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    *Made of fiber concrete material designed for outdoor use
    *The table weighs between 400 and 420 kg.
    *File and fixing parts, screws, nuts with stainless or equivalent materials It is produced.
    *All tables conform to the European standard EN-14468 and Turkish standart TS-206, but in order to ensure you the highest level of safety, Polsan Fiber has positioned itself a long way above this standard
    *This completely waterproff table can with stand 2000+ kg and is shock, fire and graffiti resistant.
    *It takes 30 minutes for 2 people to install the Table, but the good thing is that you can still take it apart and relocating the table to another location.
    For information;

    Furkan Beklevis
    +90543 787 76 04
    [email protected]

  2. Nice review and good points. Another question…what is the best approach to find a space where you can store the table? Any ideas on that one? Thanks.

  3. Hi great video. Is aluminium tables are good enough for practice for a beginner like myself? I wanna put it in the garden and leave it there instead of setting it up and removing it every time i play. And I don’t have space indoor.

  4. im getting the butterfly compact sat but i noticed the wheels are not fat and from watch a video and pics online it looks like when you store it,you have to lend it against something.if wheels break on this then im getting the stiga instaplay no assemply required.stiga balls are good but if squeezed hard it will bend it and then out.what are ball brands you prefer?

  5. How about the surface material? It may have an impact on the way the ball bounces off the table when it carries spin. For a while I only played with a recreational table and was very frustrated with my serves thinking they didn't have enough spin. Then I started playing at a club with a butterfly table and.. surprise!… the ball bounced the way it was supposed to.

  6. Should I buy the EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Fold ���N Store Table Tennis Table ��� 15mm Top. I like it because it is very easy to store, but I don't know all the specific details.

  7. Can i use indoor table tennis table outdoor whenever the weather is not that hot or cold? Indoor tables tennis table are more good bounce than outdoor table tennis. Can i store it inside the garage?

  8. Would this stiga table be a good choice? All about it is on their website here: https://www.fitnessdealsonline.com.au/product/stiga-compact-roller-table-tennis-table/
    And P.S. i am from melbourne too!

  9. Next time, in these sorts of videos (balls, bats, tables) please also tell the price and maybe leave a link in the description to the same one that you're talking about. Really enjoying your videos btw!😌

  10. Hey pingskills it is maybe an easy question but how should I clean my table tennis table after storring it for a long time

  11. hello, what would table would you recommend If I want a table to be used for a robopong.
    I hope the bounce is good and durability of top is good as well

  12. Hi, can you show us how to do the behind the back shot? If there is away to do it. Or is it just luckiness ?

  13. i always do the forehand topsipin correctly i have checked still it goes into the net or away the table only 3 out of 7 topspins are correct i want your advice

  14. Can anyone help me with my accuracy? I'm a beginner that's only played for a few weeks for fun and me and my friend like to take it competitively as we just play each other and both are just starting. I'd like to have an advantage over him to gain some bragging rights. But to the question- whenever we're playing we both seem to overshoot the ball and it doesn't hit the table. I've noticed having the paddle face more downwards helps a lot but it's still inconsistent. Also what are some good exercises to help hitting stronger and faster. Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

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