50 Replies to “Chicago Cop Tasers Fleeing Man Attempting To Jump Over Fence”

  1. Хахаха она похоже испугалась, когда стрельнула в него😂

  2. How harmless and nice these interpellations often start and how different they sometimes end doesn't stop to amaze me!

  3. Clean America from this Nigerian they don’t deserve to be in the U.S
    I wish I could have a chance to be in the U.S I will clean the streets and I will do things to make the community better much love to America dream land 🇺🇸

  4. I watch these all the time and i must say, i have yet to see a female cop take down a man. Its the wrong career for a woman. Leave the bravery to the men ladies. They are much stronger then you. And I'm a female it is too dangerous for females. Men are much better at this job. They CAN take down criminals. I mean no offence to you ladies out there but it it's true. It's Much to dangerous for you. Male police put their lives on the line as it is. Only a man can stop a man. This female cop couldn't hold this guy down. She didn't even try. She called in the Calvary (a man) and HE took this man down.

  5. Women can't run from here to there without tiring so dam quick…women in the military or on the force is a liability.

  6. Мало как-то бегают копы при их то профессии отдышка дичайшая, да ещё и ноготь сломала

  7. Female cops are an embarrassment .. Stick to being a home maker & leave the real work to a man 😂

  8. These fucking female cops wouldn't be able to arrest him without a male officer. They're going to end up getting hurt or killed.

  9. She was very calm and confident . Did not used her weapon instead used the teaser. Great job proud of you

  10. 100% certain the majority of Chicago PD would have shot him with the amount of hands in pocket he was doing and that shiny sharp object in his hand. And they would have been justified too, and that would created yet another Black Live matter protest. Shame CNN doesnt show this when they act a fool protesting.

  11. Why are the police allowed to destroy an unfamiliar lattice door just because they can not reach it from the other side? Destroy stupidly strangers' property.

  12. Need to get that cardio up.. I guarantee if you got in a tussle with a man you wouldn’t have a nice day.

  13. Looks like he sucked at playing hide and seek as a little kid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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