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  1. I have to say that expensive does not make you a good Archer, a thousand dollar bow and expensive arrows dont fix stupid or ignorance am 62 years old doing this all myife I will show u my inexpensive arrows hand made will out shoot them expensive arrows anytime age does matter to

  2. I got a dozen arrows from Amazon.
    They are a bit heavy but shoot well.
    I have been shooting them for about a month. They are holding up very well.
    Mine are Pointdo brand.
    I shoot Traditional style with a 35# recurve bow.
    For outdoor practice and stumping. I would recommend them.
    Not sure about compound bows though.

  3. I almost fell for the $40 amazon arrows. Luckily my shop let me test some good arrows. I started with Easton genesis and had terrible grouping. I swear the arrow looked like it was flying sideways. I tried some Black eagle vintage and it was like shooting lasers. I know they are not the best but they are so much better than the Easton low end line.

  4. Only elitists and fools spend money on expensive arrows. I've lost $10 arrows and it feels like I've taken a $10 bill and burned it. Spend your money on cheap arrows because chances are you will lose them or break them. At least you won't be out of pocket a lot of money.

  5. I love victory arrows, the vap tko in particular, i go through a fair few arrows on my channel and the tko are pretty much indestructible, amazing penetration.

  6. I’m new to archery and have a new love. I’ve been buying cheap musen arrows on eBay only because I don’t want to loose anything too expensive right now

  7. I don’t understand all the dislikes to be honest. His point is, the better the arrow, the tighter the group which ultimately and most likely you will have to pay a little extra for. Like he said at the end though, it’s not always a necessity. It’s okay to shoot cheaper arrows but if you’re competing you want the best arrow. Great video.

  8. Thanks for this informative video. At age 63 I have been shooting bow now for 2 months. My bow and arrows come from garage sales, very inexpensive. My arrows are I think Easton aluminum shafts that needed knocks and fletching which I did myself so I now have about $50 invested in 24 arrows, now 23. At my skill level they do fine but like any shooting sport the better and more competitive you get the better your equipment may need to be. So like you say if you plan on getting better fast buy better arrows but if like myself you just want to have some fun, less expensive will likely do and you won’t spent hours looking for that expensive arrow that you missed with. : )

  9. Seems like you touched a nerve or two with this video. Cheap or expensive is a valid question. I just bough 12 arrows for $50 off amazon that are supposed to be 500 spine carbon fiber. They looked so pretty on the screen. I thought I was saving big. No more $60 for 6 arrows for this guy. Shooting side by side there is no comparison. Those cheap arrows are much heavier and under spines for their rating hitting the target at all kinds of crazy angles. Cut my accuracy and shooting distance in half. Half price = half assed.

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  11. "average jack"…then shows you HIGHEST class MOST expensive you can get…im a beginner and 34 years old..this "dont buy cheaper affordable stuff" kept me away from archery my whole young life!guys like you man…two options,expensive and more expensive..thanks for the choices.(douche kid at the range who had thousands of dollars of equipment)ill shoot my mandarin duck just the same…

  12. Why did so many people dislike your video? I just don’t understand the amount of passive aggressiveness on the Internet. People suck. Well done video man, you speak very well.

  13. well i agree to what you said actually because back in time when people actually did archery for a living / war / hunting games …… maybe goofing around they used premitove arrows and they were id say good with them because its their life style HOWEVER the main thing about straightness of an arrow is ofc a considerable accuracy in olympics … you know you want to be the guy who's blowing the pea on the second and third lmao , thats why you need more straightness etc thats in my humble opneion BUT when you are going for hunting you need something that will work fine with you not necessary to be that expensive arrow because usually you are near the target not at 70 meters i believe … you are hiding playing peekaboo with your prey camouflaged scent hidden with toilet papers .. i dont know maybe.. so yeah you may go for cheaper arrows because eventually you basically need something that will pierce through the flesh of your food to catch the more expensive the better but well cheap also would work depending on what you are hunting … unpess if you are going for elephants or bears then its a different story than hunting a deer right?

  14. I use the link boy 340 arrows from china on my compound. I got 12as a assembly yourself kit for about€57.. 003 straights throng only destroyed 2 in 6 months both hit by another compound shot. Am very happy and disagree with you comments in your video

  15. I've had a lot of fun with cheap carbon express arrows. I don't have very good vision so super precise accuracy isn't that important. I really wanted to shoot pistols for target practice. but my vision is even worse with one eye closed. I'm better with a bow than iron sights on a pistol.

  16. So I made a bonehead move and got a dozen of arrows a 1/4 of an inch to long then what I use should I be fine or just count my losses and sell them?

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