Cody Hesse Wakeboard Triple Flip

Cody Hesse Wakeboard Triple Flip

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  1. heh – hit that ramp right and you could hit a quad! definitely not a standard wakeboard ramp, but from the looks of it there's about 10-12 more feet of air waiting at the lip.

  2. Haha i was thinking he was going to jump the bridge. Well, i mean, I could do that of course haha just kidding.

  3. Posted! Congrats!

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  4. What goes around comes around about to shoot me a movie now. And I Represent my damn town bow down!!! Takeover!!! Bear Kerry!!!!!

  5. Hell yeah Cody Hesse, that was so gnarly, so stoked you pulled the first triple, and those wall rides were sick too, keep shredding dude

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