Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special training for the Cool Kiz [ENG/2016.07.05]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special training for the Cool Kiz [ENG/2016.07.05]

It’s our last chance before the tournament. We won’t get another chance at this tour. Focus! (Nervous / Focused) (Their hunger for victory has changed their digs) Hakjin throws the ball… Spike serve! (Hakjin played wonderfully) (Scored 3 consecutive serves!) (The Cool Kiz are heating up) Gyoik! Hakjin! (They did it!) (Cheers) (Let’s take this momentum to the tournament!) We got our first win at Chungcheong-do. (Cool Kiz on an upward trend) We hope the goddess of victory continues to smile on us for our tournament match later today. I hear we have a special guest today. Yes. This will be the most surprising guest out of all the volleyball episodes. Who is it? A world-class player will give us special training. It was miraculous casting. We got someone really amazing. That’s what they’re saying. Today’s special guest, please come out! (Come out, world-class volleyball star!) (Amazing) Wow! (Her name alone is intimidating) (World-class volleyball star, Kim Yeongyeong) Wow! How’d you get her? (It’s Kim Yeongyeong in the flesh!) Hello, I’m volleyball player Kim Yeongyeong. Hello, nice to meet you. (Korean volleyball star, Kim Yeongyeong) (Took Korea to 4th in the 2012 London Olympics) Kim Yeongyeong! She did it! Kim Yeongyeong jumps! The match is over! (Entered the Turkey league in 2011) (Whenever they say Kim, it’s a point) (Her team became champions when she joined) (Won the CEV Women’s Champions League) (Lead scorer and MVP) (Number one in the world) I feel strange now. Wow, she’s so tall! – World-class volleyball star. / – Hodong looks small. Korea’s number one star, Kim Yeongyeong! (Kim Yeongyeong) (Welcome) I’ve only seen you on TV. Wow… This is very surprising… Wow… Coach, how tall is Yeongyeong? 192cm. – 192cm? / – Yes. Sleepy, come here. Sleepy is 189cm. – She’s taller than Sleepy. / – She is. She is. (They can’t help but be amazed at her physique) Have you seen our volleyball matches? Yes, I sometimes watched the show. I started watching it online when I was playing in Turkey. You are the flower of female volleyball. – On the Korean team. / – Flower? Did you ever think about coming on our show? I knew if I came on the show, it’d boost your ratings. Perhaps cause a volleyball boom. I’ve seen your Turkey league games on TV. You’re the best player on your team. In women’s volleyball, Italy, Brazil, and Turkey are the top 3 teams. And she’s the best player on that team. She won a championship, MVP and was the lead scorer. Basically, every award a volleyball player could get. She’s the best in the world. How many seasons did you play in Turkey? – Wow, number 1 in the world. / – For 5 seasons. Wow, that’s amazing. I’ll be direct. Are you popular in Turkey? Like how? For volleyball? Or… – Yes, for volleyball. / – For volleyball? Yes, I think I am. I have my own cheer song when I serve. They don’t do that for other players. You have your own cheer song? Yes. (When it’s her turn to serve) (Kim! Kim, Kim, Kim) (The cheers become faster as she serves) (Ace) (The cheering gets louder as she plays better) (She’s the best) (They made a cheer song just for her) You’re a pan-national star. Don’t male players hit on you? A bit… In Turkey? Of course they would. Do players ask for your number? They give me their number at restaurants. – Really? All on the sly? / – Yes. – How much is in your bank account? / – What? How much do you get paid a year? I probably have more money than you. (Highest paid player in the European league) Ryohei, do you know about Yeongyeong? Of course I do. She’s the one Japanese volleyball players fear. During international games, right? It’s not losing to Korea. It’s losing to Yeongyeong because she’s so good. Many Japanese think we lost because of her. I see… (Rio Olympics, Korea vs. Japan final preliminary) Kim Yeongyeong! Korea beats Japan by 2:1! How did that feel? Great. We lost the match for 3rd place in London and didn’t get a medal. I’ve been waiting for 4 years and I’m very happy to get this opportunity again. Even though she missed out on the bronze medal, she still got MVP above all the other countries. What’s more surprising is that the 2nd leading scorer had 41 less points than her. That’s a big gap. Receives, serves, blocking… She is the pillar of her team. She does it all. That’s why she got MVP despite being 4th place. (Dignity) Amazing! (You can’t help but be amazed by her) Aren’t you glad you’re here? You’re really flattering me a lot. The tournament is coming up and we’re really worried. Like what if we mess up our serves? You have experience as a world-class athlete. What mindset should we have? If you trust your team more you can play more confidently. Believe in your teammates, and know they will make up for your short-comings. That should help you play with more confidence. Since you’re here, we should learn from you and try to take something away from this. – Will you teach us? / – Yes. Thank you! (Special training with Kim Yeongyeong starts now) Tell me when you’re ready. I’m excited. (The court feels full with her presence) Here it comes. (She jumps) (Spikes it right down the middle) Wow, no way! (I’m ranked number 1 in the world) Wow, she slams it down from up there. She’s in a class of her own. Imagine the best player is serving in the tournament and try your best to receive. We can get this. Get lower. We can get this. Get lower. There, that’s good. (Here it comes!) (Amazed) It even sounded different. I got a bruise just from that hit! Wow. So this is what happens? – That was from that hit. / – From that one hit? I’d call that assault. (Sorry, I didn’t mean to) Let’s do this again. Just the defense? (Defense team lineup) Let’s go, let’s go. Even her high five is different. Her hand… Jota, show us. Show us your athleticism. Get under the ball. (Jota makes a nice receive) Oh, that was high. Oh, that was high. You’re bringing your arms together too soon. You should do this. (Put your arms together after seeing the trajectory) (Wow) When you run around with your arms together… This is you, Jota… It becomes like this. (Great reenactment by the world’s best!) She copied him exactly. She moves like a comedian. (Look at ball) Good! See that? See? You hit it the right direction since you waited. Good! (Move your feet fast, then put your arms together!) That’s what happens. – You’re so spirited. / – No more of this. – Yeongyeong’s great. / – She’s funny too. (Kangnam’s turn) (Hop) – Like this? / – That’s no good. You shouldn’t do this. – How? / – Don’t do this. Move fast and get in form. None of this. I did not do this. – None of this. / – I did not do this! (Hop) (For all of his receives) (Hop) (Kangnam habitually hops when he receives) (Trudging) Let’s go, Sleepy! (Wants to show what he’s got) No, stop. You started off with no confidence. (Cracks up) Why’s she so funny? She’s hilarious! She’s so funny! As soon as you step on the court… Come in with confidence. You came in like… (Shy) (No confidence) (She caught me) (She’s got a sharp eye for such things) Come in again. That’s more like it. Mine! Good. See that? (Sleepy got better!) – See? It worked! / – It felt different! It felt different! Confidence! (Bring it on) (With Yeongyeong’s special training) (The Cool Kiz get more confidence) (Will they be able to use this teaching to do well?) The Rio Olympics are coming up soon. I’ll try my best to win a medal this time. Let’s go, Korean women’s volleyball! Let’s go! (We thank Yeongyeong and we’re rooting for her team) (Cool Kiz On The Block) (Day of the tournament at KBS Sports World) Manseok! Sleepy! Hello, Hodong. How are you feeling today? Well… I didn’t get much sleep. I was too nervous. – What about you, Sleepy? / – Me neither… I got this from yesterday’s practice. – From practice? / – Yes. (A clear bruise) It really hurts. I practiced with professionals yesterday to try receiving powerful serves. Boy, did they feel heavy! That practice will definitely help you though. For sure. I was sore all night that I couldn’t sleep. Sleepy, how’s your condition? I don’t think my condition is very important. True. It won’t affect us much. Not really. Wow, look at this place… It feels different. (The stadium where the tournament will be held) We’re playing here today? (They feel nervous already) (Bleak) It feels different than from before. It’s the same stadium from 1988 but it feels unfamiliar. I can sense a feeling of fierce competition. It feels strange here. – Did you sleep well? / – Excuse me? Did you sleep well? I didn’t sleep at all. (He doesn’t look that tired) (He’s out of it) The last one! (Inhaling) (He doesn’t care if it’s the tournament) Whenever Manseok misses a receive he looks so sad. For real… I can’t bear to look at him. I really can’t! I watched that scene holding hands with my mom. Isn’t it sad? I know what you’re saying. He looks like he’s wronged us terribly and his eyes are filled with sadness. I watched the episode yesterday with my family. My dad saw it and said, “When he misses it looks like he lost his country.” (Haha) For real? Yeah. Hello! Wait. Should I be in sneakers? No, it’s fine. Manseok’s arms are all bruised from practice. (To become the best at digs) (Worried) It hurts to even touch it. It’s all hard only here. This part is soft, but it’s hard here. Jaeyoon, how’s your condition? I didn’t sleep much. From practicing? It’s the real tournament now. We’ll be playing against recreation league players. I do feel pressured. What happens if we become the champions? You’ll be so happy. It’s indescribable. But for us to be talking about winning it all… We’re still a bit… – Yeah? / – Yeah. I hope we just make it past preliminaries. We just need to win twice. – Two wins. / – Then we make it past preliminaries. Two wins in preliminary and we move up to the finals. (Ryohei and Jota arrive) – Your hair! / – He got a haircut. You got a haircut? He got a haircut. Your face looks so small now! Why’d you cut it? – My hair? / – Yeah. Since it’s the last game. I cut my hair for today. Not for a drama? That’s right. I prepared myself to win today. I should’ve got a haircut too. You should’ve got one sooner. You need one. We should’ve all shaved our heads. Right. I want to win. The guys are… I should be thinking good thoughts, but I suddenly thought of footvolley. I left my house at 9:30 and we were done by 12. We were done by 12. (Goodness) (1 loss) (2 losses) (Lost at preliminaries) What if that happens again? You guys left without even eating lunch that day. We skipped lunch? (That can’t happen to us…) We have to win twice. Let’s try to get past noon, guys. Let’s go see the list of matches. (It’s finally the tournament) (The teams arrive and they’re practicing) (The players are heated up for the tournament) (We’re going to win) Hello. Hello. – Long time no see. / – It’s the Itaewon team. (Itaewon HBC High Fliers) (Their opponent for their 8th official match) (The Cool Kiz won) Hello, Coach Bob. It’s Coach Bob. Hello. He won’t come closer because he lost to us. He’s already wary. How does the match list look? Here we are. A court Arena Hall. Then… So with two wins… This team lost to us. (Shakes head) It would be cool if both our teams make it past preliminaries and we could face each other in the finals. That would be cool. There’s a team here that I’m a part of. – Here? / – Yes. Where? – The Gangnam team. / – Oh, here? I’ve been part of that team for 12 years. You played for them for 12 years? I joined as soon as I came to Korea. – They’re very strong. / – They are? We really have to watch out for them. There are better players than you on this team? Nope. So conceited! Where’s the Narsha volleyball team? Oh, hello! There… They have a lot of presence. Where’s your team from? We’re from Gwangju, Jeollanam-do. Gwangju, Jeollanam-do? We had a bad experience in Jeolla-do. We ate meat fritters… And we lost. (Hahaha) We’d better start warming up too. – Let’s change into our uniforms. / – Let’s go change. Let’s hurry. (Top 6 teams will qualify for the tournament) I declare the opening of the 2016 Let’s Volleyball national recreation league volleyball tournament. (They clap to encourage one another) (We hope everyone is a winner today…) (The quest for victory has started) (Group B and C start in stadium 2) (Group A plays in Arena Hall) (Let’s go, Cool Kiz!) Let’s Volleyball recreation league tournament… I introduce the Narsha Volleyball Team! (Gwangju Narsha Volleyball Team) First, we’ll have the coach introduce himself and his team. (Jo Daeyong / Narsha Team) Hello. We’re the Narsha Volleyball Team from Gwangju, Jeolla-do. Our team is called Narsha. It means to fly high in Korean. We won 3rd in the Wolchunsan tournament, 2nd in the Gwangju tournament and 3rd in Hampyeong. When we play the Cool Kiz today, we’ll float like butterflies and sting like bees. Here today are the kind and loving grandparents of our right front Gyoik. They’re here today to watch their grandson play. Where are they? Hello, sir and ma’am! They’re so full of life. I heard they’re over 90. Show your love for your grandson. “We love you!” Thank you. (Thank you) They’re so full of life. It’s very warm and loving now. Must you ruthlessly beat us 2:0? Can’t you just give us one set? In recreational sports, there is no mercy. – You won’t easy at all? / – No. – Not even the slightest? / – No. Even though Gyoik’s grandparents are watching. We start the Cool Kiz vs. Narsha, Narsha vs. Cool Kiz match now! (Narsha) (Cool Kiz) (Rules) (First to win 2/3 sets wins) (21 points per set) (The net is 2m 30cm) (1 timeout and 3 substitutions per set) We’re playing twice so we have to win one. We must win. We’ll play better in our second game if we win first. Right. – Hakjin’s dad is here. / – Really? – Where? / – Hakjin’s dad. (Here to watch his son’s last game) Sir, do a cheer for your son. Let’s go! He’s a young dad. Gyoik’s parents are here too. Call out to them. Let’s go, Gyoik! Let’s go! Where’s my mom? Don’t feel pressured. Try to feel relaxed. Gyoik and Hakjin, come in and help out for the receives. The court is too big. So come in more. This is the last time I’ll say this. Please call out for the ball often. (Call out for the ball) Be loud when you signal. Let’s go! I won’t say this again. That was the last time. Focus and really get into the game. – We love volleyball! / – We love volleyball! 2, 3! (Let’s go, Cool Kiz!) – Just play like we always do. / – Yes! Just like we practiced. Don’t worry. I’ll get Hakjin. Let’s do this. Narsha! (Let’s go, Narsha) (Win, Cool Kiz!) (The members are nervous as they step on the court) Jota, come in more. Get all the long ones. Okay! Watch the front line with Hakjin. Got to get those digs. (Let’s win set 1!) (Their defense looks really tight) (The Cool Kiz are very spread out) (My space looks really empty without me there) The 2016 Let’s Volleyball tournament. Game 1 is the Cool Kiz vs. Narsha and set 1 starts now. Right, right. Attack! – Right, right. / – Attack! Great attack. Narsha! (Didn’t even get a hand on it) Alright, alright. It’s all good. (Nice attack!) Jaeyoon, don’t lose your man. Keep your eyes on him. (Cool Kiz are off to a bad start) Let’s reset guys! Let’s go! (1:0, Lee San serves) Narsha! Lee San serves. Jota. Very nice. Jump set. Gyoik! Right, right! They defended. Hard spike from the right! (Park spikes) Hakjin! Hard spike from the right! Hakjin! He saved it! They get it over. They did it. They have to block. Spike from the center! They have to block. Spike from the center! (Don’t miss an opportunity) Narsha! (They just stood there again) (They can’t do anything about the spikes) Let’s reset, guys. Nice save. Nice! (Nice spike) You should’ve jumped with them. Focus! (Narsha is so good) (Too bad) (It’s going right next) (Let’s relax and catch up) It’s only the first half! We can do this! Call out for the ball. Narsha! Serving is Lee San. And overhand receive. To the back… Gyoik… Out of bounds! To the back… Gyoik… Out of bounds! (Out and Cool Kiz get the point) Let’s do this. 2, 3! 11 points left. A long way to go. You should’ve stayed on that. Be confident. It’s okay. Narsha! (Did Gyoik score?) (Yup, that’s Gyoik) Gyoik! Gyoik! Gyoik, was that too high? No, I’ll slower next time. – That would be better. / – Let’s try it out. If you like it lower… Ryo, make the sets longer. They’re short. Let’s go. (Attack A) (2:1 / Kangnam serves) Kangnam serves. – Nice serve. / – It’s over! It’s long. Hakjin. Ryohei to the left. Spike! Ryohei to the left. Spike! Hakjin scores! Nice, nice! Nice! 2, 3! (Hakjin’s great!) (That was going out…) – Nice. / – I’m a little too pumped up. (Better calm down) Let’s reset, guys. Kangnam, get ready. Watch the ball. – Make a nice serve! / – Let’s go! Byeongil serves. Manseok. Hakjin chases after it! Manseok. Hakjin chases after it! They barely get it over. They must defend. Coming on the left. Spike! Spike! They save the ball. Hakjin! He goes for the spike, but it goes out of bounds. (Hakjin’s spikes have been long) Nice try! Okay, okay. (Out!) (Nice, let’s catch up) Yeah! Oh… (Let’s just get the ball) Donghyuk and Jaeyoon, don’t run into each other in the center. Let’s go! Let’s do this! (7:4 / Manseok serves) Manseok. Nice one. From the right. (Park spikes) From the right. Manseok saves it! Right, right! Set to the back… It’s low! Set to the back… It’s low! (Blocked out of bounds) Narsha! (Hit his hand and went out of bounds) Nice try. Good attempt. (8:4 / Point gap widens) – Too bad. / – Good try. (The family sees Gyoik’s mistake) That’s okay. It’s all good. Make an attack from their serve. – Narsha! / – Make a good serve! Gyoik calmly receives. It goes to Hakjin… Spike! Out of bounds. It goes to Hakjin… Spike! Out of bounds. – We can do this. / – We can do this. Let’s move up. 2, 3! Nice! (Too bad) (His attacks are too high to block) (8:5 / Jota serves) Jota serves. Nice! From the left. It’s over. Jota receives, Kangnam sets it long to Hakjin. Spike! Jota receives, Kangnam sets it long to Hakjin. Spike! We got this. Nice set! Nice, nice! (The ball was too strong) Nice! (Nice!) Spike! (Spike! Yay!) (The Cool Kiz attempt to narrow the gap) (But that only goes so well) (The rallies continue) (They make mistakes from being nervous) (There’s a big gap in the score now) (Narsha doesn’t miss this opportunity) (Narsha is about to take set 1) Narsha! The score is 20:14. Narsha is on set point for set 1. Stay pumped up, guys. (Don’t give up and stay strong) Just one at a time. Get pumped up. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Watch the ball come over. (20:14 / Narsha’s set point / Serve by Jaeyoon) Jaeyoon serves. Right, right! From the left… Spike! Diving dig! They saved it! Spike! Diving dig! They saved it! (Wow) From the left. Again. Oh. (They’re good receivers) (They throw themselves yet lose the point) (The members can’t get back up) That was a good hit. Narsha! (They tried their best but lose set 1) Okay, okay. Let’s come back. We’ll catch up. Wow, what’s this? I can’t believe we couldn’t get that. (What’s wrong with us?) I was careless. (Spray) (Everyone is using pain relief sprays) So many injuries in the tournament. Sit out if it’s really bad. No, I’m fine. It’s that injury from before. It’s okay when I’m playing. I don’t think of the pain. Smile, guys! You’re all frowning. Smile. (They think they lost set 1 too easily) (Everybody is at a loss for words…) This is nuts… We’re the only ones that can turn the tides. Nobody will help us. Trust each other and help each other. Remember to signal and help. Focus, guys. The coach always tells us to have fun out there. – Let’s have fun. / – Yes. 2, 3! (Cool Kiz want to win) His spikes are powerful. I’m scared to block. Just put your hands up. (Easy for you to say…) Just put them up. They won’t break. It’s because I’m scared. The defense in the back, Hakjin’s not driving his spikes down. They’re coming in long like this. So don’t stay low. Go after the balls. – We’re playing well. / – Yeah. Let’s fly high. Narsha! (The high flying Narsha volleyball team) (Both teams step back on the court) Go, Cool Kiz! (Get the win, Narsha!) Let’s go! (The Cool Kiz look more serious than in set 1) (They want to win set 2 no matter what) (They are determined!) (We can make a comeback!) We’re playing well. I’m so scared to block. (He still looks relaxed) They have to play hard to make it past preliminaries. That’s right. Hodong will serve. (I’ll make a proper serve!) Ace! (Off to a good start!) (A great ace!) (Did you see my awesome serve?) Off to a good start! (A serve with barely any spin) (Flustered) There was like a draft suddenly. (Hodong got the ace!) (All thanks to practicing his serves!) (I love you, everyone) (Hodong, you’re awesome!) Take your time! (Sad…) – This way, this way! / – Let’s go! Hodong serves again. Mine. Sets it up gently. Spike! Sets it up gently. Spike! They actually defended that one. – Again! / – They defended! Manseok. They barely get it over. It’s low! I can’t believe he spiked that. (Finished the low set with a spike!) Narsha! (They catch up quickly) (Totally avoided the blocking) (Helpless) (Dang…) Nice receive. (I made an ace earlier…) (No!) (What a shame) (Happy) (Sad) Jaeyoon. Jaeyoon! Stay close to the net so the ball hits your hand. You’re too far from the net. Get closer. Get 5 serves in. Lee San serves. Narsha! Mine, mine! Donghyuk. Manseok. It goes over long. They must defend. Sent to the back. – Spike! Blocked! / – Jaeyoon! (Very close to the net this time!) (Goes exactly as planned!) Nice, nice! Let’s do this! (Off to a good start!) (Blocked at the perfect timing!) Their blocks are high. Narsha! (Let’s get another point!) Jaeyoon, stay close to the net like just now. That was nice! Get closer. (Okay) You hit it straight into their blocks. You should’ve hit it to the side. Get the ball! (One man gets ready to serve!) It’s Ryohei. Let’s get this! Get ready! (The weapon of the Cool Kiz) (Ryohei’s spike serve) They barely get it up. They get it over. Hakjin receives, Ryohei to the back. Gyoik spikes! They save it. – Cover! / – It goes over. Oh! It was in. Cover! Nice. Narsha! (Tied up!) – Cover! / – Out! – That was in? / – Yes. (Thought it was going out!) – This is no good. / – Sorry, sorry. We’re using the bigger court. (That’s great) That’s fine. Just one point. Let’s do this! (Let’s get this!) Byeongno serves. – Make a nice serve! / – Mine. Barely makes it over. Ryohei. Attack A! Jaeyoon! (Threw off their timing) (A surprising attack!) – Nice one. / – Nice! Nice! 2, 3! (Let’s keep this up!) Nice. That was great. (The final game of the Korea tour) (Jaeyoon injured his ankle from a jump) It doesn’t look like Jaeyoon can play anymore. It’s okay when I’m playing. I don’t think of the pain. Once he gets his jump timing right, it’s a wrap. The ball falls right down. Jaeyoon is lighting it up. Jaeyoon has been playing great. (Nice, Jaeyoon!) Wow! Jaeyoon! Jaeyoon! You saw it coming. You should’ve thrown yourself. Throw yourself. It was too far. The score is tied up again! Now that we’re making less mistakes… – It’s a lot easier to keep up. / – Of course. We need you to win. Find your groove. Seong Ung serves. (A fast serve) A tough receive. From the back. Gyoik! (Just as Ryohei said) (Gyoik gets to work right away!) 2, 3! (Time to make the lead bigger!) (The ball goes through the defense) (That was a great hit…) Narsha! Gyoik! Gyoik! (Gyoik’s family cheers passionately!) If you can’t do it, we have Gyoik. Remember that. Don’t feel too pressured. (Both sides are on point!) Jump for the blocks! Why stop mid jump? Attack A. (It’s harder than it looks) Jota serves. – Mine! / – Nice serve! Nice receive. It goes to the right… Spike! They’ve been blocked. Cool Kiz have the chance! – They can get this! / – Manseok and Ryohei… Hakjin! (Hakjin pierces through the blocking!) (Nice) Nice, nice. 2, 3! (The Cool Kiz have the lead) (Even the block doesn’t slow the ball down!) (So strong…) Narsha! (Nice, son!) (That was nice play, right?) (Totally!) Nice! Couldn’t do anything about that one. Ryo, a little longer on the left. They’re too short. The left. Make your sets longer. You have to come in. Come in, guys. Right. Make the sets longer. They’re too short. Let’s get the next one. Let’s get the ball! Just get the receive! – Stop them! / – Let’s stop this! (The game is heating up) Jota serves. Mine! – It’s going over! / – Here they come… (Donggu pushes for it) Diving dig! It’s going over! (Misses the receive!) – Okay, okay! / – That’s too bad! Nice try. Man… I knew that was coming! The sets look shaky. We have the chance! Oh, no… That was our chance. (What kind of set was this?) (I was in a rush…) (We’ll get it this time!) Byeongil serves. – Nice serve. / – Hakjin. (Drop serve) Hakjin receives and Jaeyoon attacks from center. They made the block. From the left. Jinseong spikes! It got through. (Power to get through the blocking) Narsha! Let’s go! (Ryohei drops with the ball) (Too bad…) The score is tied at 16:16. Let’s do this! One more time, one more time! 16:16. (16 all and Hodong serves) Hodong’s serve is short. Alright, even now… Cover! Cover! Nice! Narsha! (Let’s go, Narsha!) Left! Oh, no! (What a shame) – My bad. / – No, it’s fine. I couldn’t do this! My hands weren’t in position. My bad. My bad. Dang, I couldn’t get my arms together. Nice! That was an easy one. Dang! That was an easy one! They have to hurry and turn the tides. Narsha is up by a point. – Narsha! / – Yeongung serves. Let’s get this! – Receive! / – Focus. (Manseok sends it high) Nice receive. Fast from the left! (Hakjin spikes) Fast from the left! (Blocked out of bounds) – Nice! / – Nice job. 2, 3! Let’s move up. Let’s win! (Too bad) – You had that. / – Nice try. Narsha! That was too bad. Every point counts now. Gyoik serves. We love, Gyoik! They can’t miss out on an opportunity. Sure. They don’t come often. Puts it up. (Yeongung’s spike) – It hit the net, but it’s saved! / – They did it! From the left… Spike! From the left. Spike! Oh, it was blocked! A point from the block! (Point after being so focused) Narsha! (Kangnam couldn’t get to the ball) (Sorry) Kangnam, stay low like this. Lower your stance like this. It was in front of me. How would I get that? Get in position this time. Your body must always be ready. Stay like this. Kangnam might be smiling now, but I’m sure he feels terrible. Let’s stay pumped up until the end! We can catch up! Narsha is up by a point. Byeongno serves. Let’s get this. One. That was a bit shaky. Gyoik! Gyoik! (Kangnam’s mistake again?) Kangnam! What a relief. (Relieved) – That was a close one. / – Let’s win. It’s tied up. 2, 3! I’m getting the next one! (So close) Oh, what a shame! Narsha! (So close) (Gyoik’s team won that one) Gyoik! Gyoik! (Good job) Jaeyoon serves. He should take his time. No mistakes on serves. Move back! It’s coming to the middle. (Who will take the lead?) They’re right at the net… Attack A! They’re right at the net… Attack A! It’s out. (Out of bounds) They take the lead! A great block! 19:18! Now the Cool Kiz are ahead. 2, 3! (They covered the attack) (These two didn’t signal properly) Call out for the ball! You guys had that one. (What a shame) You have to attack. Let’s get one here. (Playing catch up_ They’re in the lead and they must stay in the lead. 2 more points! Donghyuk. If their receive is good, they’ll do the same attack. (Got it) Jaeyoon serves. A short serve and shaky receive. From the right… Spike… Kangnam! From the right… – Spike… Kangnam! / – Kangnam! Right, right! Coming from the left. From the left… Spike! Blocked! – Their third try… / – It’s over! It’s over! Hakjin! Hit it, hit it! Hit it, hit it! (The Cool Kiz get the point after the long rally) 20:18! – Kangnam! / – Kangnam made a great play. He sure did! (His training pays off) (Thanks, Kim Yeongyeong) (Narsha loses the point) (What a shame) – Narsha! / – It’s fine, it’s fine. We’re seeing some great plays. The supporters of the attackers are getting better. Like we said, there’s always an opportunity. (The Cool Kiz are great) The score is 20:18. The Cool Kiz are on set point for set 2. Jaeyoon serves. – Let’s go, Jaeyoon! / – You can do it! Jota! Come in from the back. I’ll get the front. (Determined) Let’s just get one! Narsha! Focus on the receive first. Stay focused. Get the receive! (Jaeyoon’s serve with set 2 on the line) Right, right. A long set to the back. It’s too long. Left! They save it! A long set to the back. It’s too long. (Hakjin did not see till now) They save it! (Kept it alive) They defended. From the right… He runs in! (Donghyuk’s block scores) Dongyhuk! Dongyhuk! (Cheering with fervor) Donghyuk rescues the Cool Kiz from a very difficult position! (The Cool Kiz get a tough win in set 2) (My bad) (What a shame) Narsha! (Going nuts) Set 2 ends at 21:18 with the Cool Kiz winning. That was an amazing set. The best! Donghyuk’s the best! Wow! That was so awesome! That last one… I really wanted to block that guy! He kept scoring on us. He suddenly became a detective. He got the ball like catching a criminal. He put cuffs on that ball. 15 points. Set 3 is to 15 points. Just as we wanted. We have to focus in the beginning. Just play like we always do. Alright, alright. Smile, guys! – We love volleyball! / – We love volleyball! 2, 3! My throat is hoarse. Let’s finish this set. – We have to bring their spirits down. / – Right. We can’t let this happen any longer. 1, 2, 3! Narsha! (Let’s go, Cool Kiz) (Get your first win) (Let’s go, Narsha!) This set is only to 15 points! Get the receive! (Let’s win from the get-go) Let’s get the win and move up! Let’s go! Jinseong serves for Narsha. Watch the spike serve. Move back more. – Make a nice serve! / – Let’s go! (Spike serve) (Hakjin receives the strong serve) – There. / – Nice receive. (But the chance to attack goes to Narsha) From the left… (Byeongil spikes) (Gyoik’s perfect block) (Victory cry) That point was huge. Number 1 is their best player. Our star player beat their star player. One point at a time. 2, 3! Let’s keep moving up. (Byeongil’s timing was read perfectly) (Totally flustered) Gyoik’s point from the block really sets the pace! It falls right down. (Nice!) Gyoik! Gyoik! Gyoik! Nice, nice! You have to just spike those down. That block was a great point, but it was only possible because we got their strong serve over in one try. Get the receive. My bad. Get ready, guys. You know what we’re doing, right? Come up. Let’s go! (Next up to serve is Manseok) Be confident. This is the first half. Be confident. (Okay) Manseok serves. (Goes in deep) Fake from the center! (A fake showing perfect teamwork) Narsha! (Too bad) That was a great play by them. That was a nice one by them. It couldn’t be helped. It’s okay. Get back in your places. Nice, Jinseong! Very nice. – He got that one. / – They totally fell for the fake. – Nice one. / – Nice. (Back to being tied 1:1) Nice. Let’s get one now! Make a chance! (Don’t lose focus) (Donggu serves) Make a nice serve! (Receives it calmly) Ryohei puts it up gently. Hakjin! – Left! / – Jota… Kangnam chases after it. Ryohei gets it over. Right, right. A spike from the center again! – A spike from the center again! / – Mine, mine! They save it. They get it over and it’s long. They must defend. (Yeongung fakes) – Get it! / – Jota! – Get it! / – Jota! (The long rally) (They end it with a smart play) (Jota threw himself…) (He misses the dig by a little) Are you okay? (I almost had that) (Argh!) It’s okay! It’s okay! (He shows his regret with his entire body) So close. It’s okay. Reset, guys. Donggu, make a strong serve! – Make a good one, Donggu! / – Let’s go! Donggu serves again. Mine, mine, mine! They look shaky. Hodong. Gyoik gets it over. They should get ready to block. Spike! Jaeyoon… – Right, right. / – Spike! Jaeyoon… It hit him and went in. Narsha! (Startled at the unexpected trajectory) (Can’t believe I missed that!) Let’s start fresh, guys. Start anew. Get the receive first. Let’s start fresh! They were great in set 2, but they’re falling apart too easily in set 3. My opinion is that they have to stop Narsha’s momentum. Ryohei will be serving. Ryo, just score 3 for us. Let’s go, Ryohei! Get the serve over in one hit. (The defensive line is set) Watch the ball. (Will Ryohei save the Cool Kiz from trouble?) (Spike serve) It hit the net! (Sliding into the net, and score) It hit the net! It fell inside! (A miraculous ace) You look the most surprised. Two more of those. Nice, nice! (It was almost like a trick serve) (Frozen) It couldn’t be helped. That was quite the lucky ace. The heavens recognized Ryohei’s burning desire. (Argh) Wow! (What a serve!) He surprised himself. (The most surprised) You did that on purpose, right? Let’s get pumped up! Narsha! Get low, guys. The score is 7:5. 2-point difference. Ryohei serves again. (Spike serve) They make a tough receive. – Nice. / – Left! – They save it. / – They did it. (Hakjin, continuously hitting) It hit the net! It’s their turn. Set to the back… Spike! It’s their turn. Set to the back… Spike! – Out of bounds! / – It went out! (Good eye!) 7:6! 1 point difference! Nice, nice! (Sad) Narsha! It’s okay. Nice try, Yeongung! (Wow!) (The Cool Kiz have the momentum) Let’s do this! It’s still the first half! Comeback victories are a lot more dramatic and fun. Get this receive! (We’ll get it this time) Narsha! Get ready, guys. Watch for the ones that come right over. Ryohei serves. (Another spike serve) The strong serve… – Ties the game up! / – Tied up! (They fail to receive) The strong serve… – Ties the game up! / – Tied up! – Ryohei! / – Nice! Ryohei’s the best! (The crowd is loving Ryohei) Ryohei, Ryohei! It’s tied up. It’s just getting started. 2, 3! (Let’s make a comeback!) (Dispirited…) Was that outside of the antenna? Out of bounds. 7:7! They’ve tied the score up. (Just put the receives up) Let’s get the serve in one go! Will they take the lead? (I’ll get us the lead!) (Spike serve) Nice receive. Spike. Blocked up high. Kangnam. Ryohei sets it back. (Hakjin spikes) They take the lead! Ryohei sets it back. – They take the lead! / – They take the lead! (Hakjin helps take the lead) Hakjin! (The star player shines when the team needs him) Nice! Let’s gather our strength. 2, 3! (Dazed…) (I’m sorry) (Narsha is feeling down) Narsha! They get take the lead! Kangnam’s defense off the block was very nice. That was a great set to the back. (And Hakjin’s clean spike) Nice! (We have the lead) We took the lead! Kangnam! (You are the best!) Nice dig, Kangnam! (Hehe) Don’t move when Hakjin attacks. Jinseong, you come in to cover. Get the ones in the back. Jump when they attack. It’s a close match. (Jota will serve) This is our chance! 3 more points. (I’ll try my best) (A long serve) It’s heavy. They put it up. Spike! (Totally read the timing…) (Gyoik blocks the ball) – He got it! / – A point off the block! (Call me Mr. Blocks now) Let’s get another one. Let’s get another one! Let’s just win. Let’s get another one! (How did he block that?) (Oh, no…) That’s it! Nice! (Our grandson is playing great!) (Gyoik’s parents and grandparents cheer for him) Nice block! One more. Gyoik, one step forward from there. (Cool Kiz head towards victory) We just need to get one here. We need to stop them. – They can’t make any mistakes. / – Right. Nice! – They can’t make any mistakes. / – Right. It hits the net! It’s over. Spike! It’s over. Spike! Blocked out of bounds. (I was so close) Nice try. (Good work) Nice one. (Used the block to his advantage) (A clever point by Yeongung) Narsha! (That’s it!) Hakjin. Dang. (Narsha catches up) It’s okay! It’s okay! (Star player Lee San serves next) Guys, he’s a strong server. Get ready. Let’s get another point! It’s number 1! Let’s get one. Narsha! Let’s do this! (Narsha is heated up again) They’re shaky! Hakjin! He scores! They’re shaky! Hakjin! Nice one! Nice! (The Cool Kiz are closer to match point) 1, 2, 3! (He touched it…) (His dig failed) Narsha! (They struggled against Narsha in the first half) (Cool Kiz lost their momentum) (But Ryohei’s great serves) (Brought them back in the game) (Ryohei brought back the momentum) (Hakjin starts heating up) (Scores consecutive points) (Will the Cool Kiz win their first tournament match?) It’s 14:11, Match point for the Cool Kiz. Just one! Focus, guys! One more stop! (Hodong will serve) Let’s go! (It’s not over yet) – It’s our chance! / – Let’s go! Let’s get one. Go, Hodong! I really hope they win. One point left. (Just one, Gyoik) (Please) It’s match point and Hodong’s serve. (How will Hodong’s serve go?) A shaky receive. They put it up. Spike! (Ends the game right there…) (Ryohei’s clean block) (Yeah!) (Yes) (Our first victory in the tournament!) (Aces and a great block) (Ryohei can do it all) That’s it! (Fired up) (Our team’s the best!) – Spike! / – Blocked! Blocked! (The crowd that was watching the game) (Gives them a standing ovation) We won! We won! We won! (They tried their best until the end) (Narsha loses) (Good work, guys) (They were losing) (They got the comeback victory) (Happier than ever) – We won! / – Let’s shake hands. Let’s go! With the set score 2:1, the Cool Kiz got their first tournament victory! (Coach Kim welcomes his players) Told you I’d get the serve. (Good work, guys) Our team played great! – We were so on point. / – We’re great. Amazing. Wow… When we got to 11 points… I choked up a bit. This is what volleyball is like. Good work, everyone. Let’s prepare for the next game. (They go to the waiting room…) I’m so exhausted. – Can we please get some food? / – Let’s eat. My ankles are sore already. This way. Wow! Wow! What’s this? Hey, this is spicy chicken stew. Wow, what’s this? – For winning… / – It’s a buffet! (A table filled with delicious food) What’s all this? Director, did you get this for us? Who did all this? – I’m starving. / – Who was it? It wasn’t the director. Who was it? Fess up. Hakjin? – Who? / – Hakjin made this? My mom bought groceries from the market. Oh, your mom. (Started early in the morning to prepare this feast) It’s a relief that we won. – For sure. / – Say we lost. Let’s say we lost. What a close call! If we lost, we wouldn’t even look at the food and just sit on the sides. With our heads down. Attention! To our star player Hakjin’s mom, we’ll gain energy from this and make it to the finals. Ma’am, thank you for the food! Thank you. Thanks, Hakjin. – I’ll enjoy this. / – I was surprised too. (Hakjin eats first) Thank you for the food. This is delicious. Wow… This is glutinous rice. (And) (He becomes silent in front of food again) (Jota loves to eat) (He eats some meat) (He eats some kimchi) (He makes a wrap) (In one big mouthful) You never talk once you start eating. Jota was really hungry. – Jota, so you’re here. / – Yes. I’ve been here this entire time. Hakjin, why didn’t your mom come to the game? In case I choke. From the pressure. She didn’t come to any of your games? She used to come. But I told her I couldn’t play well with her around. That’s when she stopped coming. I bet your mom didn’t like it when you said you’d quit volleyball. She was very upset. But I kept playing because of my mom. I wanted to quit, but my mom liked it that I played volleyball. (A kind son who didn’t want to disappoint his mom) (He thinks of his mom making this food for him) (He suddenly feels bad) Why are you sighing? I shouldn’t have asked. My mom loves it that I’m on this show. – We just need to win today. / – Yes. This is kind of our thing. Whenever we eat a mother’s home cooking we play well. (I’ll do my best) (The Cool Kiz eat and gain strength) (Will they win their second preliminary match?) (The members go to watch their next opponents) (Their next opponent is playing Narsha now) They’re good at handling tough situations. Even these aren’t easy receives, they somehow get it done. (A steady set and great spike) He’s good at those spikes. (Their next opponents are very good) So the match has been decided, but with this match we can enter the finals in the top 4 or top 6, so we have to play seriously. I’m sorry, but someone passed out. What do we do? He’s asleep. Sleepy. (Sleepy passed out) Sleepy. Wake up. (We have to prepare for the game, Sleepy) (Half asleep) (Let’s get our second tournament win!) The Cool Kiz vs. Dongdaemun Sejong. Their second match of the tournament starts. They’ll be playing Dongdaemun Sejong. What is this team like? To tell you about Sejong… There’s a Seoul citizen’s league sponsored by the city of Seoul and the Seoul Sports Council. They’re the top team in Dongdaemun. They’re a very skilled and strong team. They got their first win in the tournament and now they want to make it past preliminaries. We have to win to make it to the finals. Don’t overthink things. To make it to the finals, we just have to win. We have to win. We have to. Don’t make things too complicated. – We love volleyball! / – We love volleyball! 2, 3! (Let’s go, Cool Kiz) The set score is tied at 1:1 Set 3 is to 15 points. Kangnam serves. It’s short. (Steady receive) (Spike) They stop the attack. They defended. (Another spike) Hodong! Cover, cover, cover! He jumps! Spike! He jumps! Spike! Time to remain calm. Manseok… Ryohei chooses Hakjin. Spike! Diving dig! Spike! Diving dig! Spike! Diving dig! (Sejong gets another chance) From the center… They receive it. Here comes Gyoik! Here comes Gyoik! Ryohei’s dig! (Cool Kiz has got another chance) – Cover, cover! / – Hakjin! – Cover, cover! / – Hakjin! (Hakjin, the star player of the team) It’s okay. Put it up. Get the receive. One point at a time. (Sejong calmly resets) (Kangnam is very serious now) Kangnam serves again. Nice one. A tough spike… Manseok’s dig! A tough spike… Manseok’s dig! Ryohei jumps and sets… Hakjin! They defended well. (But the defense of Sejong is not so easy) They have a chance! Hakjin received. Ryohei sets it… And… Ryohei sets it… And… (Jaeyoon covers) They get it over. Nice play by Jaeyoon! Here they come… Hodong! Here they come… Hodong! (Misses despite throwing himself) Oh, man! – Nice try. / – What a shame… – Was that mine? / – No, no. Jaeyoon made a great block and so was his cover for the attack. We were supposed to score here. Right. The score is tied at 1:1. Let’s go! (Long and heavy serve) Hakjin receives. Ryohei sets it back… Gyoik spikes. They put it up. They’re quick to react to the ball. Gyoik rushes to get it over. Get in position! From low… Spike from the left! Get in position! From low… Spike from the left! They blocked it! A block! – Donghyuk! / – Donghyuk! Donghyuk is back! – Nice one. / – It was a good hit. Set 3 is a chilling battle. 13:12. We’re up by one but we still need to focus and get two more. Let’s go! (We’ll bring it back) Let’s get a block! – Hakjin, it’s okay if you mess up. Just hit it! / – Yes! Remember to set if the ball is above you. Get the receive first. Let’s take this! (Sejong serves at this important moment) (The Cool Kiz are tense) Let’s get this. Put it up even if the serve is strong. (Match point? Or back to square 1?) Jongho serves again. Gyoik makes the overhand receive. Hakjin spikes! Gyoik makes the overhand receive. Hakjin spikes! (Match point for the Cool Kiz) Just one. One more. (Nice) (Oh) Nice! Match point. One more point! We don’t know what will happen yet. 2, 3! Let’s do this! Stay focused until the end! Ryo. Ryo. Forget the straight and watch the cross. Forget the straight and watch the cross. They must not lose their composure or focus. Get the ball first. That’s number 1. – Long ball. / – Move back. (Sejong is nervous) – Gyoik serves. / – Mine! (A stable receive) – Left! / – From the left… (Making a spike) It’s blocked… Kangnam! Ryohei! Hakjin! Ryohei! – Hakjin! / – Hakjin! (The defense is helpless at the powerful spike) – We win! / – We win 2:1! (Nice) (We won) (2 tournament wins for the Cool Kiz) Ryohei! – Hakjin! / – Hakjin! (Cheering) (We won) (Regret) Thanks for getting through that! 2, 3! Let’s shake hands. The set score is 2:1! The Cool Kiz advance to the final tournament with two wins! (The Cool Kiz win 2:1 and advance!) Great game. Good job. – I’ve learned a lot. / – Thank you. I’ve learned a lot. (Next episode) The two undefeated teams fight to make the top 4. (Their passion for victory) (The Cool Kiz struggle) (The preliminary matches have worn them down) They should be tired now and it’s a lot harder for them to focus. Will they save this? (A shaky receive) (The Cool Kiz are shaken up) The fruits of their efforts and sweat… (Will they fall apart like this?) (What will happen to the Cool Kiz?) (The end of a long 5 months) (They can’t help but cry) (So thankful) (Time to say good-bye) (The biggest joy) (The biggest pain) (They can’t step on the court again) (Can never return) It’s the last game for the Cool Kiz volleyball team.

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  1. Why is the subtitle say "Kim Yeongyeong"? The female volleyball player guest name is Kim YEON-KOUNG

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  7. 2018 i know im late but I only found out about this show because of Jong Hwa (jota) during his Judo episodes and I was so happy that he was casted again and improved so much in volleyball. I'm so proud of the team. Team work indeed. 💕

  8. I know this is a variety show, entertainment. But WOW they play real sports with real opponents! They work hard even if much of their teams are not players! It's always so exciting to watch! Way to go! On to the next dport! 🎳⚾🎾⚽🏀🏃🏊🏆

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