Compound Bow Accident

Compound Bow Accident

ladies and gentlemen archery desk productions proudly presents Watsa captain – my bone alright shooters let's get started question number one what caused this bow to fail is it a the string broke be the limbs delaminated see excessive cam lean or D user error let's watch again oh is it a no matter what brand or model bow you have if you torque the string out of alignment with the cams the bowstring is going off the rail and you're not going to like it that's not a bow failure that's a derailed string first of all it's good practice to never drawback a modern compound bow without an arrow and your mechanical release but we know you just can't resist drawing back your bow with your fingers and hey it's your bow do what you want but be advised this is when most ear ailments happening let's take a closer look and see why when you draw your bow back the string should stay in alignment with the cam tracks notice how the string here is perfectly centered in the arrow rest this is how it should look at full draw but if you torque the string to the side the cam and string paths are misaligned so when you light down the bow the string rides out of the cam group and pops off the cam this causes an immediate and shocking derailment of the bowstring which brings us to question number two what causes the strings and cams to get torqued out of alignment is it a poor shooting form be gripping the bow too tightly see twisting of the bowstring or D all the above the answer is all of the above the most common repair made to modern compound bows is fixing damage caused by string derailments and string derailments are usually caused by twisting or torquing the handle of the bow but I've been shooting a compound bow for 20 years you've been doing it wrong for 20 years modern bows have thin high speed cams with shallow grooves so if you're going to torque it you're gonna break it archery desk this is Fred oh yeah I was just shooting my bow today and it blew up many novice shooters can't distinguish a derailment from a real bow failure and they assume the bow just broke but that's far from the truth to avoid derail in your boat start by not using your white-knuckle kung-fu death-grip instead let the back of the grip rest inside the pad of your thumb being careful not to apply pressure to the front or sides of the grip this will allow the string and cam tracks to stay properly aligned when you're at full draw it oh yeah what the fuck is this about we see this all the time a guy gets ready to let his bow down then twist the string about 90 degrees you're just asking for a derailment which brings us to our next question true or false string derailment damage is covered by your bows warranty yeah the answer is false a derailed string is not a failure to bow it's pure operator error if you crash your car or drop your laptop out of a window or even rip your brand-new pants it's not warranty you broke it and you'll have to pick up the tab for repairs same goes for derailments this brings us to our final question what does it cost a fixable that's been derailed the short answer is it depends damage from string derailment can range from mild to wild if you're lucky you'll just have to have the string reset with a bow press but if it's not your lucky day your string may be damaged beyond repair along with axle bushings cable slides roller guards or even worse and let's not forget when a string derails the limbs violently decompress and things go flying quite frankly derailments are dangerous you could be hit by the string or other flying debris so not only is your ball going to be broken you're going to get your butt kicked to learn to hold and grip your bow properly and use extra caution to avoid twisting the riser or the string especially when letting the bow down and finally to the bow brand fanboys just save it every brand of bow even your favorite brand can be derailed just as easily as the sample bow used in this video well that's all the time we have for now we hope you enjoyed the show thank you for playing what's up captain – my bow you

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  1. just bought my first bow. i accidentally bumped it and derailed my drawstring and have to pay a guy to fix it cuz dont have a bow press πŸ™

  2. I’m so sorry you blasted music and horse shit over good information. I hope someone will make a similar video without the horse shit music. I’m not a millennial so I came here for information not stimulation. Thanks

  3. it's a great video, thanks for making and sharing. I'm learning archery recently and want to buy practice arrows from Souforce. Can anyone here give me some advice please?

  4. just derailed my carbon air 34 today ….destroyed top & bottom cams …..wopping egg on my wrist…….wtf happend to my bow .? lol


    just the part where the bow is fully drawn and where the string is ending the cam, Add U shaped small pieces of Metal (which one is lighter or stronger… the choice is yours, aluminium or titanium, I don't know) which keep the spring in place and prevent the string going off the cam

  6. Good stuff. I've only been archery hunting a year and I already screwed up and experienced string derailment. It happened during a let down and I must have been torquing the bow. Messed up half a day of hunting but I've learned my lesson. Wish I had seen this video earlier.

  7. I only use historic bows but from what I can see it's probably cause you never pull a bow string without an arrow?

  8. What annoys me is why aren't cams given deeper grooves for the string? I mean if they were a couple mills deeper, they shouldn't derail as easily, right? :f

  9. You do realise there is an entire compound shooting division in british field archery dedicated to shooting a compound with your fingers called compound limited.

    Just thought I would mention that…

    (Just did a little digging it's axle to axle length that decides whether or not you could finger shoot and he did specify short axle to axle length bow so perhaps adding that fact would have been helpfull)

  10. So don`t twist the string,handle newer do a dry shot …watch a ton of video how to shot corectly first..πŸ˜‚

  11. I was using a mates compound bow and it explodes in my face. I had a black patch in my vision for weeks where it smashed my eyeball. Wear glasses and make sure it's screwed together properly haha, one hell of a whack

  12. For the first time in 8 years of seriously shooting compound bows for hunting and target archery, I mistakenly dry fired one of my bows…Instantly ruined my bow. Bent the living hell out of both cams and unraveled a new set of strings and cables. Stupid, stupid mistake because I wasn't thinking about what I was doing and was just routinely shooting like I always do. Expensive lesson learned.

  13. I've only had 1 derailment even though I have a compound bow and don't use a mechanical release. It was because the carbon arrow that I was using had a crack in it. I now use aluminum arrows and haven't had any problems.

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