Circuit Training For BIG GAINS, (Growth, Strength, Endurance!) CHEST WORKOUT!

Circuit Training For BIG GAINS, (Growth, Strength, Endurance!) CHEST WORKOUT!

these workouts are great it's for anyone not just arm wrestlers a athletes of all time functional strength is what's most important work capacities but most important training the way where you're less likely to get injured you reduce your chances of being injured and these high-volume circuits do that I've trained over a thousand clients with its exact program because you can get in get out and get the same workout in 15 20 30 minutes that you would get an hour now it happened to Jim Brees not believe functional strength is more important than one rep max strength is because yes it's great to go to do something wants to lift one heavy weight once but I want to be able to lift it a moderately heavy weight for extended period of time so whether it's arm wrestling or or any type of endurance sport you want to be able to be at a high level for an extended period that's what I think these workouts promote put on a pack on pounds of muscle on several different clients who took this exact Tech training program the right nutrition and because of the micro tears and the fibers and the getting the blood in there to grow and heal these guys I've got one dude right now who's probably what 46 years old put on about 45 pounds of muscle it's been about 18 months to do that but here's 123 pounds knives 160 566 pounds so in my offseason I'm able to do these circuits and do these workouts really you know at a moderate weight I get great blood flow I get great healing I get you know just great work and I can maintain my level and I train my clients that way as well first the key is to complete the circuit so it's 150 res 5 sets of 30 you want to be able find a way that you can complete the workout you know with your ropes whatever is it you corporate it into it but you have to go to complete it without a break once you can complete without a break then each week you want to increase 5 pounds so the way to show your your growth or your progress is you can increase the amount of weight that you're using or decrease the amount of time that it takes to do workout tell me about your workout we thought it's a good workout so you were increasing every week right tell me where it was when you started and how many weeks ago was that 225 they found five declines about 40 pounds from up roughly fifteen seventeen percent maybe the handle was doing 120 to 170 forty six percent increase

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  1. Love the videos. Do you do some sort of circuit everyday? Is it always 5 rounds of 30 reps? Thanks for the knowledge!

  2. I did endurance training style for a number of years. Actually loved it. I had great lungs and still was able to keep most of my strength and stayed pretty muscular. It was definitely the most useful of all of the training I’ve done. Have a great day!

  3. This king of training is the best for endurance in armwrestling and in strenght sports. Last year you had power and a better endurance than Devon, who is known to have an extraordinary endurance too.

  4. Of all of his workouts I have incorporated, I actually found the 30 seconds of battle ropes to be the most challenging. Incredibly stressful workout, but I love it!

  5. Why lift a moderate for an extended period of time? In Armwrestling you have the chance to just put someone down if you've prepared correctly. You do have a defensive style of Armwrestling but even with a shoulder press like yours I feel that if you just prepared that for one giant blast you could end most of your matches so quickly, why prepare to drag things out?

  6. @Mr. Todd

    In your opinion, do you think that you reap the health benefits of steady state cardio(i.e improved hdl levels, etc) from doing this type of training as opposed to the traditional strength training methods (i.e 3-5 minute rests between heavy sets of 5, etc)?

  7. Michael in your opinion how close are you to gaining the number 1 overall ranking right handed? Do you feel you can take a Levan or a Vetali…I felt like your last confrontation with Denis that should have been 3-3 not a 4-2 for him

  8. Ye-get in the pit MONSTER!!!I'm bout ready to tear up a speed squat workout!!!Drawing on yer vids for a lil extra motivation!!!When i see a world champ like you keeping yer hunger,zest for the sport i get fired up!!!

  9. Monster, if you give all your training secrets away how are you going to be able to beat anyone? We'll all be as strong as you.

  10. Ima definetly try this. Im intensly training for a tournament at end july and i work out 2 times a day 7 days a week.

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