Cheerleaders vs Gymnasts – Laurie Hernandez’ Workout challenge | Hitting the Wall

Cheerleaders vs Gymnasts – Laurie Hernandez’ Workout challenge | Hitting the Wall

GYMNASTICS) It’s so cool to be
in New Jersey today. Babe, we’ve got to get going. We’ve got to meet up
with Laurie Hernandez. I can’t wait to try out
her Olympic workout. Me too. Hop on.
Let’s get going. (MORGANVILLE, NEW JERSEY, USA) I’m Laurie Hernandez, and I was a gymnast at the Rio
2016 Olympic Games. I won a gold for the
team event, and a silver
for individual balance beam. When I stepped onto the mat
for my first competing event at the Olympics, my heart was
beating super, super fast and I had to remind myself
to be calm, that I got it. In my gymnastics career, I definitely felt that I hit a
lot of walls, but pushing through the hard
moments made me a better
athlete and a better person. – Hey, guys!
– How you doing, man? – How’s it going?
– Nice to meet you. – Absolutely.
– This is my brother, Marcus. – Awesome.
– Nice to meet you, man. Absolutely. What was it like growing
up with a sister that had such hard training? She’s still a sister,
so annoying. No, I’m kidding! I’m kidding. As cheerleaders, we have an
entire team of about 20 people
to rely on – and you’re all by yourself. What is that pressure like? It’s really scary. The floor exercise
is my favourite, because when the music
kicks on, there’s no room to be nervous. On all the other events,
it’s usually super quiet, and so you’re stuck with
just your own brain, and sometimes that’s even
scarier than just competing
by yourself. I know you guys didn’t order
this, but it’s on the house. Oh no! So we have the banana foster,
and then the pancake special. Thank you so much. Thank you. Their food was so good – but I think I’m probably
going to have to burn it off, and if I’m going to go work
out, I want you two to come with me. – Let’s do it.
– Let’s go. Welcome to the gym. – This is pretty cool.
– It’s pretty cool. I don’t think they can keep up. What? Right now I figured,
for a warm up, we could warm up on
the tumble track. Do a couple tuck jumps,
maybe a couple split jumps, and then we can go
into some front tucks, and see how far we get. – I’m in it.
– Sound good? – Let’s do it.
– OK. Start off just
with stretch jumps. Pointing your toes at the bottom
so you warm up your Achilles. Yay. So, a wolf jump is when one
leg goes straight up, the other leg is bent,
but your knees are touching. So it’s kind of like this. Ah! Try and keep your knees –
yeah, that’s it. (WOLF JUMPS) So now we’re going to
do some split jumps. Yay. Oh, nice. Try to keep your
bent leg straight. I think I already
wore them out. OK, ready? More? OK. Front tumbling has always
been my arch nemesis. – Really?
– Mm-hm. Just because of
the blind landing. Front tumbling has always
been my best friend. When I was 14 I broke my
growth plate on my wrist. You never just take time
off when you’re injured. So I learned how
to front tumble, and now it’s, like,
my favourite. Now I still know where I am,
even if the landing’s fine. I don’t know why. It’s like a superpower
or something. Safe. Whoo! Oh, no. I’ll move a little slower
for you guys, it’s OK. – Careful.
– Whoa. Yeah. Oh…! OK. Well that was
a lot of fun – but now I think we should
see who can get out of the pit the fastest. What?! I think he’s stuck. When I was little, I was
known for walking on my hands, as I said, for breakfast. My brother would put
obstacles in the way, and the goal was
to walk over them from the front door
to the fireplace. When I was doing gymnastics,
whenever I got tired, we would try and play games, and one of the games was
to weave through the pit cubes. The goal is to see who can go
up and weave through and then come all the way back. Three, two… Oh, God. Oh, wait, you’re really close. No! So, this one you have to walk
on your hands up the panel mat, down the panel mat, and then
up the really high panel mat, and down if you can. You got it. You got it. Money. Money. – Yes!
– Money! Money! Money! Yeah! Yeah! – There you go.
– There you go. Come on… You got it, you got it,
you got it. You can do it. You’re making corrections, good. – Just get it.
– You can do it. – Yes!
– Yeah! Oh, OK. Breathe, Austin, breathe. Artistic gymnastics has
been a part of the game since the modern
Olympics started. But women’s artistic gymnastics
wasn’t added until 1928. As of this year, there are eight men’s
and six women’s events. Some of the events
include floor routines choreographed to music, uneven
bars, and the balance beam. The floor exercise
is my favourite, and so I’m going
to have you guys do a 30 second floor routine. Have fun with it – but whoever wins, wins this! And also, as a special guest,
I’m bringing on my brother. Come here, Marcus. Come here, Marcus! Yeah! Yeah! It’s going down. I got this in the bag. I’m afraid for the both of them. I’m just here
for the free food. First up, Julian. Cue the music. Whoa! Yes! To choreograph a
routine to music, and hit everything on point,
it’s definitely hard – but feeling pretty confident. I’m just saying that that dab
at the end, it blew me away. And I liked her aerial. And I liked her flips. – She was good.
– Yeah, what she said. I agree. Holy Moley. Next up, Austin. What? What?! Wow! I don’t know if I took the
gold, but I gave it my hardest. OK. Yo! He really just
did a death drop. – He was…
– “Bye!” He was airborne
most of the time. I don’t even see him
touch the ground. This is a hard competition. So I’m thinking we’re
going to pull it down to this score,
which still is very good. That was a close competition. In second place,
within 8.5, is Julian. First place,
with a 9.5, is Austin. Both of them did really well keeping up with
my training today – but I think I may
have tired them out. With a US Olympic gymnast
coming to train today, it was kind of intimidating – but once she got
here and we met her, and she was just
super cute and bubbly, she was a pleasure to work with. Although her challenges
were pretty tough. Super tough. I think being able to see Austin and Julian’s
just ambition to try something new and to
step out of their comfort zone really inspired me. So that when I go into the gym, I can look for other ways to
challenge myself. One thing that I’ll take from
hanging with Laurie today was that don’t take
things too seriously. Have fun. Work hard, but most
importantly, have fun. They’re definitely
fierce competitors. Being able to watch that from
afar, that was really neat. Next time on Hitting The Wall, we’ll meet up with Brady Leman, Olympic gold medal ski cross
champion. Can we keep up with his
training? We’ll find out.

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