Colton Jumps The Fence After Cassie Breakup 💔| The Bachelor US

Colton Jumps The Fence After Cassie Breakup 💔| The Bachelor US

43 Replies to “Colton Jumps The Fence After Cassie Breakup 💔| The Bachelor US”

  1. This show is just a bad as the other one. I believe people live in fantasy land and are missing these things in there own lives and lose theirselves in these kind of shows

  2. I understand the negative comments considering what happened with Jenna and Jordan, but I really think Cassie is genuine. She talked about being in a toxic relationship before and the combination of that, plus her dad, were giving her anxiety. And as someone with anxiety, I can see that a lot in her. If she just wanted to be on tv, I doubt she would still be with him. They look perfectly happy in their instagram stories. I guess will tell though.

  3. Colton put REAL in reality tv. C&C had one of the BEST ❤More Realistic Seasons periodt. You don't need a💍💍💍💍💍 proposal to validate Lo❤ve.

  4. How can any women possibly marry Colton after knowing he loved someone else this much and have it be broadcasted on national television? If Colton really loves Cassie as much as he does in this clip, then she will always be his one true love, “the one that got away.” No matter who marries Colton and no matter how much they love each and make themselves happy. No matter what, somewhere in his heart, that love for Cassie will always be there. Whenever he sees her whether it be in person or on Facebook or something, he will always imagine “what if Cassie and I got married, how would my life look?” Always.

    I don’t see how the next wife can marry Colton knowing that.

  5. I had never watched any of these Bachelor shows until I walked into the TV room and saw my wife watching this part. It was actually heartbreaking because Colton was obviously off script. When he jumped the fence, I watched the 2 finale shows because I had to know if he would fight for Cassie, pick one of the two remaining girls, or just quit. I wanted Colton to find his true love. Maybe Cassie just didn't allow herself to love him when possibly she did.

  6. Colton reacting like that serious issues jumping a fence OMG She s far from marriage material Cassie went on the show for exposure to advance herself . This will not work out no foundation she doesnt have the strong character to imature. Hes gonna get his heart broken red flags are there he doesnt want to see them blindsided . if she bailed once she do it again .

  7. Cassie is TRASH! – Colton just got confused by her wanting to leave – men like the chase and he got blinded by it. He literally ruined his life! Leaving someone who loves you a MILLION times more for someone who is ify about you is just insane. Hannah G. is a MILLION times more of a woman than that little Cassie surfer chick! Hope they BREAK UP so Hannah can get back with Colton and marry someone who actually wants to MARRY!

  8. All things being equal, he handled the interaction w her like a champ. Maybe in a year or two, he and Hannah G. could go on a real date. Just sayin

  9. That last moments said it All – she can’t get there and not in love so what the heck are they going on tv that they will be married – it won’t last + they are tooo young

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