Choosing Archery/Bow Accessories

Choosing Archery/Bow Accessories

hello everyone thanks for coming outside with me today today I'd like to talk about setting up your bow on a budget what accessories you can afford to cut corners on and which ones you should really think about upgrading to the next best site or stabilizer arrest and I hope I can able you to enjoy the sport of archery better because you're able to either save money or have a better experience because you have a little bit better equipment what I'm telling you here is strictly a matter of personal opinion and none of what I suggest is brand specific I'm just showing you what I have what I have found very useful and what I enjoy using the most I've had a lot of bad experiences with equipment and a lot of good experiences with equipment and obviously the stuff that I have that's been a good experience I still use to this day so completely forget the bow that I have for your boy carbon element obviously very high-end bow but that doesn't matter I'm not worried about the bow itself bare bones I'm worried about the things that you can put on the bow put on the strings to make your archery hunting or just archery shooting experience much more enjoyable the first thing I should say is that most of my tips are going to be from an archery hunting perspective so things like string silencers which I'm going to talk about in a second or personal types of Quivers those are the gear tips that I'm thinking more from an archery hunting perspective first suggestion is get string silencers and put them not only in your string but in your cables there's a lot of debate on whether they slow your string down too much or even if they add speed to your string I don't care I want my bow to be as quiet as possible the first thing I recommend is bojack's I use these are called the slip jacks they go in between the strands of your string and of your cables I put one in the bottom of both the bus and control cable because when I pluck them like a banjo they are the loudest on the bottom and so I put them down there significantly reduce vibration I put one in the bottom portion below the string stop here in my string and above my peep sight as well personally the most overlooked piece of archery hunting equipment is the quiver people just think dad just go and get a quiver and then they strap it on their bow and then all they have is frustration and headache trying to keep arrows in arrows making noise and rattling around losing arrows and they're hauling it up in the tree Stan it's just a nightmare the things that make this quiver different a lot of other different rivers is the attachment capabilities so here just has a very small bracket on the on the side of the bow here and it just literally just slides right on just slides right on to the side there and then just with one push the tab over it locked into place and there is no rattling there's no funky noise or vibration whatsoever and all when I'm ready to take it off it's just a little pull like that and it slides right off and I have all my air thing that makes the style of quiver like this better than all others is to fold I believe number one is that these soft rubber they're still pretty firm but it's a rubber grip to it that allows an air like this to be gripped in a very soft yet firm way which allows no rattling whatsoever okay so there's no snap whenever I pop this arrow in right it's just a little little tiny little click which makes the very silent in the dark in the woods and then pulling them out is super easy there's push at each point and it comes right out there's a lot of Quivers that I have just the hood and then one capture at the bottom and that is a nightmare for keeping your arrows in place and particularly if you're pulling up through brush from the lofty air of the tree stand um so I really like a dual capture quiver and I like one that has these rubber grips compared to a plastic one say like this is something that you might see on the lower end bow this is an octane right and again it's a dual capture which is great but this is very hard plastic and arrows like this gold tip which are a little bit larger and derivative diameter really struggle to get in here and they click here allowed that is and that's how loud that is to get there I mean imagine undoing those in the dark and a tree stand it's just a nightmare so even those quiver is nice and it's inexpensive it creaks it rattles it comes apart easily so a quiver is definitely an area you want to spend a little bit more money on than you might think you should ex piece of equipment I'll talk about is the rest and a lot of people have started to shoot drop away rests and I'm all for that I really like a drop weigh rest however I've shot whisker biscuits for years or in the case of this diamond infinite edge behind me hostage rest and even though they're not the quietest rests on the market and they're not the most efficient they are very very good rest and particularly a full containment your biscuit for a young Archer inexperienced Archer the last thing you want is to forget if your arrow is on there right with the whisker biscuit it's on there 100% of the time so if you're new to archery or if you really want that 100% safety net if you will with your sight that's our early arrest that's a really good rest to start with with that said to some of the whisker biscuit is $40 and for example I have a qad ultra res the HDX model here is about a hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars so you know the price point alone really might want to push you towards something like a whisker biscuit or a containment rest of that nature but in terms of the aero clearance and and just the kind of tuned ability you have with a drop away you might favor that a little bit more it's a matter of preference but either style works really really well the only thing that I look for in a sight is that from between this sight housing and where the bow attaches to the sight on long the riser is that that is strictly man out of all metal an example of that is a sight like this now this is a trophy Ridge five pin micro adjustment react pin technology sight way too expensive if you're first starting out it's just not worth it's a very heavy sight you know you're not used to shooting it however it is made strictly of aluminum the sight housing here on the far left side all the way down you can find cheaper sights that are made strictly out of aluminum or some other form of alloy this is a fuse sight made exclusively for Hoyt the housing itself is is a very hard polymer plastic but every other part of it connecting it to the bow is made out of machined aluminum it puts it a little bit higher in the price range about 40 50 to 60 even 70 dollars but it is worth it I promise you it is worth it I've had so many cases where especially in cold weather the plastic of a polymer cheaper polymer site like this apex sight behind me here on this infinite edge it gets hard and brittle and your sight will actually move last thing you want is to be walking through the woods and bump your sight off of a tree or off of you know pile of brush or something and your pins move and your hunt is completely ruined with a site that has metal components like that it's much harder for it to move along with the site housing and the Pens being kept safe inside so I strongly recommend that if you're going to try to progress into the sport of archery and particularly archery hunting that you get a more durable sight last thing I'll talk about and this is really not a bow accessory brother a shooting accessory is a release because there's a lot of people I see that have bad form because they have a bad release when it comes to releases I strongly recommend highly adjustable particularly if you're new this is a true fire patriots very inexpensive release it's about 20-some dollars this is my wife's release it's got a velcro strap you know I wouldn't strongly recommend it for hunting because you know it does make a little bit of noise in the stand but it's also not very adjustable the arm here that connects the caliper bit to the wrist strap is very long and it's actually way too big for a hand but I see so many young archers with hands smaller than my wife's using a release like this and it just causes bad form and an unenjoyable shooting experience I strongly recommend when you go into release that you kind of go one step up you have to go ten steps up with just one step up this is a true ball I don't remember the name I've had it for so long but it has a much shorter arm you can see here and it's has they locked down on the back and you can actually pinch the lock nut shut and you can twist the arm in and actually even retract it more it makes it shorter so not only do you have a little bit more adjustability it also has a little bit higher caliper in terms of the tension and the adjustability of that again it is velcro so it does make a little bit of noise in the woods but I use this release for years and arrow plenty of deer with it if you want to start out with a with a cheaper reliefs go ahead but if you feel like you're having a bad experience with each step of one more get a little bit more adjustability with your arteries up and I think you'd be a lot happier with your experience I hope you found this video informative I hope you're able to make some good decisions when it comes to you outfitting your bow whatever the brand or price tag it may have I just really hope you're able to have a good archery experience wherever you are in the world whatever you're shooting with that whether you're shooting a bag target in your backyard or 180 inch mule deer out in Colorado I just really want you to be able to enjoy the sport of archery and archery hunting if you so choose I hope you're able to get out and enjoy God's beautiful creation and we'll get to see you next time

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  1. Thanks so much for your archery videos. Getting ready to purchase my 1st bow and your explanations of the equipment is fantastic. Much obliged!

  2. Question. I bought a used bow single cam. Had a local bow shop set it up for me. But got home and noticed that the string stop cushion and the string had a 1/2 inch gap while at rest. Is that normal. I always seen them lightly touching. If I adjust it till just barely touches do I need to have the bow retuned

  3. I just got my first bow this week a Bear Cruzer X, and I have to say your videos are a great help. I'm sure if more people practiced archery your channel would be huge already. Keep up the great work thank you.

  4. Great video. Iโ€™m looking to buy a Hoyt Powermax 60-70 pounds. my frame is able to pull it back without to much difficulty. Is this poundage overkill in your opinion? Thank you

  5. On your wife's Trufire Patriot theres a second hole that makes the arm shorter. You have it set on the long hole.

  6. Love your videos mate, Just wondering if your opinion on custom stings and if they are worth it? Might be a good topic for a video too; Iโ€™ll keep an eye out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I saved for a long time and got the spot Hogg fast Eddie xl single pin slider and I think it is worth all the time of saving for it. IMO

  8. I know it's true what you say about plastics. I had a spotting scope lens fall out of the scope in a competition during freezing weather.

  9. By far the one of the top channels on YouTube for tips on archery! Ive learned so much in only a few days about archery being a beginner, keep up the fantastic work ๐Ÿ‘

  10. I have a truglo that looks just like your trophy ridge sight. It's also 5 pin, blue light, and it's hard plastic. I love it… given you do need an Allen to adjust the pins but it's good, I recommend to a lot of people.

  11. Thanks mate for the tips, just staring up with the bow hunting over here in Australia which isn't very big but hope to get a few wild dogs or feral pigs soon !

  12. Is it true Cabelas in Hamburg will setup your bow and accessories for free (obviously the accessories are not free, but they set it up for free)???

  13. One suggestion I learned the hard way. A whisker biscuit will ruffled 4 in. vanes, a good quality 2 in. vane holds up a lot better. Trimming some of the bristles doesn't hurt either since the cock feather goes up.Great video! Quality information.

  14. What kind of quiver is that? Also, just getting into archery and you're videos are really a great resource for the beginners out there. Thanks!

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