Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special Training with Volleyball Legends [ENG/2016.06.07]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special Training with Volleyball Legends [ENG/2016.06.07]

The Cool Kiz achieved five wins. We’re on the rise! You won five out of eight games. We’re preparing to go on a national tour starting next week. (Drum roll) We never had an away game. The plan is to go on a national tour. Today’s opponent is important. Who is it? They’re people who played with me. – What? / – What? Today’s opponents, come on out! (No way) (They finally got together!) (They see them, but can’t believe it) All the volleyball legends are here! (The famous commander of men’s volleyball) (Original computer setter, Shin Youngchul) (Magnificent setter, Choi Taewoong) (The leaders of the volleyball boom are here!) (Brown bomber, Shin Jinsik) (Number one back attacker, Who Injung) (The Im Kkeokjeong of volleyball, Im Dohun) (Handsome setter on court, Kim Sangwoo) The ‘Avengers’ of volleyball are all here. Oh, the brown bomber! Shin Jinsik! Kim Sejin’s rival. (Flinch) Shin Jinsik! (It’s so neat) Today’s point is Kim Sejin vs. Shin Jinsik. That should be interesting. Coach Choi Taewoon of the V-league. Number 1 in the league. An uncomfortable relationship with Kim Sejin. Get ready to clap. Coach Shin Youngchul of KEPCO. (Shin Youngchul, 53 / KEPCO VIXTORM) Coach Kim received the spiker award at the world league. Coach Shin won the setter award, right? Yes. He’s the first to receive it twice. (The first to receive the setter award twice in a row) For the spikers to succeed, the setter has to toss it well. (The best setter to silently help the spiker) The spikers must lobby a lot to the setter. Give me the ball. Coach Kim always says volleyball is a game of setters. Can we have high expectations today? We’ll show you quick attacks you didn’t see on the show so far. Quick attacks! We can’t make quick attacks. (In a little while) (Hakjin’s quick attack) (See the magic of the computer setter, Shin Youngchul) Please introduce yourself. Hello, I’m the coach of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co. I retired 10 years ago. I’m Shin Jinsik. (The leader of 77 consecutive wins by Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co.) (If Kim Sejin was the best right spiker) (Shin Jinsik was the best left spiker) Kim Sejin or Shin Jinsik. I’m not being humble. He was much better. (He bombed the court) (Brown bomber, Shin Jinsik) The brown bomber! When coach Kim came to coach us, he said Shin Jinsik was better than him. But he said he was a better coach. That’s what he said. The first one is right. As for the second one, we’ll have to wait and see. It can’t be concluded. Let’s have it out. Let’s just have it out. They were famous as rivals. There were rumors they weren’t close. You don’t get along? It’s not easy when they don’t get along. The media made them out to be rivals. Like Kim Yohan and Moon Sungmin. It’s fate that aces have to accept, right? We played together on the Samsung team. They have unique characteristics. What? With blocking or spiking, Sejin was better at jumping higher. Jinsik was better with serving and defense. Oh, the spike serve. It was a nice combination of left and right. Samsung continued to win. They’re both amazing players. They just had different positions. Isn’t there a difference in popularity votes? There’s a difference there, too. Sejin’s fans were in the 20’s or late teens. – Girls? / – Yes. I had a lot of male fans and women in the 30’s. – Housewives. / – Yes. The both of them were really popular. In my opinion, Kim Sangwoo had the most fans. – True, true. / – He’s good looking! If you look at the gifts they got, they got snacks and what not from young girls. Like chocolate. But Kim Sangwoo received wallets and clothes. There were a lot of gifts like that. He was the king! Regarding popularity. The two of them are quiet. I let them talk. How charming! Because the fans made them out to be rivals, people think they’re not close, but we have proof that they’re really close. The viewers will nod, too. They’re practically best friends. – I get it. / – You’ll see they’re close. – What proof? / – I have a sense. Pregnant women and elderly women shouldn’t watch. Here is the picture. No way! What is this? (The picture shocks everyone) When was that taken? – This is… / – Oh! What is that? This is… Is this the Korean version of “Happy Together”? (Embarrassed) When was this? The day coach Kim retired in 2006. It was the day I retired. Why did you kiss? I… It’s their private life. We’ll just let it go. You can’t let it go! It has to be explained. – People will misunderstand. / – Explain! I want to explain. If you let it go, it will make me look strange. My hand is holding his head. People keep asking me because of that. Where is his hand? Why are you closing your eyes? (Embarrassed) He’s sticking his mouth out. He’s sticking his mouth out, too. He’s much more aggressive. I wanted to tell him he did a good job. I was going to kiss him on the cheek, but he turned his head. Our lips slightly touched for 1 second. We stepped back right away. It doesn’t look like they touched for 1 second. Why are your lips sticking out? That’s what I want to say. It was 1 second, but it was captured. It’s a picture to remain in history. I want to take it home. I should look at it when I get depressed. This picture won’t disappear in this lifetime. If it airs again… Kim Sangwoo has an urban air and a sophisticated air about him. When he first saw Shin Jinsik who came from Jeolla-do, he said he was boorish. – When they first met? / – When they first met. He came to Seoul to go to school. He didn’t know the geography. I had to pick him up at Seoul Station. Really? That’s funny. He had to pick him up at Seoul Station. That was really long ago. He had to come by train. When you first arrived at Seoul Station, was it big? I went to Seoul Station before. (It’s funny because Shin Jinsik is saying it) I went there before. I just didn’t know the way to the dorm. It wasn’t your first time at Seoul Station? – Of course not. / – You didn’t panic? I didn’t panic. I just worried what I’d do if he didn’t show up. – You worried? / – Yes. – You didn’t have a phone then. / – No. He has a bit of a dark complexion, but he was even darker then. He looked like a marathon runner who just returned from training in summer. He brought rice cakes for everyone to eat. (Embarrassed) It sounds like a movie. It’s an affectionate sight. I asked what his bundle was. He said his mother sent rice cakes. His nickname is still ‘rice cake bundle’. Did you give them the whole bundle? Yes, we ate it at the dorm. What rice cakes did your mom send? They weren’t steamed rice cakes, were they? Rainbow rice cakes. (Mom’s love, rainbow rice cakes) Oh, rainbow! Steamed rice cakes can sag a bit. Rainbow rice cakes don’t. You can easily cut it. (Oh, boy) – Nice and pretty? / – Yes, nice and pretty. You’re so funny. Shin Jinsik is here. How about playing and coaching today? You should play. Wow. Will that put you at a disadvantage? You won’t play? What do you think? We won’t be at a disadvantage at all. (Come on, Kim Sejin) It doesn’t matter if coach Kim plays? No. It will be meaningless whether if he plays or not? It will be a bit meaningful, but… A bit? (He gives in a bit) It will be a bit harder for our team. But it won’t affect the result? I don’t think so. He doesn’t seem to be in such good condition. You look worse. He looks like his condition isn’t good, but you look sick. Watch when I play. We’re in trouble. (Higher expectations) Im Dohun, welcome! Hello, I’m the coach of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Im Dohun. 187cm. Hanyang University graduate. (The court turns into ruins when he spikes) (The best power spiker) (Im Kkeokjeong, Im Dohun!) Powerful spiker! Powerful spiker! Power spiker! Steel arm of horror! Unlike the others, his body looks great. That’s because I’m sitting next to him. Why are you so strong? I was born strong. I’m from a rural area. I helped out a lot around the house, so… You didn’t live in a rural area? I’m sorry, I lived in the city. (Panic) – At first glance… / – He seems to be like me. Yes, everyone would think so. (People with an urban feel) About 30 minutes or an hour from Daegu? – Yes, about 20 minutes. / – Right? Yes. Do you know Gyeongsan well? You’re from Busan. I went to Kyoung-buk Physical Education Middle School. I went to Kyoung-buk Physical Education High School. I went to that high school for a year and then transferred to Dongji High School. Do you know him? Yes. He did judo well. You watched the show. I’m curious. Did you do judo, too? For about 2~3 years in middle school. 2~3 years? That’s a long time. – 2~3 years. / – 2~3 years. I enjoyed watching the judo episodes. What was your main skill? Hip sweeping. How is it done? Come on out. Jota, come here. Just show us the posture. It’s been a long time. My legs… Like this. (This is Im Dohun’s hip sweeping) (Unbelievable) Wow, wow! (Monstrous power) It looks like he has a great grip. I think you’d be really good at arm-wrestling. He was so strong that when blockers didn’t block properly, they broke their fingers or tore their ligaments. When other spikers spiked, I had my eyes open, but when he spiked, I turned my head. In case you got hit? – Right. / – Did you ever get hurt? Not by coach Im. I didn’t block the course he hit often. To prevent injuries. (Kim Sejin avoided the spikes to prevent injuries) (No wonder…) I let the players behind me take care of it. (Im Dohun’s spike at that time) (He fell from the power) You also received the popularity award. Yes, once. Really? It was my dream to receive all the awards in Asia. I thought I could, but they said I couldn’t receive the popularity award. Why not? Everyone is good looking. Everyone here is good looking. You’re not ugly. I’m not scary, but I look scary. You’re not scary. I’m not scary at all. I was misunderstood a lot because of that. I went to a night club once. The bodyguard there told me not to cause trouble. (Burst of laughter) He’s not a scary person. In case he caused trouble. Coach Shin is under Coach Im. People think he’s getting thinner because he’s afraid of coach Im. Coach Im is always telling him to gain weight. People think he’s thin out of fear. That’s not funny. (Cider) (Shin Jinsik continues to provoke him) (There’s a strange feeling in the air) I can’t wait for today’s game. You really have to play. Manager, get me a uniform and sneakers. I’m going to play today. He’s going to play. Yeah! (Shin vs. Kim Sejin The big match of legendary rivals) (In a little while) (You didn’t see this before) (The two legends) (World star Kim Sejin vs. Brown bomber Shin Jinsik) Kim Sejin! KangNam, nice dig. (The true number one is decided today!) There’s no need for words. Who Injung. Hello, I’m the coach of KEPCO, Who Injung. It’s nice to meet you. (From the back) (Legendary back attack) (A legendary spiker in the back) (Excellent blocking skills, too) (Scud missile, Who Injung) Where is your hometown? My nationality is Korean now, but I’m from China. I used to be Chinese in nationality. Is that so? He’s a progenitor. Progenitor? What… – Suwon Who. / – Suwon Who! A new clan formed because of you? Right. Wow! Naturalization isn’t an easy decision. Many people must have been opposed. It’s the same for all athletes. Everyone wants to be on the national team. My father played baseball since he was young. He was Chinese, too. He was recruited by the Korean team, but he gave up because of his nationality. He was going to be naturalized, but my grandfather was strongly opposed to it. I was chosen for the national team. My father approved without much opposition. Be on the Korean national team. I couldn’t be on it. I have two brothers. He said one out of three was alright. He’s really cool. (Thanks to that, I was on the national team) The center of women’s volleyball. Please welcome Chang Yoonhee. I was her fan. The last attack was always by her. There’s something unique about her. She retired. Then returned to the court after 9 years. How old were you then? Forty. Wow. How did it feel to return after 10 years? It must have felt different. When I first stepped on the court in the early 40’s, the audience cheered so loudly. It made my back sweat and brought tears to my eyes. The only way for me to repay the fans was to do my best on the court. It’s making me emotional. We’ll expect a great game today. Jinsik and Sejin were popular, but not as popular as me says this coach. Kim Sangwoo, welcome! I’m the coach of Woori Card Hansae. I’m Kim Sangwoo. Open. Kim Sangwoo blocks! Kim Sangwoo blocked that well. I think he’s the coach who looks best in a suit. He looks so great in a suit. He’s so handsome and charming, but coach Kim said he was one of the ‘Masam Trio’. I didn’t know, but people said I was on “Cool Kiz”. (When you weren’t even invited?) Masam Trio? Kim Sangwoo, Who Injung and Kim Sejin. (The ‘Masam Trio’ of volleyball) I can see that. You’re best friends with coach Kim? We’ve been friends for a long time. We met in the 7th grade. When you played, where did you go to have fun? We went to the library and… (Ha ha) There was a famous night club called Library. I’m at the library. There was a night club, right? Yes. There was a night club. Who were the members who hung out with you? I can’t say. Who Injung. Shin Jinsik. Park Heesang, too. (Me?) Why is his name mentioned so often? (The five club goers of the volleyball world) Who was most aggressive at the club? Jinsik was best at having fun. He danced well and sung well. – He danced? / – Yes. The rabbit dance was popular in our time. Even if you know how, you can’t meet other people if you don’t have the courage. But coach Shin… Show us. The rabbit dance. Give is music. The rabbit dance. (Steps of leisure) (Should I get started?) (Oh!) (Fancy steps) (The rabbit dance sideways) (Burst of laughter) (Fancy / Diligent) (We love you, coach Shin) (He’s embarrassed now) He’s good. He’s good. He’s good. He did it sideways. – Sideways. / – You go forward at first. Then you go sideways. The winning team of the league. It was amazing. Coach Choi Taewoong, hello! (The best of the best) Please say hello. Hello, I’m the coach of Hyundai Capital, Choi Taewoong. (Another fine setter after Shin Youngchul) (He received the setter award for 4 V-league seasons in a row) (His team won as soon as he debuted as a coach) (Warm coach, Choi Taewoong) You set a record of 18 consecutive wins. There are rumors that coach Choi and coach Kim aren’t close. The winning team and the 2nd place team of the league. The winning team and the 2nd place team of the champions match. There must be a strange feeling. Are you close or not? I was a junior when we played. I was scolded a lot. We weren’t that close then. (I can tell everything now) I rely on him now. I watch what he does. You were chosen for the national team. During the health examination, you heard shocking news. What were you diagnosed with? Lymphatic cancer. – Lymphatic cancer? / – Yes. My mind was blank. I couldn’t think about anything for a week. I thought I was going to die. From what I heard, it was the most dangerous next to leukemia. I had a hard time. You still trained? Yes. You didn’t tell the other team members? Not until I was done with treatment. I didn’t even tell my wife. – You didn’t tell your wife? / – No. (That’s upsetting) I was the captain of the team. I knew. – You were the only one to know? / – Yes. Since you were the captain. He had to go to the hospital every morning to receive treatment. It wasn’t a close distance and it wasn’t simple. He had a hard time when he came back. I told him to rest. He said it would affect the others. He endured it and trained. I was very grateful. How could you do that? Why didn’t you tell your wife? I could have really died. I thought I’d tell her when it improved a bit. I told her then. She must have been really surprised. She was very angry with me. I can understand. If he told after the season was over. – It’s… / – He handled it himself. It hurts. His family must have been in pain. Have you recovered? How are you now? I had a total recovery. I’m very healthy now. (That’s good) (When he was fighting cancer) (He played hiding his illness) (He worked even harder) (That’s how he was) Hyundai Capital beat OK Savings and achieved a 16th consecutive win. (He led his team to a victory after becoming a coach) He became the first coach to lead the team to 1st place the first year he debuted as a coach. (Cool Kiz on the Block) Manseok. They’re the ‘Avengers’ of volleyball. We can’t just let them go. Of course not. We can’t let them go. We have to make attempts to learn. Excuse me. Who is this old man? Excuse me. Who is this old man? (Ooh!) (I’m not an old man) (Park Heesang joined them for special training) (World star Kim Sejin) (Brown bomber Shin Jinsik) (The two people from the same team created a volleyball legend) (But it’s different this time) (Sejin’s team vs. Jinsik’s team) (Special training with legends begins) (Jinsik’s team vs. Sejin’s team 8:8 game) I finally got a single shot. It’s an 8:8 game between the Cool Kiz and volleyball legends. It’s practice before the national tour. They’re divided into Jinsik’s team and Sejin’s team. Jinsik’s team has two good setters, Shin Youngchul and Ryohei. On the other hand, Sejin’s team has spikers like Kim Sejin and Park Heesang. What’s important is since they’re going on a national tour, the Cool Kiz have to learn something. (The goal is to learn and grow) Let’s decide the positions. Right, left and I’ll be the center. We’ll be in the front. You receive. The two of you, defense. The four of you in the back. You were the commentator. You’re going to be defense in the center? It’s alright. I talked, but my eyes are good. Even if they hit me in the face, I’ll take it if we win today. (You’re the best) – Let’s go! / – Okay, let’s go! We’ll have to do well. Be the center. Make delayed attacks. Hakjin, left. Jinsik, right. It’s been a while since coach Kim played. Right. He won’t be able to jump. Don’t be afraid of coach Kim. Watch out for Injung and Dohun. – Block them well. / – He’s really strong. No conceding. – One, two! / – Yeah! We’ll win. – I should stand here, right? / – Yes. I’ll stand here. Hey. Be gentle. No, he has to hit hard. You’d better not hit hard. He should hit hard. (I’ll kick you) Watch out. Let’s start! It begins with Ryohei serving. Dohun receives. He hit it up with difficulty. It’s hit over. It’s received. From the center, it’s pushed over. It’s defended. Dohun tosses. Spike! (It’s blocked and it comes back over) Dohun, dig. It’s pushed over. It’s tossed up. It’s hit over. Yoonhee receives. Injung, back toss. Dohun, spike! (The whistle blows) (Jaeyoon touched the net) It’s a net touch. (Sejin’s team scores first) Good, good! Okay. Yeah! (Jinsik’s team committed an error) (Bitter) I touched the net. A powerful spike by Dohun! (We scored first) Nice blocking. The score is 1:0. Injung serves. Sangwoo receives. It’s hit up with difficulty. Spike! It’s hit up with difficulty. Spike! Jinsik! A spike by the brown bomber! (Amazing) It hit my hand and swerved. Jinsik got braces. He’s trying to improve his looks. The score is 1:1. It’s a tie. Yeah, Jinsik! This is serious. Jinsik is awesome! Isn’t it too strong? Hit it gently. How dare you? (We can’t lose) We have the brown bomber. (Injung easily receives it) Yoonhee sets. Spike! Block out! (It’s a block out) Dohun scores again. – Two, three! / – Yeah! (Oh, my hand) Good, good! Nice blocking! A powerful spike by Dohun! A lot of people know Jinsik and Sejin, but Dohun is the one who shook them up. My hand really hurts. The score is 2:1. Hodong serves. Ryohei is going to make quick attacks. I’ll guard Hakjin. – Yeah, Sejin! / – Yeah! (A stable receive by Jinsik) (And…) Jinsik, spike! (It’s a tie again, we can’t lose) Jinsik! Jinsik! – Jinsik! / – Jinsik! (Say it louder) (Too bad) I was too far from the net. I was far from the net. Too bad. Hakjin fakes it and Jinsik scores. They don’t know when Hakjin will hit it, so they always have to be prepared. (Nice turn) (That’s nothing) – That was awesome. / – Nice! Watch out for the short serve. The score is 2:2. Youngchul serves. Good receive. It’s hit up. Dohun hits it! (It’s blocked) Youngchul keeps the ball in play. Ryohei. It’s pushed over long. They overlap, but it’s kept in play. He runs in. It’s an attack cover. Sejin! Sangwoo, dig! It’s far. It goes over. Injung receives. Yoonhee sets. Dohun! (It’s out) He was a bit greedy. (Sejin’s team loses after the long rally) Miss, miss. Nice hit! Jinsik’s team has a 1-point lead. Youngchul serves again. Nice, nice! Heesang receives. Yoonhee hits it up high. Open spike! Open spike! (Dohun makes up for the mistake right away) Dohun hits Jinsik. – Dohun! / – Dohun! Ow. (It hurts, too bad) He hits it really hard. Dohun scored 3 points. It was between Jinsik and Sejin and Dohun when they played professionally. Wow! A cannonball. Jaeyoon, good position on defense. It’s scary. Sejin serves. I’ll make it short. His serve isn’t strong. Watch out for a short serve. The pride of the legends is on the line. They’re doing their best. Sejin serves. The ball goes over. Direct! The ball goes over. Direct! It hits the net. I was going to toss. – Good job. / – I was going to toss. (Jinsik’s team scored without much effort) – Good, good! / – He made a mistake. KangNam, say something. Let’s not make mistakes like that. Okay! (Heh heh / Mad) Sangwoo serves. Heesang receives. Yoonhee. It’s pushed over. Sangwoo, diving dig! Hakjin! (Sangwoo throws himself to save the ball) (Hakjin spikes) (Hakjin is the ace indeed) (Nice, Hakjin) (Proud) (Stiff) Let’s cheer. It’s alright. It’s alright. (It’s a 2-point difference for the first time) Watch out for errors. Okay. – Each ball is precious. / – Okay. – Two, three! / – Yeah! With Dohun in front of him, Hakjin scored. Scoring with a large player in front gives you more confidence. (Good) Good, good! (Stay on your toes) Sangwoo serves again. Dohun. Yoonhee! In the middle, Injung! (Sejin’s team catches up a point) (Good) (I’m sorry) Keep attacking the middle. Not the left. Call it. Talk a lot. Injung. Injung. Should I toss high or low? Just toss it. I’ll hit it. Dohun serves. They overlap. Youngchul. Jinsik! Youngchul! They score. (A precise attack in an empty spot) (Youngchul is experienced) Awesome! Awesome! (Donghyuk goes after it, but he’s late) (Too bad) – Okay, okay. / – Sorry, sorry. Sorry, sorry. Youngchul wants to score when he spikes. Oh, oh, oh. Oh! (I’m not dead yet) We’re winning. We’re winning! No, no! The score is 10:8. KangNam, go in when he hits it. Wait about here. The score is 10:8. Yoonhee serves. Sangwoo receives. A delayed attack! Sangwoo receives. A delayed attack! (Hakjin attempts a delayed attack for the first time) Good, good! Hakjin, do anything you want. Sangwoo receives. (They miss the blocking timing, it’s a touch out) Why is he so good? Hakjin waited and confused the blockers. He made a delayed attack and scored. We can win. Nice. Jaeyoon serves. (11:8, Jaeyoon serves) It hits the net. Oh! It hits the net. Someone said oh. Sejin! KangNam, dig. Nice. Youngchul tosses it. Jinsik runs in! Youngchul tosses it. Jinsik runs in! (The brown bomber is summoned) – Jinsik! / – Jinsik! Good, good. KangNam, nice defense. KangNam, nice defense! Good job. (The brown bomber makes Im Kkeokjeong kneel) It was a chance. (He just exclaims) KangNam, Youngchul and Jinsik. In the attack by the legends’ team, KangNam wasn’t awkward at all. The score is 12:9. It’s a 3-point difference. Block it. Block it. Get the bouncing balls. (Jota serves) It’s a high serve. Jinsik receives. It’s hit, but it’s blocked! (Injung blocks it) Jinsik is blocked! (Jinsik hits with everything he has) Sorry, sorry. Nice! (Gotcha) The toss is low. Hit it a bit higher. (12:10, Jota continues to serve) 12:10, 2 points. Jota serves. It goes in well. Back toss! Ryohei! Again! It’s kept in play! (It’s like watching a circus stunt) (Sejin and Heesang keep it alive) Direct! It’s received again! (Even Hodong joins in digs) (Jinsik pushes it over) Amazing defense. It’s hit over. Manseok. Hakjin! Manseok. Hakjin! It’s a point from a quick attack. (Hakjin ends the amazing rally) This is volleyball! Wow! (Futile) (They lost, but Sejin’s team showed great defense) Wow! (The thrill still lingers) Wow… (I respect you, seniors) That defense was great. The Cool Kiz joined in. They’ll learn from this. (They’re overwhelmed just by playing with legends) Awesome! (The exciting rally can’t be forgotten) Unbelievable. I’m so excited. – This is fun. / – It’s serious. Good defense. – Nice defense. / – Nice defense. (They lost, but they experienced a great rally) Wow! Such defense enhances morale. 13:10. KangNam serves. Heesang, good receive. Injung! Sangwoo receives it. Hakjin goes up. Spike! Hakjin goes up. Spike! It falls in the court. – Good, good. / – Nice blocking. Oh! I touched it, but… Shouldn’t we call a time-out? It’s alright? Wow, Hakjin. Ryohei. (Youngchul calls Ryohei) (He tells him to go for a quick attack) 18:14. It’s a 4-point difference. Hodong serves. Jinsik hits it up. Youngchul tosses. It’s a quick attack. It goes over. It’s defended. (Injung instinctively receives it) Again, Jinsik! (It was going out) Why did he touch it? (He touches it, so it’s a touch out) (Jota’s good reflexes ended in a loss of a point) It’s alright. Jinsik is doing well today. It’s going well for him. Good, good. You had no choice. Thank you very much. Nice, Jota! Jota is helping us. Nice, Jota. (Embarrassed) 19:14. (Yoonhee receives in the middle) It goes up. Dohun. Spike! Diving dig! It goes up. Dohun. Spike! Diving dig! It’s out. (It’s out, Dohun’s attack is successful) Just two. How can anyone hit that? (I would have received it in my pro days) The score is 19:15. 4 points! Sejin serves. Ryohei receives. To Hakjin. He pushes it over. Dohun! (He avoids the blocking and pushes it over) (Hakjin is showing he’s the ace) (They miss the blocking timing) Why did I hit it like that? (I should recruit Hakjin) (From a delayed attack to quick attacks) (Hakjin is doing well with the legendary setter) (He freely attacks and continues to score) – Hakjin! / – This is volleyball! It was a chance. Sorry, my miss. It was a chance. Why did I do that? It shows too well. The score is 20:15. Mine. Oh. It goes up. Dohun receives. It’s tossed. Dohun runs in. Spike! It’s tossed. Dohun runs in. Spike! Dohun does better when he’s mad. He’s slightly mad now. You’re alive. (Manseok gives in) Wow! It’s strong! (Sleepy is the king of reactions) (Will he serve strong, too?) (Youngchul responds quickly) I’ll try to receive it. – Hakjin, stay in the end. / – I’ll stay here. A powerful serve. (20:16, set point, Dohun serves) It’s set point for Jinsik’s team. Dohun serves. Sangwoo! Youngchul, under toss. Hakjin! It’s kept in play. Heesang! He scores! (Heesang scores following great defense by Jota and Sejin) Good, good. Nice defense. Nice defense! (Manseok throws himself, but fails) (Nice play) Defense, step back. Back, back. Back, back. Hakjin, Ryohei, the both of you. Four of you defend in the back. Okay. I’ll take this side. Aim for Manseok. (20:17, Dohun continues to serve) It goes up. To Youngchul in the left. Quick open! (Injung blocks it) It hits his head and goes out! Good! (We got the flow) Wait, wait. Two, two. (Jinsik falls to the ground) Okay, it’s alright. (We only have one point left) One, one! Wow, it was blocked. He’s following. He can tell from your posture. I can see you turning it. You can? Jinsik, receive and go in. (20:18, Dohun continues to serve) The rule keeps changing. It’s the Cool Kiz. It goes up to the left. Spike! (Did he succeed this time?) It’s in this time. 21:18. Jinsik’s team wins the first set. It’s alright. It’s just the beginning. We can do it. I have a sense of it now. This is just the beginning. How can it be so much fun? This is it. You see how important the setter is? It’s so different. It’s so different. We don’t know what we did. Jinsik still slices it the same. (They’re impressed with Jinsik’s skills!) What does Jinsik slice? He doesn’t hit it like this. He hits the side. It’s called slicing. He doesn’t hit the middle. He hits the side. He doesn’t spin it forward, but sideways. He doesn’t just hit it. The ball goes quickly all the way. It’s hard to turn it cross court. It’s low. It’s hard to turn it cross court. It can only be hit straight. It has to be blocked. If the ball is high and goes cross court halfway, it has to be blocked straight. Depending on where the ball goes and how it goes, you have to wait for it in position. If it’s straight, straight. If it’s cross court, cross court. – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! (We’ll be sure to win the second set!) Jinsik is so awesome! As long as he doesn’t talk. Okay, okay. (I give up) He’s the brown bomber. He’s so awesome. How was Hakjin? He’s a player. Thank you. Heesang was standing there, but you played with him. They’re soft. That team is soft. What should I do? You’re doing a good job. You defended well, but there was a net touch. Even when Im Kkeokjeong hit it. You received it. 2:0! – 2:0! / – Let’s go! (No conceding in the second set either) They’re going to try their best this time. – This is so much fun. / – They’re so awesome. Our team is awesome. We could play eating popcorn. We’re going to get sick. Are you alright? He’s going to get sick. (Aching all over) Really. You have all the setters. Stop faking. (The setters will be the key to victory) We have to get the flow in the beginning. (A target serve!) (KangNam, get ready. It’s coming here) The second set begins with Injung serving. (Fake? It drops in the middle) Jinsik receives. It’s hit up. Spike! It’s blocked. KangNam kept it alive, but… (KangNam covered the attack well) (But they missed calling it) (How can such a mistake be made?) KangNam, good job. Good. (Sorry, KangNam) (They score after a great block) Okay! Okay, we can do this. Good job. Good start. Good start. Injung, where will you go after you serve? Come in quickly after serving and defend. Let the powerful spikes go. Come over here. (I’ll hit it, so you can’t receive it) (Nervous) (Spike serve) Sharp! Direct! Dohun! (He set his mind and hit a spike serve) (A non-stop attack, too!) (Sejin’s team has the flow) Nice serve! (That’s basic) (They panic at the powerful serve) (They freeze at the following attack) (You want a fight, huh?) The direct kill was amazing. The receive was long and went right to Dohun. Wow! (He’s still good) (The Cool Kiz are still impressed) (They’re at a loss for words) The serve is strong. I couldn’t move. We can receive it! That’s how it’s going to be, huh? Oh, oh. (A game is a game) We can’t let this go. The score is 2:0. Let’s receive it! Injung serves again. It goes out. (It was too strong) – It’s alright. / – Nice, nice. (It’s common in a pro game, too) (They cheer at the lucky point) We can do this. Ryohei serves. Is it his serve? He served before. Is it his serve? The first server. The first server? Oh… (Will Ryohei’s serve work against legends, too?) Ryohei serves. It’s hit up. Dohun. He runs in. (Jaeyoon blocked Dohun’s powerful attack!) – Nice block! / – Nice blocking. Nice! (Yoonhee kept the ball in play) (But they failed to defend in the back) (I’m so sorry) I’m sorry. Wasn’t I supposed to receive it? I’m sorry. (Call it for sure) (The great blocking enhances their morale) Good, good. Injung, get ready. (Okay) 2:2. It’s a tie. Ryohei serves. Spike serve! It’s a serve ace! (A serve ace against legends!) (He’s an ace indeed!) (They fail to receive the powerful serve) (It’s serious) Sorry, sorry. Be ready to receive! Heesang. A hole! A hole! (Ryohei hit it really well) Ryohei! Ryohei! – Ryohei! / – Reggae, reggae! Reggae! Reggae… 3:2. Jinsik’s team reverses. It’s received this time. It’s put up. It’s pushed up. They score. (He sees the blockers and dodges them) (What sense) (Should I get to work?) (They weren’t ready for the fake) Fake, fake. If he goes up, it’s a fake. (Always be prepared for a fake attack) Fake. Don’t fake. It’s embarrassing. It’s a skill. Fakes are necessary, too. The score is 3:3. It’s tied. It’s received with difficulty. It’s hit over. (It’s hit avoiding the blockers) (Nice, nice) (They thought it was a chance ball) (But it dropped in a vague spot) I should have received it. – The straight ones, too. / – I should receive it. There’s a lot of empty space for straight attacks. Okay. (I’ll go for straight attacks) He’s not hitting it to the side. Block the middle. Okay. If it isn’t blocked on that side, Injung will come. I’ll have to defend here. Yes, go back and forth in the middle. The score is 4:3. Heesang receives. Sejin. Again! (A quick attack and a direct spike!) It’s received again. Jinsik pushes it over. Yoonhee receives. Dohun! Youngchul, dig. Jinsik! (After a fierce rally) (It ends with a powerful spike!) That was really awesome. (He is the brown bomber indeed) – Jinsik! / – Jinsik! Come in, come in. (Power like a real bomber!) My hands won’t go over. My hands won’t go over. (He’s still good) (A 2-touch attack like the old days) Jinsik got to Injung and Sejin and scored. He’s alive. He’s still alive. (Mouth gaping) Wow, he’s good. – Jinsik! / – Jinsik! (This is nothing) The ball isn’t hitting my hand. It’s not hitting my hand. Don’t give up. Again, again. It’s only 2 points. Get ready! Manseok serves. Dohun receives. It’s hit up. Dohun, open spike! Attack cover by Sejin. Heesang. Injung! It’s blocked! (Jinsik again!) (As good as his heyday) Nice! (It’s going well today) Injung! (The scream ended in vain) Don’t be greedy. (I’ll pay you back!) Nice! (Full of leisure) (Let’s keep this up!) (Why is Jinsik so good today?) It isn’t showing, but Manseok is serving well without errors. Oh… Why did I say that? I shouldn’t have said that. 7:4. I’m sorry. (A lucky point to gain the flow) Good, good! We can do it. It’s just the beginning. Ooh! Nothing ever works. Sorry, sorry. (It’s more regretful since they were on the rise) (Sejin serves) (The coach is serving, let’s receive it!) 7:5. 2 points. Sejin serves. Sangwoo. A quick attack by Youngchul! It’s blocked. (It’s blocked by himself) (We love you) (Will they gain the flow?) (Hakjin couldn’t avoid the blocking) (It was a quick attack, so he probably thought they’d miss his timing) Nice! (Why is everyone so good?) Heesang! Heesang! Heesang blocked it! You’re saying it so loud. I can hear you. I should have changed the direction. It’s alright. One more quick attack. 7:6. It’s a 1-point difference. (A serve with a big drop) Sangwoo received well. Another quick attack! They score. (A point with persistent quick attacks) Nice quick attack! Hodong was surprised. We can make quick attacks. Hodong was really surprised. (Hodong wasn’t prepared for the quick attack) I was too far back. I was too far in the back. – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! (Jinsik’s team is showing various attack routes) I saw that. One, one. Youngchul serves. (A low and quick serve) Heesang receives. In the middle, Injung! Sangwoo. Jinsik pushes it over. A diving dig by Dohun. Spike! It’s out. (He aimed for a block out) (He’s still good after all this time) (Not everyone can be a commentator) (Jinsik’s team thought it was in) (Too bad!) Why did that happen? (If I just tapped it, it could have been in) Nice, nice! (Still regretting it) (He blocked the ace) (A spike that shows experience, too!) The master of volleyball, Heesang! He’s an all-around player. (He’s a master indeed) Heesang! Heesang! Yeah, Heesang! (Thanks, Hogeun) 10:8. It’s a 2-point difference. – It’s alright. / – 10:8. Jota, this way. In front. Dohun serves. (The serve is strong) Sangwoo. Hakjin hits it up. Jinsik! (It doesn’t matter how the toss comes) (There are no exceptions for the brown bomber!) Jinsik! (It’s too fast to even touch) Where did it go? It’s alright. It’s alright. (Her arm is red and swollen) (I’m sorry) Hey! I told you to hit it gently. (The brown bomber is resurrected) (Powerful attacks fit for his reputation) Jinsik is doing an amazing job. (How can that be received?) There it is. How can he hit it like this? He hit it like this. – You could go pro again. / – Really? Go back. (He’s good enough to still play) He starts back here. (The score is 11:13) Yoonhee serves. (The ball flies quickly) Sangwoo receives. A fake pass! (Youngchul just hits it over) Youngchul! (Volleyball is the setter’s game) – Youngchul. / – Youngchul! He’s alive. (Sejin’s team had their guards down) (In a daze) Sorry, sorry. The receive was long, so Youngchul just hit it over. Good receive today. Sangwoo catches well. I was the libero at the ’95 world league. (Hakjin serves next) Spike! (Nervous) Hakjin, hit it to the right. (Okay) Hakjin serves. (A target serve) Yoonhee receives. It goes over stably. It’s hit up. Dohun, spike! (A spike with monstrous power) (That’s the power of Im Kkeokjeong) (It’s too strong…) It was strong. Dohun’s attack is full of power. Wow! Injung, here. Okay. Another jump serve? We have to receive it. Receive. Hakjin, step back. Everyone has to receive. (Jinsik’s team needs strong defense) Watch for the ones that come in front. – The ones that come in front. / – Okay. Injung serves. (Spike serve) It goes over with difficulty. Dohun. It goes up. Dohun, spike! (It hit the blocker, but overpowers him) (An attack of a different level) (Dohun is the best!) Injung, nice serve. Nice serve. (Oh, too bad) It really hurts. – It’s alright. / – He’s too strong. (Injung’s powerful spike serve) (Sangwoo’s agile receive) (Dohun’s finish) (A rally showing the class of legends) (Sejin’s team catches up and it’s a tie) (17:17, Jota serves) Jota. (The immature person calls him and interferes) I’m going to receive Jota’s serve. (All of you, stop it) (Will it affect Jota?) (The serve is stable) Back toss! Spike! (Diving dig by Heesang) It’s defended! (A chance ball for Jinsik’s team) Quickly! Jinsik! Diving dig by Heesang. (Another diving dig) Hodong! It goes over. The quick attack is blocked! (A blocking with perfect timing) (He jumps up) Injung blocks! Nice cover! (With Heesang’s perfect defense) (Sejin’s team takes the lead) (Good job, myself) Agh… I could have received it. Too bad. I could have received it. I’m sorry. (Sorry for failing the attack) (Bitter) Heesang, Hodong and Donghyuk. That was great defense. (Injung’s blocking ends the long rally) (That’s unbelievable defense) Hodong. (Nice play) Just defend the ones that are sliced. (Nice blocking) Wow, unbelievable defense. The defense is centered in the middle. Go in and you can attack to the right. Ryohei! Right! (Hakjin, in the middle) (He moves to the center for a quick attack) Jota serves. (A stable receive) A quick attack! It’s in. (Perfect sync) (Youngchul’s toss gives Hakjin’s attack wings) (They got us) They’re receiving well, so he’s making a lot of quick attacks. The receive has to be good for that. (It’s back to square one) We have the energy to win. I think we’ll win again. (The next server is Ryohei) His serve is strong. Hit it up. Change. Now. (Sleepy goes in, Jota goes out) (To block Ryohei’s powerful serve) Yeah, Cool Kiz! (Go, Sleepy!) One, one! (Sleepy, I trust you) Ryohei has a lot of experience with such situations. There are no worries. Spike serve! The receive is shaky. (It’s a serve ace) A serve ace! (It works against legends, too) (Computer serve by Ryohei) (It’s too far) I can’t go after it this far. (Wow, he’s good) He’s the problem solver. He doesn’t cower in front of legends. He’s hitting it a lot over here. We’re pushed back. (Defense around Dohun) Can you serve it short? – What? / – Short. (Taewoon asks for a different serve) I don’t want to make a mistake. Should I try it? (Try it) This isn’t good. They’re be high in spirit. Ryohei, hit it over here! Ryohei is getting ready to serve again. He has less pressure since he’s not the setter. (The ball just drops) Dohun receives. Spike! (The spike tears up the blocking) He hit it with all his strength. (Power as strong as a pro) (They tried to block) (But he’s in a daze) I’m touching it, but it passes. What’s the problem? (He’s a senior from Kyoung-buk High) (He doesn’t age) 19:19. It’s a tie. Let’s just get one. (Youngchul tells him how to block) Straight up. Good. Don’t touch the net. Just tap it. Yeah! Yeah! (19:19, Sejin serves) (It goes in safely) (Youngchul tosses) (Jinsik spikes) (It hits the blocker and goes out) (Good, good) (I’m the brown bomber) Okay, oaky. (Jinsik, hit it gently!) 20:19. It’s match point for Jinsik’s team. We have to catch this. (One play will decide the game) Switch positions. (They change blocking positions) There aren’t any empty spots. Good defense. It’s a bloody fight. The mental fight. The score is 20:19. It’s match point for Jinsik’s team. Will it be the end or will it go to deuce? Sejin hits it up. Dohun, spike! It’s blocked! (The brown bomber stops Im Kkeokjeong) It’s over! A blocking point by Jinsik! It started and ended with Jinsik. I was standing there. He said move and it ended. (They switched positions and it ended) (Oh…) (Too bad) Nice, nice. Sorry. – Okay, okay. / – We couldn’t help it. (Good job, everyone) The misfits with volleyball legends. We played a game together. Today’s winning team is Jinsik’s team! (Jinsik’s team wins) (Everyone was great!) A beautiful loss is also important. Congratulate him. I acknowledge them. Kiss. Kiss. – Kiss. / – Kiss. (In a bind) Should we kiss? (Thank you, legends) (Next time…) The first of the national tour! We’re in Gwangju, Jeolla-do. It’s the largest audience ever. I never saw such a large audience. The Gwangju Blue Wings! Yeah! (Great strategy from wonderful teamwork) (A serve that pierces like a spear) (Perfect blocking) (The opponents are strong) (With passion for volleyball) (Win) (Gu Gyoik joins them as a new ace) (The national tour begins!)

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  1. lmao was it just me or was jinsik and yoonhee(?) acting all cute
    yoonhee: "i told you not to hit it hard!"
    jinsik: bows politely

  2. They should just let sleepy go. What's the point of putting him in the team when he doesn't even get to participate, I feel bad for him always on the bench.

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    but Hakjin teasing Jota tho omg my feels 😆😆😆

  4. LOL @ Heesang and his beloved apprentice, I forgot the name but the commentator. they are so cute hahaha. anyways, it's an unfairly grouped match but DAMN GU GYOIK JOINING COOL KIZ OMG I SHIP HIM WITH HAKJIN

    but Hakjin teasing Jota tho omg my feels 😆😆😆

  5. I wish they would get another member so Sleepy wouldn't get or look lonely on the bench.. I mean he looks like he really enjoys it but he looks kinda lonely..

  6. Honestly the group was divided weirdly, one team was full of attackers and the other full of defenders. And we all know the defenders of CK ain't that strong. So one team was definitely better than the other in terms of players. I think this game wasn't meant to see which team is better, but to let the attackers improve their attacks and the defenders improve the defending. It was like a game of attackers vs defenders. I think the defenders learned a lot through this game, also the attackers, they learned new ways and all that. Which makes me look forward to the next match.

  7. i want someting like that too going out with my friends playing a cool sport having fun but these days kids are so lazy to do any sport

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    The cool kids in the opposite team barely got to touch the ball.

  11. I seriously feel so bad for sleepy, like why don't they let him play??
    He didn't even get to play in the last game and barely got play anything in this game either
    Like why did they even invite him if they weren't going to let him play?? Like not cool, cool kiz..
    I'll seriously feel so bad for him if gets replaced with that new ace in the next episode

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  14. i honestly suggest they let sleepy play in hodong's place sometimes , hodong sometimes just lays on the ground whenhe misses and that's it xD , idk what the hell is going on with me but i think im in love with coach Sejin lol idk why he is just so gentle and charming ; i'd like a father like him

  15. so on one team, 5 members of cool kiz and 3 legends, while the other has 3 members of cool kiz and 5 legends.

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  21. tbh, while watching the whole volleyball series, i just cant help but to feel bad for sleepy. why was he even there if he wouldn't play? he was sitting alone in every episode, imagine how much he wanted to play and hone his skills too like the other guys. plus, hodong sometimes do get on my nerves, he tend to be bossy sometimes and get so loud about this and that. and it felt like sometimes ryohei didn't get much recognition he deserved just like how they praise hakjin all the time.

  22. Is it just me or the camera is always showing hakjin?..I mean im talking from the episodes that ive watched butt i aint complainin ya know *winkwink

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  25. they were correct that volleyball is a game of setter. just like soccer is a game for the playmaker or number 10(support striker)they usually have the nice skill and quick-witted

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