Choosing the Right Scope and Lens with Specialty Archery

Choosing the Right Scope and Lens with Specialty Archery

hi Michael Anderson especially archery today I'm going to go over some of the applications of our different scope sizes for rounds like this we're at the Lancaster archery classic generally for target archery indoors outdoors people are going to use a smaller diameter scope such as our 1 and 3/8 clear one and three-eighths black or our versa scope the smaller scope housing laws you use a little bit smaller peep sight which in turn promotes a little bit of accuracy it allows you to line up a little bit better at fold draw for 3d archery generally people want to use something a little bit larger like this that's going to allow you to see more of the 3d target more in the animals so you can tell exactly where you're aiming this is our versa scope 3d takes one point seven fifty diameter lens you can certainly use these for target as well but they kind of excel for 3d archery many people are probably familiar with our old super D this has been on the market for several years again larger diameter better suited for 3d shooting with the different types of scopes there's a lot of different aiming options you can see some of these have just plain stick-on dots adhesive dots they're available in chartreuse which is kind of a yellowish green black or orange some people like to use a circle I don't know if you can see that that's just a circle their sight pins ten twenty twenty thirty and ten thousandths they're available in red green and blue fiber our pins all come with red green and blue fiber so you can pick and choose whichever color you want for yourself one new concept that kind of excels for indoor archery is the double vision systems which is actually a positive lens paired with a negative lens I'll take this apart so you can see this one is a positive six from the negative for the positive lens is going to magnify the target and the negative powered double vision lens is going to reduce the magnification everywhere except where the hole is that's how you weight and basically with this setup is you put the yellow the ten and nine ring in the center that centered rind and execute your shot it's kind of nice because you don't have a pin bouncing around you don't have a dot bouncing around you just look where you want the arrow go so there's positive six in here double vision lens goes in on top of it held in place with the retaining ring and that's that set up so again smaller scope housing better suited for target archery the double vision lenses are available in blue which is the most popular smoke which is the second most popular and then amber in red which are which are the least popular colors most popular again it's generally the darker ones the blue and the smoke you can learn more about this and our other scope models @ww specialty arch comm

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  1. I am new to archery. What if any negatives exist using a larger diameter optic? He mentioned multiple times that they were better suited for “3D”. Why wouldn’t that also work for 2D?

  2. Sure wish Specialty Archery would send some Verifier/Clarifier Display tools to some of the smaller sporting good shops for those of us who live in remote lowly populated areas. Or even make some cheaper Display tools that could be borrowed out to folks like me. The lenses are too expensive to just order a bunch to find out which works, so I've had to shoot in the dark when ordering. I'm using a 1/4" #7 verifier, but just had to order a 1/8". I'm using #7, but don't even know it's best for me.

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