Circuit Training Ideas – Circle Circuit Bootcamp Workout

Circuit Training Ideas – Circle Circuit Bootcamp Workout

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  1. Where did you get your orange bands? I bought a few of my own things but l teach at gyms so some stuff is there. I emailed you again did you get it? AWESOME IDEAS!

  2. I tried it, they really did enjoy it ! The abs and core were the only place I gave them a number! As a finisher, we held a plank till first one drops! Thank god after THREE min someone dropped! LOLOLOL told them no shame in dropping, we all applaud you as we all died into the 4 th min!! So we cheered and and shouted yay for them! What fun, they were all proud! Thanks for the great ideas and sets!

  3. How many times a week do you use the ropes? I just got some, but don't want to burn everyone out on them.

  4. In your circular circuit group training, what is the time and reps for each station? How many sets would be feasible? How would it typically take for a client to go through one entire circuit?

  5. I've been teaching bootcamps for 6+ years, and your videos and ideas are my favorites!  They are no-nonsense, hardcore workouts, and you keep your group challenged and MOVING.  Love it….you do an awesome job, and it's why you have so many folks in your sessions!

  6. LOLO……. EWE….nervous? Now you really made me a better instructor! I get nervous before all my classes! Good to know EYE. Am not alone!

  7. Ahhh, the abs in middle prevent traffic jam, there is the "secret! Just admire you up there in Canada! YAAAy for the Hockey Team, Congrats! :))

  8. I always have a specific timing to change the circuit on! Hmmm. Never thought pick your own could work! Do they manage to get through it all, even though they change at will? Curious if this could work for my feisty small group boot camp! Thanks for being there! I do so admire you guys! Go USA!!

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