1. Thanks for the video. Trying to decide between Lowes and Home depot.. What was the main deciding factor for you.. I know you mentioned that Lowes has a better fence quality. Lowes asked us to get rid of a lot of our trees and bushes.. Home Depot was willing to install without us remove them.. I was leaning towards Home Depot, after watching your video im still on the Fence.. 😉

  2. Great video and very informative! I was hoping you may be able to shed some light on a job i am currently having done at my home. I live in Pennsylvania and the ground is not leveled to say the least. To the naked eye it doesnt look too bad, but once the contractor started to install, it doesnt look attractive. The main thing my husband and I are not happy about is that the panels go up and down. We have two dogs and it is very important for us to not have a gap at the bottom. The contractor explained that our only choice is to either have a quite large of a gap or have each panel uneven. Some are not too bad and look in formation. However some are a sore eye. I apologize for such a long comment and appreciate any feedback you can provide. Your fence looks great btw and very straight lol. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for this super video. Greatly appreciated. 2 questions please. Was this all installed in one day and how do you rack the panels to follow slopes.?? ✌🏼

  4. Very informative. Thank you so much for this video. I love it. This video answered a lot of questions that I had.

  5. I putting this fence around my backyard which includes my 15' wide driveway, do you think i can put two panels as gate door? Would this be a problem?

  6. Thanks for the video. This was/is very helpful as I have been looking into adding vinyl fencing around my property and since my HOA only allows white vinyl six foot fences…this was most helpful and right on time for me. Thanks again and I have subscribed.

  7. Man. What a great video. Very well done. Hope your not sponsired by Lowe's. Hahaha. But thx. Really broke it down for us.

  8. By far the most informative video on purchase options and pricing for vinyl fencing I've come across. Going to be doing 320' around my property north of Tampa, and this was really helpful. Thanks!

  9. Hows that fence holding up?

    Im considering doing a vinyl fence from lowes but its the freedom 6' vinyl privacy fence. I have 300 linear feet with and that includes two walk through gates (like yours) and one double wide. I was going to install this fence myself using some concrete. What do you think my privacy fence would cost if I had it delivered from online retailer other than a big box store.

    What online source would you recommend I order it from?

  10. Not every Lowes used barret vinyl. Eastern Wholesale fencing is another which IS miami dade approved.

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