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  1. Thanks for watching! We have a whole series of videos on choosing table tennis equipment on our website: https://www.pingskills.com/tutorials/choosing-equipment


  2. I have the best pre made bat you mentioned. but I moved houses and I don't know where it has gone. I wana find it but it will probely take a while. Should I buy a other racket or should I try to find the one that I have? By the way it's a overall bat and its normal rubber

  3. The first 3 are okay for playful ping pong
    But if you are wanting to learn better abilities, you Should get much better paddles in order to obtain basic table tennis skills

  4. All of these bats look like they’re smooth on both sides. Is there any place for pimpled bats in high level play?

  5. My racket has no sponge should buy a better one?
    And if you have a intermediate racket for about 30$ I would pleased to know

  6. Thanks ping skills! Played with my first beginners bat for about a year and improved a lot, feel like this advice helped me a lot

  7. I have a question. Should I get a paddle that has a high spin and control rating, and a low speed rating if I have trouble keeping the ball from going off the table. I play left handed but my power is in my right arm. I tend to use my backhand more and I depend on accuracy and spin to win. I'm no pro, but I'm also not a beginner.

  8. I have one question that Butterfly free chack 2 is better or the DHS aquatic glue or any other aquatic glue

  9. How good us naboflex ft 45 offensive + and offensive and dhs g power blade and us there a butterfly free chack 3?

  10. I currently have new rubber well the tenergy 05 fx and my coach told me to upgrade my pimps with the TSP curl p-1r i hope i will become a better player

  11. Is a donic Walder black devil with blue fire m2 for forehand blue fire m3 for backhand is a good setup

  12. I'm in my early 50s & I'm playing since 1980.. I bought Carbon Bat because then I can Rip off my dead Rubber & Replace new without much hassle.. 😂 😉

  13. Hi
    I have started playing table tennis for about a year ago.I dont play full time but really want to improve my game. I have been using a cheap premade table tennis racket but now I want to buy a new Table tennis racket. I like to spin the ball and play offincive shots. I don't have enough idea which blade or rubber should I buy. Would you recommend me a good blade and rubber. You can take me as a ammature player who is trying to perfact his strokes. I would be really thankful.

  14. I am a beginner and was looking for technical info. This presentation failed to provide any technical details. What makes the bat "fast"? Why is the spongy part needed? Etc. And please, don't patronize… plastic bat… who does that? Surely that kind of folks wouldn't be looking for online videos.

  15. I can t stress how important it is to have a decent bat with good quality rubber when you start tt. It s almost impossible to develop any skills with shitty bat. i learned this lesson the hard way. You don t need to buy a custom bat right away but as a general rule anything that s very cheap is bad.

  16. Anyone trying to use a lighter racket that isn’t as heavy as those ones with the rubber? Well buy a rubber racket with foam underneath and peel the rubber off and use the foam. It makes the racket much lighter and gives you more of a top spin than using rubber

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