Clip Bender tool makes using T post clips easy fencing tip (review)

Clip Bender tool makes using T post clips easy fencing tip (review)

you hey YouTube put together our fence for our new chicken paddock and thought I'd share a little bit about a tool that I picked up to fasten t post clips to your tee post we've done a lot of fencing for the goats and other areas that we were using pliers for and a couple of months ago Amazon prompted me to get this as a product that as a recommended product so I did a youtube search on it and found two videos one by the manufacturer and one by somebody else but each one only has a couple of thousand views so I'm not sure how many people actually know about this tool and what it's for didn't seem like it was well advertised but it was $20 and essentially the way it works and we'll get some footage of me doing it here in just a second plus I'll link you to those other two videos we're gonna put the t-post clip around how you would normally try to fasten it and then on the one side you're going to insert the tool and basically use the lever action of the tool except in the t-post clip under and then on the in the middle of the tool here on this end there's this little hole here that fits over your teeth post clip and on this side here we'll go back and insert it and then pull it tight so we'll get some video of that so normally we're going to take our T post clip and hook it around the T post s-s-so and then we would take like a pair of wire pliers or fencing pliers and have to wrap this around what this tool allows us to do is insert the tool in here as seen and then just basically end it under and then it is basically fasten their really tight so now this side over here is still a little bit loose we're going to come over we're going to insert the end of it into the hole in the clip bender tool and just pull it tight just like that and so now our fence is good and secure and tight I'll go and get you another angle from the other side all right so we've got to get you a view from the backside again we're just going to hook the t-post clip on just like we normally would push it down insert this tool and then we're just going to bend it under just like that now we're going to come back with the notch put it on this side of the clip and just give a tug to get it nice and secure one of the things I've ran into is sometimes your tee post you don't get them flat against the fencing area that you're wanting to do and so it's a little difficult to actually hook it around the fence and write and hook it all the way around the T posts didn't want to bend that way so I don't have that problem right here but I'm going to demonstrate how I do that so one of the one of the ways I've done it is to go ahead and hook your tee post and put my tool down want to hook your tee post clip and kind of Bend out a little bit and pull it around and then right here let's say I can't get it all the way when I'm using the t post clip tool is to use the knotch NIT for the other side of the clip and go ahead and bring it down as low as I can and pull it and go ahead and come down with it and now I'm just going to rotate the tool like this and go ahead and push all the way over and now I tighten it and now we're going to go and use the notch on the other side as intended and get it good and tight and that's how you do it if your tee post gets a little it's a little off to where you're not flat against your fence you can recover and still use the tool and it'll be easier than using pliers the tool is called the clip bender I want to say it was $20 on Amazon Prime give or take a few cents I'll put a link down in the notes below the video so that you can link to it to me this is a I'm saver it's just you know always busted my knuckles on the fence you know trying to use pliers and and everything and this just this just makes it really easy so if you're interested check that link out and as always thanks for watching our videos give us a subscribe like the video below talk to you guys later you

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  1. Just use a small pry bar or a screw driver with a hole drilled in the tip (about 3/8" from the edge – works like a charm – multi use of a tool

  2. Permanent way to connect panels to T Post easy disassembly. If you decide to move them.

  3. Thank you.  Very informative.  However the videographer needed to zoom in on what he was doing with the clip bender.  At one point his arm was blocking the view.

  4. Hello I'm here in the alma Arkansas area looks good what chickens do you like that can handle the wether changes. In thinking about the isa browns

  5. I always thought nobody ever found a better tool than a big nail, but here you found one. Think I'll pick one up. Ty!

  6. Thanks for the video, bought one today at Tractor S for $14 and yes I have used a screwdriver and it works pretty good but not near as good as this tool.

  7. I think it is even a few dollars less money direct from the Clip Bender company, even after adding in shipping.

  8. Awesome tool!!!!!!!! I am ordering mine from AMAZON now. That tool looks like it makes things more faster and easier. Thank you for your TIP.

  9. $11 tractor supply Thanks your video made me feel stupid lol (but helpful because now i understand it)

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