20 Replies to “Check Out This Multi-Million Dollar Private Ranch Shooting Range”

  1. I've seen that property for sale on land watch about a year or two ago. That would awesome if you bought the property. Too expensive for me but maybe one day I could have a ranch like yours. Would love to come shooting there sometime. I'm pretty close to that area

  2. When the video first started and you advised us to turn up our volume, I was thinking "I'm not sure I trust you." xD

  3. hey. love the videos! definitely the hunting ones! want to go out and bag some boar sometime. but i was wondering where you go the steel to make shooting plates? i wanted to see if i could fabricate some so that way i don't have to drop a ton of cash just for a shooting system.

  4. Hey, I really liked your pistol range. Could you make a video on how to make a video on one of the pistol targets and stand?

  5. hey man, I am a new sub, and I think your vids are bad ass. Any chance you could do a vid of your gun collection?

  6. T-shirt remark was a suggestion btw, not as a offensive remark. I have a T-shirt w/ Txt: "I am right 98% of the time, who cares about the other 3%". I have plenty of shirts with that kind of silly jokes. I just woke up so im dead on funny jokes to come up w/ your show (which I enjoy to watch). I enjoyed the squirrel montage and the amazing scenery in your videos the most entertaining :p. I liked how you cleaned up wild mores, will use those tips for future. Cow dung as bait to fish also ๐Ÿ˜€

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