Contemporary, modern, horizontal fence and gate install in Culver city | Mulholland 818-696-8009

Contemporary, modern, horizontal fence and gate install in Culver city | Mulholland 818-696-8009

hello this is avi Ben David Mulholland and I want to show you another job that were just finishing we're about 90% done and look at how beautiful everything is and look at the the quality of the workmanship the thickness of the framing let's say a sliding gate and pedestrian gate its job is about the 90% done we have to do some electronic work such as the intercom and keypad and that's a special would that get imported and has about 25 years warranty against termites or deterioration and we're using a special stuff to give it the UV protection very easy to maintain and very beautiful we're doing the work here and about we have about six people so far came to take business cards and to make sure that they know who is doing the work over here and let's say that's what you get when Mulholland is doing the work being Mulholland we're pretty accountable working with a lot of people that care about quality and they like to really get the best so we're this is another project that is done if you need my help with any work that relates to gates or security protecting your kids your dogs give me a call I'm doing hundreds of gates with my company every year my name is avi Ben David one eight hundred five six two five seven seven zero have a beautiful evening thank you bye you

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  1. Looks awesome, really high quality construction. Would be awesome to add a video with the lights at night.

  2. That wouldn't be code where I live. We can't have a 6 ft. fence across the front yard. Plus it really boxes it in on the street.

  3. I'm thinking this job is $14 to $ 16 K, epay wood is hard to work but now at days is easy to obtain if you can afford it .

  4. Beautiful….but is it possible to create a horizontal fence with NO spaces between the boards? Is there such thing as a tongue and groove board which will have NO spaces?

  5. In this video you show a wood attached to a piece of metal how did you do that? Do you use screws that go directly into the metal or do you drill and thread every hole?

  6. Looks like a job well done! Do you work on projects for modest homes and work with first time home owners? I would like to learn more info from your quality work!

  7. Why is the music louder than the voice? If its worth explaining, explain it, dont play music. If youre going for a relaxing mood, dont explain, play music. That, or do both and make sure you can hear the voice over the music clearly.

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