27 Replies to “Concrete Fence Exhibits Level of Detail Never Seen Before!”

  1. Face masks would have been mandatory if workers were white.
    Submit video to trump for his wall – around golf courses of course.

  2. How much will cost a panell if you shiped ? And what sises are the panells ? And also were can you buy the materials to make the psnells ? Thankyou

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  4. pretty cool process, but you have to be pretty rich to even dream up something like this.. who the heck can afford a fence like this. sOOOOOOO much labor involved!!

  5. What about all of that over spray on everything? Won't that eventually build up to the ceiling of the building and then they would have to move to another building? I think about things like that.

  6. Im wondering, what does this company pay there workers that are in this video, if they are making less than $20 an hour that sucks!!

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    م/ ياسر ابو انس

  8. Los felicitó por su arte muy novedoso los felicitó por su vídeo muy intructivo les voy a contactar para ver si empredo con esta interesante técnica constructiva

  9. Some Countries use brick and concrete for their homes and more so this is impressive to them. Florida does too. Having lived in Puerto Rico for ten years, natural bamboo is ok for restaurants however businesses appreciate well made impressive concrete fencing structures such as this. Those on this feed should take trips to other countries since living and working conditions vary. Stringent U.S. regulations are not all that since some States are lax. I always learn something from these mold making vids… Great effort, best wishes and thanks for sharing!!

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