11 Replies to “Circuit Training with Big Groups”

  1. I like your exersice routinnes.My self,i am student in Faculty of phisical education-Skopje/Macedonia.Keep doing your work with the same passion like you are actually doing so far!!! (y)

  2. This looks like an awesome session, I love to see all the modifications for those who are just starting or have joint issues and can't bound and rebound. Keep the ideas coming I love it!!!!!

  3. how did you build up your bootcamp to so many people? My bootcamp averages 7-9 people in each class, and I would love to have it grow. This is my first month running one. Love your ideas.

  4. Thanks Retta!!! Yea you have to always keep things fresh for your clients!! Check out my website AXFIT.COM we have a trainers section with lots of great ideas and tips!!! Thanks for your comment , love hearing from people!! 😀

  5. Great ideas! I love the twist on the traditional 60 sec circuit…thanks!! Going to definitely try this at my next class.

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