Comparison: Toyota Fortuner GXL v Mitsubishi Pajero Sport | CarAdvice

Comparison: Toyota Fortuner GXL v Mitsubishi Pajero Sport | CarAdvice

28 Replies to “Comparison: Toyota Fortuner GXL v Mitsubishi Pajero Sport | CarAdvice”

  1. Mitsubishi always win, this Mitsubishi sport design i think is the best looking SUV in the market so far. Very nice review guys.

  2. Don't let them fool you by these stupid marketing targeting gays and females. Mitsubishi after sales in Australia is as fucked as it's reliability and overall quality. It's also not real Pajero but based on retarded ugly Triton. Toyota Fortuner is based on Hilux, very competitive after sale and tough enough to survive Australian climate. Show me a Mitsubishi older than 15 years old on road LOL. I'll show you Toyota 30 years old and still going strong.

    I don't think any real off-road driver risk his life and safety taking Mitsubishi PS to nowhere; at least in Australia.
    Oh Pajero Sport is sexy and perhaps a good choice for people with short man syndrome or females who only drive to shopping center LOL

    (Don't forget that terrorists' favorite car is Toyota Hilux not Pajero) they want reliability and toughness not gizmos and plastics

    Now, Mitsubishi fans are reloading to fart at me LOL… Take it easy, you can have one, just don't be mad when your sexy ride starts to fall apart after 2 years. ( read some reviews )

  3. Did not realize how modern the front end of the PS looks until you park next to a Tuna with halogen headlamps, this wasn't even close as a comparison.

  4. Great video! I have a Outlander and would love to upgrade to the Pajero Sport one day. Looks an amazing car!!

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