CM FH Budapest 2019 – Finale Lefort (FRA) vs Mepstead (GBR)

CM FH Budapest 2019 – Finale Lefort (FRA) vs Mepstead (GBR)

and athlete from just over the English Channel amongst early Frenchman Enzo and therefore 27 years old he is the world number 10 he's been on a world championship podium beast before in 2014 he lost in the semi-finals collecting the bronze in Kazan in Russia he's back again it's time for a gold medal match in the fencing World Championships individual men's foil event and great respect shown between the two athletes it certainly is a kind of magic the world number 10 from France takes on the world number 50 from Great Britain would look for against net stead for gold in Budapest the Americ float down within Azolla for in the box head of the french foil program now they start of in cept there is a LeFort getting ready taking on a little bit of water Marcus mich did has recently moved to New York based out of Brooklyn under coach Dan Kellner a former Olympic foil fencing himself it's time to go for gold and it's Florin Jorge the referee who is about to get this gold medal match between the LA for a France on the left and MEP stead of Great Britain on the right underway here we go I'm joined by Lawrence Halstead performance director of Danish fencing Lawrence you are a GB Olympian on the same team as Marcus MEPs Ted we need you to remain slightly impartial can you manage that can manage that somewhat I is what I can promise look before is a fantastic competitor and athletes he's looking so strong today but I can't lie I would like to see Marcus take this title it's it will be the first time for Great Britain to win her world championship title in decades half a century I think so it would be special for Marcus and for the for the country as a whole but he's up against a phenomenal Center and he's gonna have to work for it he's really gonna have to deserve it well you want some history ends ólafur if he wins here we'll be the first Frenchmen to win the World title in men's foil since Philip Romney's in 1990 that's what my stats say can that be true I would have I would have put money on the French having plenty of individual world titles in men's foil in men's for you come up with 100 I'll check it out but what is for sure is him Marcus MEPs Ted will be Great Britain's first world champion I believe in any discipline since 1959 should he win here Allen J the last British fencer to take a world title I think the French have won in men for they've won the team event in the world home tips so many times that I might be getting confused it did they've won individual event as well a change of weapon for the British fencer what you see on display here is two fences with fantastic physical ability both to the best foot works their footwork is up there with the very best in the world they both have these great deep on guard positions and it means they move with some fluidity and such balance Marcos getting the hit and the for is asked at the referee if he ducked his head too much but referees had no with a fine hit gives it to Marcus he's off very scoreboard yeah we've already had a minute and a bit of this fight now meeting in a blaze of counter-attack from the poor unsuccessful because Marcus learned at this point had the right-of-way from attacking two two the four on the attack again attack versus defense at the moment attack is just edging it [Applause] Marcus will be able to win this fight if he can keep the fours attacks turn to a minimum he will always get hit with his attacks before he is so good with attacking and will get hit but if Marcus can limit them then he buys himself a chance to win this World Championship final he's been using line and defense successfully Marcus so keeping a straight arm the attacker needs to then beat his blade to take the right-of-way it has been effective there goes again EC puts his put his line out blade met this has given us attack for love for and it looks like Dan Cal has given the instruction to Marcus meth said to challenge this and he does indeed ask Florin Jorge the referee to go and have a look at the video these two have faced each other seven times in the past look the four has the head-to-head five two in his favor there was also an unofficial match between these two for a television advert for a famous manufacturer let's just say they're based in London I don't want to cross any advertising boundaries here and I believe the advert suggests that Mets did won that fight so 5-3 perhaps if you include that match we can include that much at the moment though the four winning on the attack oh no looks like Marx's bladed muxes weapons not working but he tested it herself himself would you're not allowed to do if you want the referee to another hit because your weapons not working you have to give it directly to the referee and why is that why I assume is just to prove that you haven't have fiddled with anything well in case it breaks when you test it yourself yes that's sort of that it was working until you hear you put the last straw but that's unlucky for Marcus because his blade wasn't working and he finds himself six two down the beginning of this match but Marcus has throughout the day he's he started some matches down and has always come back his figure out his opponent and his fought his way back some one particular match against that exam – upin it where he only took believe very late in the match and ended up winning so this is by no means I don't think he'll be feeling out of his comfort zone at all yet no and you're right that that match against shoot was a pretty amazing one of those two was trained together quite often as well as he finished comes to London quite a lot but since MEPs didn't moved over to the states perhaps they haven't trained quite as much I didn't know each other quite as well as perhaps they might have done in the past there's a big technical change over here how much do you think Fitness is gonna play a part in this final and I don't want to put you on the spot obviously you are British a former British an Olympian who fenced with Marcus here but LeFort did look very strong and he has had one DNF in the in the in the route here he perhaps hasn't exerted as much energy as much that has yeah if you if you get a fight where somebody has to pull out then that's a lot of saved energy and Marcus has really he fights his way I mean here he put his heart and soul into every match so at this stage of the day Fitness you you only get here by being super fit and you're still you're definitely not as freshers in the first few matches these guys both look like they have the energy well we're here in the gold medal match of the men's floor match in the 2019 fencing world championships in Budapest and Zola for much more attacking fencer is six two up with just under a minute to go in the first of potentially three periods MEPs Ted of course would have had to go through the qualifying day how much of that saps your energy it it is a long difficult day except this time there were two days break in between the first round the first day and this finals day so that's plenty of time to recover [Applause] and in fact if you ask anyone any of these guys competitors or anyone on the moon full circuit who the fittest fencers are these two guys would be up amongst them perhaps not a coincidence then that they're the last two standing they really are both top top shape means foil Asst well it's a busy week for and Zola for his partner is due to give birth and not only was he hoping to get through to through the round of 64 let alone make it through to the finals hoping that his baby is late in delivery so that he can get there in time I wonder if he's gonna be it's gonna have an effect on the the team event for the French team because that may be used you this week Wow Americo is in the Box down the other end of the piste as we getting the body wire so that's the body wire that comes out from under the jacket of Marcus MEPs they're being just tightened up and clip back in and the armor just trying to get that around the right way but Americo is pacing up and down and he's got this sort of spiky stress ball in his hand he's full of nervous energy is he going to oversee the first French World Champion in men's foil since omnes in 1990 and that was on home soil in lyon the only reason I know that is because the French boycotted the senior World Championships that year and held their own Coupe de Mond and that was omnes that one that one in lyon i was competing in the junior event there oh wow long time back now yeah well the fact that you were my last and best excite Lawrence does put a little bit of an age marker on you as well so it's about now that Marcus really needs to to to have found some of the forward rhythm and get a couple hits back doesn't want to go any further back behind than many years now before being fairly restrained for for himself often you see him coming out flying but because it's the biggest stage he he clearly respects his opponent and he again he doesn't want to take any risks well yeah I mean I think that's a that is a measure of just how well Marcus MEP studies fencing today that LaForest not sprung out of the blocks quite as fast he might have done and now he's employing some defensive tactics he gets a stop hit in there please two extremely good friends and he perhaps would have seen the evidence of that right at the beginning of the match are they high-fived each other and I'm sure that there was a respectful good luck mate sort of gesture between the two but soon as they put their masks on of course they've got to put that all to one side it's the gold medal match in the men's Foyle competition here and it's the attacking fencer in zoella four from france who is leading 72 against Marcus MEPs Ted Dan CalNet down at the end of the piste with Marcus met to their Lance what you think was going to be saying yeah I think Marcus has been fencing well he's just he's just missed out on some of the margins yeah he's just just getting advantage of the the distance Marcus needs to draw him out a bit more and play a bit more second intention before is so good at this kind of power game you need to out think in the bills it more you need to be one step ahead and that's where Marcus can make make the next step I think is he has to you have to risk something always you have to you have to second-guess your opponent and you can get that wrong so that's what Marcus need to do now he need to draw out the form predict where he's gonna be going and then having an action ready for it so we begin the second period of the men's Foyle gold medal match at the 2019 fencing World Championships ends ólafur of France on the left lead Marcus MEP state of Great Britain eight two now getting off the mark early doors with a really classic feint disengaged step lunge attack it's a lovely lovely long attack for Mendota for and he is gonna start to feel comfortable now which is not what Marcus once don't want ended up or getting confident against you and he's showing it by pushing his attack comes charging forward that time because he's feeling more confident now he feels he can throw in a wood you got the fast attack would you call that broken time that last time the beat brings it back and comes around the parity right there's a broken time attack he's seen that much more that's nice from MEPs did though as he gets a pair of posture you seem much more broken time attack up what when I was fencing oh you remember some of that he crossed over in your probably your teens broken time attack was a real favorite here he kind of disappeared for a while it seems to be creeping back in more and more I guess you could say that there's certainly some fences who use it as a signature move business growth time session ends ólafur takes the blade and finishes as if hack fluidly Marcus needs some needs to find some inspiration here otherwise this match is going to be over soon live for another this is his signature move a long-running broken arm attack it's so difficult to defend against yeah the trick of it is that you've got your opponent going backwards before you start to pull your arm back and they're going oh and then before you know it that Lafosse on top of you yeah it's not long it's so difficult to get out of the way and if you stop then he's already ready for it so the commanding lead then for n Zola for the Frenchman is 11 3 up against Marcus MEPs there as the pair fight off the gold in the men's Foyle here at the 2019 World Championships a series of counter Harry reports and with just a single off target light from the fall Marcus needs to win those hits he's gonna call this back we're trying the counter again we're gonna get to a stage where the Falls gonna say well if all you're gonna do is counter-attack me I'm just gonna stop attacking you I'm 11 3 up I don't need to take any risks anymore I think this is a big enough lead that he can he can keep pushing you don't really want to give too much space to your opponent if you're bleeding like that that's a nice pedes attack though on the flesh from Marcus MEPs dead and down Dan counter there he's coach from Brooklyn New York applauding him for changing things up and going out on the attack I think we'll see the fourth continuing to treasure because he's so good at it he can afford to miss a few and even getting one in every two or three is enough to finish this much charts for there and these marginal hits they're also going to deform well maps dead calling for a video review they're perhaps suggesting that was covering here for me it looks like the arm stays well back for the four until the very very last minute now you have to just get your arm out the way if you turn your frontal back shoulder in front of your front shoulder but I think it was fair enough and so does Florida boy and it's now just two away from a world title he got the bronze medal in 2014 in Kazan and Zola for he's definitely one better but it looks like it's going to be two and the World title the first for a Frenchman since 1990 and Philipp omnes the merit Clos turning around of punching me ear it's not done yeah no this is an unassailable mountain now and he's fencing so well and he can't finish it with his signature counter-attack from Webster just going down on his launches a little bit here map stood on the attack before easily evaded is a pair of postman markers so he's he's not giving it he's not giving it over easy fighting his way through digging deep here the British athlete Richard Cruz got the silver last year it's a poll passed and Angela four is the world champion of 2019 he picked up a bronze in 2014 but the last Frenchman to claim the world title in men's foil was Philip omnes in 1990 q the supporters [Applause] but a French teammates riding high on the way as they throw and Zola four into the air his teammates Julian mouth team the women save a team raining team world champions I wanna piss you all in the mix as Dan Kona goes over to celebrate for support and congratulate the gold medal match winner and Zola for getting a hug from the coach Americ Flo well Lawrence that was an absolutely epic performance from America as Johnny Davis congratulate smartest MEPs Ted for his silver medal winning performance matching his teammate Richard Cruz who picked up the silver medal in Russia last year at the World Championships but hats off to Enzo before he was just too good in the finals in this will be a very popular champion amongst his peers it's a very likely guy into phenomenal athletes because of fencing we had control throughout food matches food supply those matches he'll enjoy remembering this for a long long time there is the celebrations from Enzo left for he is the world champion of 2019 in men's Foyle

4 Replies to “CM FH Budapest 2019 – Finale Lefort (FRA) vs Mepstead (GBR)”

  1. Bravo Enzo, je suis un fan depuis 2017,

    Je me permet quand même des remarques,

    Les attaques en flèches main dans le dos lame placé très large sont très efficace mais survivent uniquement grâce au manque de rigueur des arbitres dans la définition d'une attaque.
    Et me font penser à Naruto. (Je me moquais souvent de ce manga à cause de cela, maintenant on voit ça en final de coupe du monde… Je ne peux que désapprouver) ex : 2:11

    On peut aussi regretter le manque de "dérobement" dans ce match étant donné le nombre de battement, ainsi que les lignes qui n'ont pas été donné 5:36 (qui plus ait sur un raccourcissement du bras flagrant, le ralenti ne trompe personne), et 16:21
    Bref, le manque de discussion dans ce match est toujours flagrant. (En regard de la demi final Son-Mepstead qui était vraiment un beau match par ailleurs (aucune des favoris pour voir de belles choses devrait nous questionner…))
    On a un tireur qui avance, un qui recule, et la lame soit disant "prioritaire" qui se cache et qui ne sort que pour rechercher le fer sans prise de risque… Passionnant…

    Et on peut décomposer cette "offensive" pour illustrer le problème général de l'arbitrage qui donne priorité à l'intention d'attaquer (et non à l'attaque en elle-même) :
    19:00 : Une préparation, presque à l'arrêt, main vers l'extérieur, puis repart pointe en l'air main collé au corps, suivi d'un nouveau raccourcissement, coude reculé, main au niveau des hanches, ensuite il continue à jouer avec la main très proche du corps, fait même de vrai feinte avec la lame et le bras, avant de revenir au point initial (coller au hanche) pour finalement déclencher.
    Peut-on être fier de cette "attaque" d'environ 5 secondes ? Je ne crois pas que ce soit du fleuret que cela. (Et c'est bien sur la faute du "défenseur" de ne pas avoir attaquer sur ces "erreurs", mais l'arbitre lui aurait-il donné ? Voila, tout est dit.)

    On ne peut que félicité le tireur. Mais n'être qu'attrister de la situation.

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