barriers.

  17. Hi. Is this still working for you? Did you ever come up with anything to keep the rabbits out? Did you do the gate the way you showed in the video?

  18. The thing is what if the deer are running while being chased. Could they seriously hurt themselves running into it.?

  19. I tried this and the deer just chews through the fishing line. : My deer can apparently see it just fine.

  20. Do you have bears. I have them in my yard multiple times a week and would like to keep them farther back in our yard. Our neighbors have bird feeders that they wont take down so the bears are always going through our yard for them. I want to deter bears, yes if there is something in my yard they want they could get through (which we keep our yard free of garbage, seed, etc) but they go the path of least resistance.

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