10 Replies to “Circuit Training for Low Back Pain with MMA fighter Kerry Kasik”

  1. You can learn more about workouts on Unflexal . Awesome solutions for health and bodybuilders I think.

  2. Hey man, I know you get a lot shit from people online about how you are not fit to give advice like this since you are only a personal trainer but from watching this video you are touching on some fundamentals of injury prevention that's discussed in the sports literature. Specifically improving lumbo-pelvic control . Im presuming that is what you are teaching Kerry? You say " we are changing the compensation strategies and moving them from the portion of the muscles located in your lumbar to the rest of your body" Could you explain that a little more? In the sports literature especially in high load sports like golf and throwing improving lumbo-pelvic control , basically making it more equipped to transfer stabilise and handle loads can reduce the number of injuries. Look forward to hearing back from you! Good stuff.

  3. thanks naudi for this video, please i have 2 hernieted discs l4 l5 and l5 s1 please post to us a video to get free from this injry and return to MMA soon and thanks for your help

  4. So, correct me if I'm wrong, this is the same that teaching how to properly deadlift, Kelly Starret teaches this in a more simple way and more aprochable to the public, if average people watch this they wouldn't understand anything. You have very good knowledge, try to transmit it in a more simole way. Thanks for the vid.

  5. Another good video.  Do you have any good videos for recommendations of myofascial release pre or post training like this?

  6. Naudi: great vid. Are there any similar exercises one can do for lower back pain using body weight only?

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