50 Replies to “CHICAGO OPENING: City & UAE Embassy open City Soccer Community Field in Haas Park, Chicago”

  1. 20 % of it lives in poverty, im From Maryland the State with the highest average income in the USA. Yet i was still surrounded by poverty and crime and the infrastructure in 75% of america is falling apart because they spend all the money on WAR trying to steal natural resurses from other countries even tho its $15 trillion in debt. But now i live in Switzerland the best country on the planet. No Crime and no poverty and the highest average Income On the planet Switzerland > USA

  2. Where in SEA are you from man? I completely agree with you! There are definitely a lot of hard-core football fans here in SEA and I think we have the capability to build even more fans of the game.

  3. america is not a rich country as you think. many neighborhoods in the big cities are full of ghettos and people are living below the poverty line. some of these kids are not very privileged so i think it's good city built it there

  4. Doesn't matter where you put a field like that….. its going to bring kids from the local community together. Well done City and the UAE. Try and get one in every City in the US…come to think of it try putting a soccer field in every community in the world….give the kids a chance !

  5. Man city, make one in Asia pacifically is Pakistan, India, China etc… They have lots of population and people that do nothing but play sport. Also you will get a lot more fans.

  6. There is one in USA – UAE – Africa and of course europe , not sure bout south east asia and they're currently building one in australia

    Ty City for all the worldwide support

  7. Why the fuck did they waste English money on them yanks put one in England what do the yanks do for us

  8. make a city soccer school in Asia, South East Asia to be exact which is where I'm from. The support from the football fans here can be compared with the fans' in Europe. I bet it's gonna increase the fans of Manchester City rapidly!!

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