Circuit Training HIIT Workout in the Gym – HASfit Circuit Workouts – Circuit Exercises

Circuit Training HIIT Workout in the Gym – HASfit Circuit Workouts – Circuit Exercises

hey I'm composing Aspen here today to bring you another three professional workout my team but I'm all done demonstrating the workout make sure you click the link in the video description it was shoot you over to has its website where we have the workout of instructions alright let's get this thing started if one arm dumbbell chest press is a great compound movement with your chest shoulders and triceps it's a unilateral movement so we're going to do each arm separately miss ensures that you have equal strength and both arms and don't have any imbalances so use one dumbbell and a flat bench the dumbbells do that before you get back before you put it on your lap and kick it back if you get iced over each moment keep your shoulders squared and your back flat on the bench when you're on the one side go ahead switch it without to say came up behind your back keep your shoulders square as we through all the way up all the way down to please get the top that is the one-arm dumbbell chest press from the hand is a great collateral exercise explode dropping straight back down a full rotation now the key on this one is terrific to wake up don't bend over make it harder I'll try to make it easier to really use to be very back so agree with it with your hips that's a one eighty bucks outta this not press is going to require two kettlebells back there hands your feet shoulder-width apart but back first you're going to get into a squat position and now we're gonna alternate pressing the pedal up overhead out from this decision press over that we're gonna twist and look up at the same top frets up opposite twist chemically you're not using two entity hydrogens and this entire time keeping your weight in your book and come back to square that's the suppressed a one leg raised plus crunch is a great movement for not only our police but also our cross section abdominal muscles down under that both legs out straight both hands on their razor blade so now on the opposite side when Janelle and reasonably 45 beautiful and through their knee and elbow together they're not really going to touch it 20 men elbow to your knee that's a one leg greatest bus problem the medicine ball garden way it's a great you're possibly change which is your hamstrings and your lower back and also compile and condition it one of two ways we can either do it with the Santos ball bouncing ball so grab the Sandman a small I'd have my feet a little wider than shoulder width the ball overhead while my life away back over a medicine ball is a more advanced version it is the multiple response versions of one that means right on this version this refers with live in-court hand to eye coordination than the sample to choose exactly where you're at this is an x-bar thanks for working out with me today make sure you click the link in the video description to see children it has its website but we have to work out instructions he enjoyed this workout make sure you check out his website where we have hundreds of additional free workouts where there three male planets to lose or gain weight as well as our complete 30s and 90-day fitness programs all there all for free just for you please do me a favor subscribe to this YouTube channel and really help keep this Greek service free like us on our Facebook fan page or follow us on Twitter we will send you the best daily motivation and while you're at it stop by our store pick up a poster or a t-shirt whatever it takes to help you stay motivated and on track I'm coach Kozak passed it and I'll see to your next workout

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  1. this is a good workout, but would be better if Coach would actually do it with us.  That is the magic and quality of the site that we are actually guided through the workout and why I chose HASFit.

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