Comparing expensive vs cheap recurve archery limbs

Comparing expensive vs cheap recurve archery limbs

hi I'm Stephen heard from artery supplies and today we can look at the difference between a cheap set of limbs like these and expensive set of limbs like these now basically when it comes to buying arica if there's a whole bunch of recurve limbs on the market ranging in price from maybe even as low as $100 right up to over $1000 now what's the difference and what difference is this is this going to make to your archery now their limbs I'm shooting currently the latest win and win wireless ans foam carbon cross hi bricks what does all that mean it means they're expensive it means they match the color of my riser and I'm not wanting to undermine and undersell how good these limbs are because they're clearly a good limb the carbons expensive the foam insides a honeycomb foam it's meant to stop movement from left to right it's meant to be consistent now I've had these limbs on my bow for about a year they match the riser and for myself when I was grabbing these limbs and going up from a basic foam limb I set myself a goal and I said well when I shoot a certain score then I'll upgrade to a to a more expensive bow like this one which is about $2,000 but as a beginner whether you spend a thousand dollars on settle limbs or settle limbs like these from winner-winner these are the premium limbs now when a minute changed their names but this is a this is a basic fiberglass limb with the wood wood core so you can see here it's got two wood cause now from my understanding I haven't put this through a chronograph and all that from what I've been told there's very little difference between limbs as far as speed and accuracy and all that now what are you paying for now the quality of this fiberglass to start off with this is the cheaper fiberglass there's – from my understanding there's two types of fiberglass there's a Gordon glass fiber glass which is expensive and there's this fiber glass here which I think it's made by Korea it made in Korea this is a cheaper fiber glass now originally when Korea was making their own fiber glass and the limbs were cheaper I was getting splinters in the limbs now I haven't had splinters in a limb for ages I mean I cannot think of the last limb I've had which fraction okay so the next next part is the wood inside now the issue with wood because it is subject to twisting and warping and heat fatigue if you go to a foam limb like I've got on the win-win Wireless limbs there that foam so I've in all the years of selling and I've only ever had one foam limb be twisted and that was twisted straight out of the factory with wood limbs I used to have rates of return of around 50 percent with a different supplier with wind and wind very rare to ever have limbs return through warping but it's still a possibility and whenever I saw a wood facebullying if you twist if you put string the bar around your legs you run the risk of twisting this limb and creating a twist in the limb how likely is it I don't know I would say it's probably a 10% chance of a woodland wall will fatigue and twist maybe less depending on the limb with these limbs I probably replaced I've probably sold a hundred sets maybe more last year and I've maybe done two under warranty now we don't win giver I'm pretty sure a one-year warranty on their limbs and that's pretty standard these are all international fitting limbs and what I'm going to say is when you're looking at a recurve bow one of the key points of a recurve bow is you're going to increase your poundage or you want to increase your poundage so you're getting go through limbs so if you're starting out putting $1,000 settle limbs on a bows probably not worthwhile unless you've got plenty of money because you're going to upgrade those limbs and it gets that point where well do I go up from the wood limbs and we're gonna do a whole new beauty on that but we're just going to compare for this video the wood limbs the 150 dollar limbs versus that one thousand dollar limbs so first off I'm gonna shoot the existing winner wing limbs okay so the win-win why were slim I really like I really haven't found any difference in the top-quality limbs as far as performance to my scores so it's not like buying a thousand dollar limb over another thousand dollar limb I have not found any improvement in my score at all it all comes back to how much I practice if I practice more I build up my strength more I tend to shoot better so let's just say that up front now if you're an elite Archer like an Olympian there may be a difference but for me I have not seen a difference it all gets back to the way I shoot so let's just shoot this for a chronograph that shot an arrow of a speed of 211 now I'm shooting I can't tell you the grain of my arrows but these are victory six hundreds VAP they've probably got a hundred and ten gram point with pins in them now I'll shoot another one that took me a long time get through a quick examine trick here for a while but mentioning compound so to 13 and to 11 now what I find with these limbs I don't get any stacking at all they're smooth all the way through there's meant to be reduced vibration with $1000 limbs it's meant to hit your arm less but if you've got bad technique you're still going to hit your arm so with that let's fit the light up let's fit the cheaper limbs to this setup and let's see how I shoot with those and let's check out the speed with 150 dollar limbs okay so I've fitted the cheaper limbs to the wireless bow now the first thing is they don't look as good they don't have that carbon finish looks pay up pay and play a big part of archery but it's not a bad look so is this smoother is it harder these are the same pants limb 42-pound limbs 68 inch so let's first off try the draw cycle now I'm going to say the limb feels lighter to start with than the expensive limit feel softer to start and it feels to be stacking more towards the end where with the wire slim it was very constant all the way through I couldn't really feel it stacking up this feels like it's very soft to start with it feels very light to start with and then it's building up as I'm as I'm hitting my anchor point at about twenty eight point five so I'm gonna guess these limbs are going to be slower so let's see okay so the spend on that was 202 now what I found in the draw cycle see dropping 10 feet per second what I found in the draw cycle is when I was getting to the point where I want to release the parently james is actually building up quite quick at the end there so with the y-wis limb which is 10 feet per second faster actually pulling through the clicker was very smooth where here it's actually building building building and you'll see on that first shot where I actually pull it straight through the clicker I found it a bit hard to start with so your gained 10 feet per second with the wireless limbs over the cheaper fiberglass limbs with a wood core and I'm going to say the wireless is a smoother limb 2:06 now why was win and win why was they've got a whole bunch of data and graphs to show you that the wireless limb is better than the other limbs on the market but most of that doesn't mean anything to me as far as the vibration oscillations left to right the material which they use it means nothing to me all I know is it's slower on the cheaper limb it's smoother on their more expensive limb this limb and the materials are better quality so you're less likely to have problems 2:05 so all in all I definitely found the cheaper limb harder to pull through the clicker like I said I have machinery curved I have machinery curved for a while I've been shooting compound but the cheaper limbs definitely harder to pull through definitely slower but they are good to work through now with the cheaper limbs as a whole bunch to choose from and we're going to work through each one of those individually in different videos there's foam there's carbon and we're going to work through those just see which ones are faster and which ones are better value for money then these limbs this one's a cheaper now there are a cheaper version of this limb with only one little one lamination of wood versus the two now they are they stack even further and they'll be a little bit slower but these premium limbs are one of the most popular limbs I'm going to say the foam instead of having the wood inside having the foam inside is the most popular riki over limb on the market and we're going to test that one in the next video I'm Steven hand from artery suppliers I hope that's been useful thanks for watching bye

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  1. why not compare to WNS carbon/foam limbs instead of fiber/wood, it seems like you are comparing apples and pears???

  2. Great video I love your setup can you link below the entire bow setup I would like to purchase that same setup. Thanks.

  3. I shot cheap limbs when I started and now shoot hoyt carbon x tours. Honestly I noticed a huge difference in stacking. I think if your draw is in the 28" range the difference would not be big but mine being almost 31" it has made a big difference in how I shoot.

  4. As an intermediate archer from the UK, I can honestly say that my starter wood/fibreglass SF Axiom limbs were loud and hard to draw. My Petron wood/carbons are smooth and easy to hold, despite having a higher draw weight. It was like a night and day difference.

  5. your shoulders are open to the target you are holding the weight on your arms not your back you are concentrating on the video and not your form

  6. i must say it's a good review but man u need to work on your shooting form… you"ll achieve inconsistency in long distance shooting..

  7. Hi Steven, I enjoy your video reviews very much, so thanks for taking the time and making the effort! I notice that when you release the string your fingers look to "flick" open, almost as if it`s a deliberate movement rather than just relaxing them to allow the string to pass through them which shouldn`t result in them straightening out. Do you feel your release needs some adjustment or are you happy with it?

  8. Appreciate the breakdown of each set of limbs! Probably the most straightforward and understandable comparison I've seen about target recurve limbs.

  9. Hello. I'd still like to ask. How big of a difference there is between fiber/wood limbs vs. carbon/wood limbs? I'm torn between WNS AXIOM Alpha Fibers vs. WNS 2018 Alpha Carbons. I defininitely can't afford foam libms right now but if the carbons would be worth it I'd be willing to spend bit more. Thanks in advance.

  10. Could you test the win&win wiawis cx7 limbs and riser it would be very intresting to see how good are cheap carbon things.
    Thanks and I love your videos

  11. Great review. The clickerzone is crucial. I got the premiums and a pair of fibre/foam. Both are stacking up in the zone at 28" marked 36#. Draw curve on both are like bananas in the end reaching 48# at 33" draw. It realy shows money matters to get a nice feeling in clickerzone.

  12. Currently I use limbs from Mybo. Budget limbs at £65 compared to their carbon limbs for £200 maybe when I reach my optimum poundage I might decide to splash out on the more expensive.

    I can imagine it's with most things. The more you spend the higher the quality. But for the level I'm at. I'll stick with the "budget" limbs.

  13. Tank you for testing the limbs! That is a good comparison.
    Personaly I' m interested in the new Wiawis ns-g !!!
    You are doing a good job!

  14. Mr Joe Average archer will probably never reach the standard where the limitations of the cheaper limbs will show.
    If you like what you are using, you will shoot better with it.

  15. Isn't the draw feel difference coming from the difference in core? Every foam core Limb I've tried has had that solid feel from the beginning, whilst the wood cores have that gradual build up. Might be interesting to test high end wood for limbs and see if they follow this trend

  16. The cheaper Limbs sounded louder, and almost rattely. There was definitely another sound, a vibration or rattle. If I heard it at the local range I'd assume you had screw in tips and they were lose. It was that kind of sound.

  17. Thanks, about what I expected. I will never afford the expensive one. Maybe Lancaster will let me try their best limbs just to give a thrill.

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