26 Replies to “Chunky Neighbour Breaks My Fence”

  1. If you want to tie into a neighbors post you better ask permission or offer up some money. Good neighbors split the cost of a plot dividing line, hard headed ignorant people move the fence in 8" off the property line and build two sections. You can tell this is an HOA run neighborhood because all of the fences are the same material and same design. All of this could have probably been avoided with a little money but now they are going to have to have a crew come pull the panel and post and extend the section short of her line leaving a gap. You're going to get charged the price of two sections to pull one post and extend it. All cedar pickets have to come off, new 2x4s, new post, just to add two pickets. $$$$

  2. You should have asked her before you Connecting your fence to her fence……….. You have no idea what you were dealing with when you decided to do that……… Some people are just like that and she's a Leo the lion they're all like that……… You do not dominate those lions land or property……… she is absolutely RIGHT………. You're on YouTube looking like a idiot to me because I understand the beast of the belly…….. You might wanna go watch the wizard of oz again.

  3. Poor baby is it going to hurt your fence cause its attached. These are sick people with very little meaning in life and evidently nothing goes on in their lives that their only focus is being concerned with some piece of wood touching their fence. Grow up Lady try make friends with your neighbors instead of your enemies and live a happy life, douchebag !

  4. Seems to me like you didn't wanna pay for your share of the fence and instead connected to their fence.

  5. Yaw were dumb enough to put your fence atrached to theirs without asking. Yaw were in the wrong and it was her right to take it down so yaw are in the wrong. Lol and your video just proved that you illegally attached your wall to theirs. Yaw are the loosers in this situation.

  6. I realize that his her fence, and the camera guy need permission to attach to it to close up gap…But How fuckin petty can people be! Obviously this petty. Grow up! Talk about it for God sake.

  7. The people filming are disgusting. The women thats like "why is the women doing it and not the man" youre a sexist bitch… the people filming should be ashamed of themselves and their bullying antics. Disgusting creatures.

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