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  1. He's one Swan that won't fly ……….. but, his innovations indicate that he should be elevated to the very top of American Society, knocking to the bottom the Incompetents who created the mess out there…

  2. This is fine for single cuts, but if I want to cut multiple of the same width, I use the skil saw fence, after I have cut a straight edge on the first piece. Much faster and totally repeatable widths.

  3. Hey Izzy, love the videos! What would you recommend for a track that you need to be approximately 8 feet long?

  4. Really liked your use of sandpaper as non slip. I built my guide using a base of quarter inch plywood. That way, the saw motor will not be pressing against the top of the guide strip.

  5. where can you put the clamp so the saw doesn't hit it, the motor drags almost on the rail top and the saw rides on the entire bed?

  6. This is really good but can anyone explain why this is any different to clamping a straight edged length of timber to the piece you're actually cutting?

  7. I am spending the weekend making multiple jigs to have handy, in a previous video how to cut straight line with a circular saw you showed a jig with the saw using the short side and said thats a better way because of pressure and the saw turning, so what way is better? thank you for all that you do your videos are freaking awesome!

  8. Hey Izzy, Would I be able to RIP 2×4 board with that rip fence without killing myself? I want to make 2 x 2 out of 2×4 because timber in australia is very expensive. Its 14 dollars to buy 2×2 at 8 foot. Thanks..awaiting for your answer and advice.

  9. Hi Izzy, put sticky back grit disks on the back of my rip fence this afternoon and it really WORKS without using clamps, thanks for the tip.

  10. dude your awesome you make your videos so easy to understand and make things easier for us to follow thank you for the video

  11. Thanks for these vids! I only have a circular saw and i've struggled doing some projects without a table saw but these jigs totally solve the problem

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