Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – [The Sixth Official Match (2016.05.17)

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – [The Sixth Official Match (2016.05.17)

The Cool Kiz volleyball team is on the rise! The opponents who will sweat with us today, come on out! (The legend returns, Ma Nakgil!) (Chef Oh Sedeuk and Bora of SISTAR) (Announcer Kim Iljung) (And even Minhyeok of BTOB) (All the famous celebrities are here) (A voice actor with great skills, Park Giryang) (Rising entertainment star, Oh Sedeuk) (He can act and he’s athletic!) (All-around idol star, Minhyeok of BTOB) (The original athletic idol takes action!) (A woman with refreshing charm, Bora of SISTAR) (A man who has a thirst for broadcasting) (A prepared broadcaster, announcer Kim Iljung) (Park Haemi’s husband and musical promoter) (Man who loves volleyball as much as his wife, Hwang Min) (A man who attracted attention with stable acting, Shin Hyunsoo) (The energy of a hidden expert, Gu Gyoik) (A new wave in the trot world) (Trot prince, Jin Haeseong) (Choi Hyeonjin of Hwanijini) We’re here to get the Cool Kiz! Yeah for the broadcasting team! (Welcome) Coach Ma, you were on the show before. What was the response? Really good. People didn’t know I was that famous. I was flattered. Our branch had difficulties in January and February. The employees gained more confidence and we’re 1st place in the nation now. Really? (A cause to celebrate) (Proud) What’s important is you were the worst when we played against legends. What’s wrong with you? Stop it. You committed a lot of errors. How can you say that? I played well enough. Your charisma… You’re losing it. We practiced a lot, right? (He started coaching them 2 months ago) You can see the ball better if you lower your body. (A man with born athletic skills) (Minhyeok adjusts right away) (With the pride of the celebrity world) (Nice!) (The only woman, Bora, receives well) (He throws himself on defense) (A fine spike by the ace, Gu Gyoik) We’ll be sure to win. Sejin, wait and see. You trust my abilities, right? Yes! (We’re confident!) Ma Nakgil! Ma Nakgil! Iljung feels a bit awkward at KBS right now. I saw him a lot. He wants to talk. He’s waiting for a chance. My body is leaning forward. (He really wants to talk) My body is leaning forward. The first player of coach Ma’s team. You’ll know who he is when you hear his voice. Please introduce yourself. Do you want a thin body? Just apply it on your body and you’ll lose weight. “VJ’s on the Scene”! (A familiar voice at night) (Neat) Hello. (Everyone is excited) Park Giryang! Park Giryang! Park Giryang! Hello, I’ve been the narrator of “VJs on the Scene” for 15 years. I’m Park Giryang. (Cheering) It’s so neat! I’m getting goose bumps! (This voice!) (The guide to nice restaurants) (The ruler of Friday nights, Park Giryang) Shall I talk with that voice? Yes. What are all the people doing at the gym? All the great volleyball players of the broadcasting world are going to play. Will they play well? Or will it be a complete fluke? VJs are on the scene. (Thrilling!) (Mouths gaping) I got goose bumps. I got goose bumps. (He’s calm and indifferent) Don’t you want to hear it again? Yes. I want to keep hearing it. A 100% refund is guaranteed. (It’s funny every time) He was Inspector Gadget, too. Gadget arms! I’ll block Hakjin’s powerful spike! (They’re grateful to hear it) You’re famous for your volleyball skills. Give me a ball. The posture is important for all sports. How about tossing? That sounds like a line from a movie. How about tossing? (It’s so neat) I’ll do a diving dig. (How good is he?) (A flexible diving dig) (Oh, he’s good!) He’s good. His snap. He’s really good. How long did you play? I was in the Air Force. (I’m out of breath) I was 2nd place as the right spiker at the Air Force competition. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem too fit when he talks. He gets exhausted quickly. We should make him talk a lot. What is your resolution? The broadcasting team will win with great teamwork. (A declaration of war) We already lost. – We just lost. / – I lost energy. (They applaud) If the first person hits a home run, the next person feels pressure. He seems to be in a daze. (Fretful) Can I just leave? He asked if he can just leave. I specialize in French cuisine. (A hot chef!) (Korea’s expert on French cuisine) (National chef, Oh Sedeuk) You’re a top chef. Do you play volleyball? Volleyball? My mother is good. Your mother? It says here. My genes. Superior genes for volleyball. My mother played in high school and later on when she got older. She won a gold medal in Japan, too. She did? Yes, in ’86. It must have been scary when she scolded you. If I didn’t listen to her in middle school… I was late once. I wasn’t that late. It was around 9 o’clock. She hit me when I was taking off my shoes. I was taking off my shoes and she hit me. Did she ask why you were late? No. People who fight well hit first and ask later. Right. People who ask don’t hit. The punch comes first. There was a flash. I was taking off my shoes and she told me to eat breakfast. (Sedeuk, eat breakfast) (He fainted and was unconscious until morning?) I wasn’t sure what happened the night before. He fainted. You fainted and woke up the next morning? It was worse another time. She hit me with her wallet at the market. Do you know what that feels like? Not with a wallet. No? If a wallet is used, all the coins gather to one side. (Burst of laughter) (What an unbelievable story) All the coins gather to one side. That must hurt a lot. I can’t believe I’m still alive. She hit you with it? What is your resolution for today’s game? I’ll only mark one person of the other team. Who? Hakjin! You’ll receive Hakjin’s spikes? Yes! (Watch their competition) The only woman on the team, Bora! (Run!) (She’s good at track and field) (Shoot!) (She’s good at archery) (She even bowled with the Cool Kiz) (Wow) (Now, she’s here to play volleyball) (Athletic idol, Bora) (Welcome) I heard you practiced a lot to play against the Cool Kiz. Show them your arms. Look. Oh, they’re bruised. They were bruised a lot. The bruises went away after 3 weeks. My arms got bruised again from playing today. (Does it hurt? / It hurts me more) I thought it was a tattoo. It’s not a birthmark? From playing today… (A sense of humor like an old man) Even Iljung is ignoring that. He’ll tell that joke somewhere. You practiced a lot. Show us. What will I do? (Ryohei takes action to test her) Hakjin helped her practice. Hakjin! (Hakjin, go!) You’re sitting back down? (Sulking) (Panic) Show us how you practiced. – What you did. / – When you taught her. Just a minute. Is that what you did? (Huh?) That’s how I did. What? (It’s a bit…) Didn’t you throw it like this? Easy at first. Give it to me easy. Here goes. (She receives with stable posture) Nice, nice. She has good athletic skills. (A perfect toss, too!) (She’s an athletic idol indeed) He trained with intensity, right? Yes. Do you know why? No. He has to be mean to have a chance to apologize. Ttu tturuttu ttu tturuttu. (I like volleyball, I love volleyball) Hakjin is lucky. Was he only scary? He’s not kind? He became a bit nicer later on. After warming up. I saw him again during the next practice. He gave me knee protectors. What is this? (He was worried she would get injured) For your knees. My knees? Why? You might fall. (But!) Oh, knee protectors! Where did you get them? Where did you buy them? Where did you get them? He gave them to you for free? He never gave me any. He hits powerful spikes to me. You have to receive this. You have to receive it to succeed. He always says that and hits hard. You gave her knee protectors? Did you get knee protectors? He never gave me any. He doesn’t even call these days. The ceremony should be nice. Right. There’s a move that’s easy to follow along. (What is the ceremony Bora prepared?) (Expectations) (Shake, shake) (The ceremony for the broadcasting team) (Minhyeok joins her!) (It’s going to be a hit) (It’s addictive, the shake ceremony) Coach Ma! (Coach Ma’s shake ceremony) (Oh, he’s good) (This is exciting) He’s good! Next, please introduce yourself. Hello, I’m Park Haemi’s husband, Hwang Min. We met in the 30’s. (He’s younger than her, Park Haemi and Hwang Min) (Musical promoter, Hwang Min) He must love volleyball a lot. Actors don’t call his name. They call him ‘Baegu’. His nickname is ‘Hwang Baegu’. How much do you play volleyball? Except for Monday and Tuesday, I play every day. You play every day except Monday and Tuesday? Yes. You play 5 days a week? Yes. How many clubs are you in? Five. Five? That’s as many as Giryang. He plays in southern Seoul. I play in northern Gyeonggi. Do you hear about each other? Yes. Did you meet on court? He plays well. You should call him Hwang Giryang. Doesn’t Haemi complain? She liked it at first. I lost some weight from playing volleyball. She was happy to see me lose weight after a week or two. The problem is I play for about 2 hours and drink for 5 hours. (I knew it) That’s a bit of a problem. Volleyball ends at ten, then we go for some beer. People who have to go to work the next day go home around midnight. How long do you drink? Until 3 or 4 in the morning. I want to go home then. When my wife sleeps. (A burst of laughter) (He completely understands) We have a CCTV at home. I can see it on my cell phone. When all the lights are out, it’s time to go home. If the lights are on, I drink a bit more. I have another drink. Is it to watch your wife? We have it indoors and outdoors. Is it to keep an eye on your wife? No, no. It’s just a way of life. (Burst of laughter) (Honey, I love you) Will he be the MVP for his wife or will he have to look at the CCTV and go home again? Thank you. Next. Please introduce yourself. (He forgot it’s his turn) Yes. It’s… Oh, hello. (He’s so nervous) He’s so nervous that he stuttered. (Good luck) Give it another shot. Okay. I debuted in a commercial. I’m actor, Gu Gyoik. He’s good looking. (He debuted in 2011 in a public commercial) (He did a commercial with Rhee Minjung, too) (Hidden expert, Gu Gyoik) He’s good looking. He’s good looking. Doesn’t he look like Jo Seungwu? He does, doesn’t he? He’s a rookie at acting, but he played volleyball for a long time. How long did you play? I started in middle school as an after-school sport. I played since, so about 12 years. (Wow) – 12 years? / – Yes. He’s the ace of his team. What team? Songpa Changs. We’re in the top 5 in the nation. You were 2nd place in Mungyeong in 2016? That’s right. He must be really good. (A powerful spike) (He is the ace of a great team) What is your position? Left spiker. That’s Hakjin’s position. Right. – It’s the same position. / – Yes. I can’t wait. The viewers should watch Hakjin and Gyoik. Is that it? Yes. You won’t lose? I’m confident. (In a little while…) (Powerful spikes) (Perfect defense) (Watch how well Gyoik plays) Next, Iljung. Finally. It’s finally time. Congratulations. Please welcome Kim Iljung! Hello. (He became a freelancer in 2015) (He’s doing various programs) It’s been 6 months since you became a freelancer. That’s right. How is it? I’m appearing more now. Really. How many programs are you doing? About seven or eight. It’s cost effective. Quick returns with small margins. (In one word, small profits and quick returns) My motto is ‘there might be a program I don’t do, but there won’t be a program that only uses me once.’ (Charming) “Cool Kiz” could be the first to do that. It will be new history for “Cool Kiz”. It will be new history. (He’s funny) Are things going as expected? It’s my goal to become Hodong’s left arm. Wouldn’t the right arm be better? There seem to be a few right arms. I’ll be Hodong’s left arm. Cost effective. Is that alright? You’re going to have to hurry. (There are a lot of competitors) I’m number one in line. The competition for that spot is fierce, too. Yes, it is. It looks like he has nice physical features to play volleyball. How good are you? I weigh 85kg and I’m 190cm tall. That’s perfect. I’m like Drogba, the soccer player. Drogba… Why are you using a soccer player as an example? (Fretful) I have the same height and weight as him. He’s called ‘Drog God’. My goal today is five blockings. I’ll tell you that for sure. I’ll be sure to do five blockings today. (He’s firm) Yeah! (He’ll block and become Hodong’s left arm, too) Next, please say hello. I did a high-class musical comedy act. I’m Choi Hyeonjin of Hwanijini. It’s been a long time. (The comedy act was loved in the 2000’s) (Comedian Choi Hyeonjin of Hwanijini) He’s a veteran. He’s an amazing veteran. You have to play volleyball today. What is your experience? I played for 4 years in middle and high school. On a team? Yes. Coach Ma knows me. Coach Kim is a junior. I know him well, too. Really? He played for 4 years? Yes, he was very good. He went to a prominent high school. Where? Inchang Middle and High School. We’re in trouble. Are there any famous players from there? Hu Injeong. A senior is Lee Sangyeol. It’s a really prominent school. (He played at a prominent school) Next, please introduce yourself. Hello, I’m rookie actor, Shin Hyunsoo. (Another rookie actor) I was in a volleyball drama called “Thumping Spike”. It’s a Korea-Japan joint production. I played a high school volleyball player. I’m a right spiker like Simon. I learned more from the filming. Because of the filming. Yes. I’m the right spiker today. I have to mark Hakjin. That’s true. I’ll try to block five out of twenty. Iljung said he’d block five, too. Chef Oh also said he’d mark Hakjin. Three people are marking Hakjin. (In a little while) (Hyunsoo blocks Hakjin) (Will Hakjin fall?) Please introduce yourself. I’m the lead singer of Two Star, Jin Haeseong. Hello. When did you start volleyball? I played from the age of 10 to 13. I played a lot in clubs. I heard he did judo. Really? He was on a team. You did judo? – Is that right? / – Yes. How long? About 6 years. 6 years on a team means he’s really good. I was upset when I watched the judo episodes. Why? Life is all about timing. Why? I missed the audition. It hurt to watch Jota. Could you beat him? Sure. (Let’s fight some time) (They gnash their teeth) Hello, I’m Minhyeok of BTOB. (Eyes that captivate women) (He ruled in sports with great skills) (He’s a legendary athletic idol) The female athletic idol is Bora and the male athletic idol is Minhyeok. Coach, you were surprised? I was really surprised. Defense skills don’t come overnight, but he got them just like that. (Heh) (His athletic instincts showed in volleyball, too) (You wouldn’t believe he never played before) (He made time despite a busy schedule) (Is he a receiving machine?) He’s like Jota of our team. No, he’s different. I saw Jota play. Minhyeok is a bit better. Really? (He gets up) (Minhyeok is better than Jota?) Jota is our last pride. He’s really good. But Minhyeok is a bit better. (He’s happy with the coach’s compliment) (Minhyeok throws himself) (His instincts were recognized by coach Ma) (Wait and see how he does) (Cool Kiz on the Block) (KBS Sports World) (The Cool Kiz face the sixth official match) (The spectators’ seats fill up) (Nuns, too?) (The idol cheering squad today is Red Velvet) (It’s hotter than ever) (It seems like the broadcasting team has more fans) (This is exciting) Whose home is it? Coach, this is our home ground, but it’s like an away game. Really. We’re surrounded by the opponents’ fans. We should recruit Minhyeok. (Heh heh heh) (Someone attracts attention) Someone I really wanted to see is here. Everyone, please welcome Park Haemi! (Hi, Honey) Can you come forward for a moment? Your outfit is unique. We’re preparing “Nunsense 2”. The whole team is here to cheer for him. Thank you. I didn’t know he was such a funny person. Really? Yes. I didn’t know you have a CCTV at home. Who told you that? He told you? I told you it’s my way of life. Why are you bringing that up? I’m sorry. (Thanks for the good information) Why aren’t you happy with him playing volleyball? It’s a sport. He should be fit. – Sure. / – Right? How can he have a potbelly when he plays? Don’t suck it in. Volleyball must give you a potbelly. Volleyball? Yes. Dear God. Can you promise only to drink for 2 days and not drink for three? That would be telling me not to play. If you don’t drink? He doesn’t play unless he can drink. That’s right. He thinks sports without drinking are meaningless. That’s why I’m living at a convent. Cheer for him to do well. If you lose, don’t come home. Go to a monastery. (I’ll win no matter what) We will begin now! The sixth official match is against the broadcasting team. The Cool Kiz have three wins. They had two consecutive wins in a row lately. Isn’t the broadcasting team an easy match? Not really. The teams the Cool Kiz played against so far were really good. The broadcasting team is good, too. Which players stand out? Hwang Min, the setter and Gu Gyoik. They should be worth watching. They’ll be a comparison to Ryohei and Hakjin. (Broadcasting team Defense : Bora, Minhyeok, Giryang, Sedeuk Center : Hyeonjin / Setter : Min Left : Gyoik / Right : Hyunsoo) (Cool Kiz Defense : Hodong, Jota, KangNam, Manseok Setter : Ryohei / Center : Jaeyoon Left : Hakjin / Right : Donghyuk) There are four people who are good. They’re better than us. Be aggressive on the serve. The serve is the most important. It’s a fight of pride. We can’t lose. Two, three! Yeah! (Yeah, Cool Kiz!) If you’re confident with the serve, aim for the right. Hodong or KangNam. Hit in that direction. Do a jump serve. When he attacks from the left, think about where your position should be. When it’s tossed, hit it. One, two, three! I like Bora! Yeah! (Yeah, broadcasting team) They’re going to attack to the left a lot. Really? I’ll stand on this line. If it passes the blocking, it will go to you or you. You should be out here. – A bit over here? / – Yes. He’s as good as Hakjin. (A triangular defense formation against Gyoik) Defense positions. Don’t go forward. Stand here. Minhyeok, step back a bit. The ones that pass the blocking, okay? If you receive those, you’ll win. Bora, if a spike comes, call it and receive. (Gyoik vs. Hakjin) (Which ace will ruin the other defense?) (Broadcasting team, win!) (Hurray for the Cool Kiz!) Call it and reduce errors. Call it out loud! Catch the serve. One. Minhyeok, do well in the back. (Nervous) Yeah! (The first set begins with Hodong serving) The first set beings with Hodong serving. It’s high. Sedeuk receives. It’s tossed up high. A powerful spike! It’s received. It goes up. Spike! He did it. Hakjin scores. (He did everything himself) (It’s a good start) Good, good! Good start! Everyone, gather around. Reduce errors! – Two, three! / – Yeah! Good, good. Nice block. Good, good! (He threw himself, but failed) (Too bad) (Giryang is showing experience) Good, good. Receive. (Jaeyoon blocked) Hakjin received with precision. He seemed light on offense, too. I think he’ll do well. (Awesome spike!) He did well. Yes. Chance! Chance! Jota, be careful of a fake. (The broadcasting team reorganizes) Hodong serves again. It’s low. It goes over. It’s received. Back toss. It was defended. Gyoik, spike! – Block out. / – He hit it well. (A sensible block out) (The ace, Gyoik, counterattacks right away) Nice, nice! (There’s the song) (Everyone, get ready) Shake! (The ace has a cute shake) (The coach shakes his head, too) (Everyone dances with joy) (You’re the best) It’s alright. It’s alright. Nice. (Gyoik is pretty good) (The blocking touch was successful, but…) Don’t hit it. Just block it. (It’s as if Gyoik responded to Hakjin’s spike) Gyoik! Gyoik! (Another spike!) (It’s like check and checkmate) Yeah! Come forward. Defense. Hyeonjin, forward a bit. Giryang will serve. It’s low. Jaeyoon receives. Jump toss. Hakjin runs in! – It’s blocked. / – A score from blocking! He blocked it! Wow! (It feels great!) (He blocked the ace) Hyunsoo, great timing. Keep it up. (Ah…) It’s alright. Good job. (The ace was blocked) The opponent did well. Let’s just reduce errors. Two, three! Yeah! Coach Ma taught Hyunsoo the timing to block before the game. The result is showing. The attack was blocked. Hakjin’s attack. Right. (Jaeyoon missed the attack cover) (The broadcasting team is leading!) (Gloomy) The blocking is strong. Be ready for the ones that bounce off. Catch! Catch! 2:1. Giryang serves again. He aims for KangNam. Under toss. With difficulty. It’s hit over. Oh, it’s out. It goes out. (It’s out) (The ace wavers) – It’s alright. / – Forget it. – Good job. / – Forget it. Okay, it’s alright. We have to reduce errors. – Two, three! / – Yeah! – Yeah! / – Nice, nice! (A high tone cheer you don’t hear from the Cool Kiz) (The broadcasting team has the flow) (Good blocking) (Hakjin is wavering) (Bitter) Giryang, nice serve. If an error is made when it shouldn’t, the team becomes nervous. (Hakjin, hang in there) (4:3, Hyeonjin will serve) (The serve is going to be strong) (How is Hyeonjin’s serve?) Hyeonjin serves. It’s a serve ace! He played at Inchang Middle and High School. (This is the serve of a former player) (His skills didn’t rust at all) (Nice, nice) (Keep it up) Mine! Sorry. (Too bad) It’s alright. Scatter. Scatter. You should run. Follow it. Go in more. (Okay) Go forward a bit more. (Jaeyoon, Donghyuk, good luck) It’s alright. It’s alright. Yeah! (Just hit it up) Good serve! (5:3, will it be another good serve?) (The ball goes in stably) They’re very good. Hakjin twists it over. (Hakjin pushes it over with sense) (The ace soars again) They make mistakes, too. Call it! Call it! Two, three! Yeah! (With Hakjin’s resurrection) (The Cool Kiz are on the rise) (The broadcasting team isn’t in sync) (Ugh, too bad) (Is the teamwork breaking up?) (Let’s catch up) Breathe a bit. The other team blocks well, so Hakjin isn’t always hitting power spikes. That’s right. Go, Cool Kiz! (Is Hakjin on a role now?) (Gyoik’s right hand is quiet) (The Cool Kiz are keeping up) Manseok will serve. Hyeonjin receives. Under toss. Spike! (Hyeonjin’s animal-like reflexes) It’s blocked! It goes over right away. Jaeyoon. The ball is kept in play. Back toss. Spike! (A neat finish after a long rally) (A blow by the trusted ace) (He brings the team back up!) Nice! (The ball was blocked) (But it goes out) You’re in a hurry. Donghyuk, near the line. He’s hitting it in an intelligent manner. It’s hard to do a back toss, but it’s precise. (They cheer for Gyoik) (They congratulate the birth of a new ace) (It’s Gyoik’s turn to serve) (Aim for Hodong or KangNam, okay?) It’s alright! It’s alright! (Nervous) Just get it up. Chance. Chance. (Gyoik has a powerful serve) (Will he score on the serve, too?) Gyoik serves again. It’s 6:4. Good serve. Ryohei. Hakjin, spike! (He makes Gyoik’s serve powerless) (Hakjin attacks from up high) Good, good! (Nice receive!) (Nice toss, Ryohei) (Minhyeok tries to receive it) (Dizzy from the power) It couldn’t be helped. (Minhyeok showed good focus) Hyunsoo. Stand here. KangNam, good job. (Oh, too bad) Hakjin showed he’s the original ace. Ryohei tosses it with precision. That’s a huge advantage for the Cool Kiz. Right. (Nice, Hakjin) (Gyoik…) (6:5, they’re still in the lead) (We’ll catch up soon) (A 1-point difference, Jota serves) (A stable serve) Hyeonjin receives. It goes over. He attacks. It’s a point! (Min makes a mistake on the serve) (He quickly turns it into an attack) (The result of long arms and a high jump) It’s a fight for the flow. We have the flow. – Two, three! / – Yeah! We have the flow. Yeah! (Too bad) Sorry. It’s my toss miss. The ball went over the net. (It’s hot) (Back to square one) Jota, get the serve over. Defense. One point! We have the flow! (The broadcasting team allowed a tie) (The ace has to be resurrected) The score is 6:6. It’s a tie. Jota serves. It’s a high serve. Hyeonjin receives. Min tosses it up. It’s hit over. It’s a touch out. It’s impressive that he attacks along a course. (The broadcasting team takes the lead again) Gyoik, you don’t have to hit it hard. Just get it over with precision. Agh! Sorry, sorry. (I could have hit it) (It’s alright) It came over. Just hit it up. It bounces if you try to hit it. Just get it up. (Yeah!) Gyoik! Gyoik! (He cheers with them) (It’s like Gyoik’s home ground) (7:6, the broadcasting team is in the lead again) (The original ace is bothered) Min will serve. Park Haemi’s… He’s Park Haemi’s husband. It goes out. Due to an error, it’s a 7:7 tie. (The serve was too strong) (Is his wife’s cheering pressuring him?) (Hodong saw it go out) Good eye! Nice, nice! (The Cool Kiz tie again) (I have a headache, do well) It’s a close game. Jaeyoon is getting ready to serve. (Jaeyoon serves) Hyeonjin is receiving everything. Gyoik! (Donghyuk blocks) (The Cool Kiz take the lead for the first time) Good, good! – Two, three! / – Yeah! (Oh…) It’s alright. It’s alright. Straight. Good! Nice! Yeah! You should have made it a touch out. Donghyuk has a good sense of timing. (Unbelievable) (Oh, Gyoik…) Catch one! Catch! (Let’s receive and catch up!) If they catch, go up right away. Okay. Yeah, yeah! Jaeyoon will continue to serve. Hyeonjin falls! Under toss. It’s hit over with difficulty. It’s another chance. Manseok. Ryohei. Hakjin hits it! (Minhyeok received it, but it goes out) (Ryohei and Hakjin score as planned) (The receive went out) Right there. It’s coming there a lot. I forgot. Nice! Ryohei’s toss is really nice for Hakjin to spike. That’s right. (Seulgi is surprised with Hakjin’s spike) (She’s upset with Minhyeok’s defense) (Coach Ma calls for a time-out) Coach Ma is calling a time-out. This is our first game. Don’t get down. Bora, bring them up. Do well. If you score, gather and cheer. Take a breath and cheer. I like Bora! Yeah, yeah, yeah! (Let’s get the flow back!) You’re blocking, so you’re scoring. Just block well. When we attack, you should cover, but you’re not. Cover, cover. KangNam received well. It’s not easy to toss up a spike serve. He did well. Let’s win the first set. Let’s go! Yeah, yeah! – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! – Two, three! / – Yeah! Manseok, nice! Broadcasting team, yeah! Three left. Three! Focus! Move slowly. You can do it. Three! Focus! Five! (Jaeyoon continues to serve) 12:8. Jaeyoon serves again. Gyoik receives. He hits it! He hits it! He hit it well. (He aimed for an empty spot) If he follows, hit it cross court. (It goes between KangNam and Hodong) I thought it was out. I’m here. You’re there. (Gyoik is the best!) Gyoik has a precise hitting point and good techniques. He’s doing really well. Gyoik! Gyoik! (Agh, no!) (Iljung goes in, Sedeuk goes out) Iljung is going in. Coach Ma is increasing the height. Let’s go! Don’t lose the flow! Don’t lose the flow! (9:12, Minhyeok serves) Jaeyoon! Ryohei, back toss. Donghyuk! (It hits the net and they score) (Donghyuk gets the flow back) One, one. Let’s win the first set. Don’t let your guard down! Don’t be nervous! – Two, three! / – Yeah! Nice, nice. (It swerved after hitting the net and Hyeonjin missed the drop point) Sorry, sorry. It’s alright. (Go, Jaeyoon! / Go, Donghyuk!) (Flinch) (Dear God) 14:9. It’s set point for the Cool Kiz. Last one! Jaeyoon, go in quickly like that. It’s alright. It’s alright. Stay calm. Just tap it. (Nervous) The last serve. It’s always Ryohei’s serve. Right. (Against Cheonan last week) (He did a spike serve on match point) (Ryohei’s serve ace got them a third win) (Will his serve get them the first set?) It’s set point. Ryohei serves. (Spike serve) This is the Cool Kiz’ perfect repertoire. (The Cool Kiz win the first set!) – Two, three! / – Yeah! (Even Gyoik is helpless against the powerful serve) (Sorry, sorry) (Nice serve!) (We won) (Scream!) Nice! – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! – Two, three! / – Yeah! Let’s make it 2:0. Minhyeok, you did well during practice. You can do well. Everyone has to move together until the ball drops. One, two, three! (Let’s win the second set! Yeah!) Two, three! Yeah, Cool Kiz! Yeah, Min! Catch! Push, push. Forward! (I’ll block their vision) (The second set begins with Giryang’s serve) The Cool Kiz won the first set. The second set begins. Giryang’s serve. With difficulty… (Ryohei keeps it alive with difficulty) (Jota doesn’t get it over, the broadcasting team takes the lead) (Ryohei miraculously kept the ball in play) (Jota doesn’t get it over) It’s alright. It’s alright. (The broadcasting team is excited) (Shake, shake, shake) (The bench shakes, too) (Let’s win the second set with excitement) (She screams because of the mistake) (They scream because their team scored) It’s short. The serve is short. Watch the ball! 1:0. Giryang serves again. It’s low. It hits the net and curves. It’s a chance. Sleepy gets it over. Min tosses it up. Gyoik! Hodong, dig! Min tosses it up. Gyoik! Hodong, dig! (Hodong’s receive falls in an empty spot) (0:2, the broadcasting team takes a 2-point lead) (They weren’t ready for the second ball) Hakjin, you’re too far back. Stay in the front. (Cheer) (Too bad) Gyoik! Gyoik! (Forget about the first set, the broadcasting team takes the lead) (Maintain your positions and stay calm) Let’s do this! It’s alright! Giryang continues to serve. Manseok hits it up. Ryohei, with power. It’s close to the net. (Iljung attacks) It’s out. The tables are turned. (It hits the net and goes out) Good, good. That has to be an attack. If it’s defensive, it can result in an error. Iljung used his tall height, but wasn’t much help. Receive one in the left. Sleepy, fake. 2:1. Hodong serves. Good serve. It’s hit over. It goes over. Back toss. Gyoik! Manseok. Ryohei. Donghyuk! (Gyoik blocks) (He blocks and scores) (Donghyuk is upset it was blocked) (I should have gotten that) That was nice. Donghyuk in the right and Gyoik in the left are going head on often today. (Good, Gyoik) Gyoik! Gyoik! (Gyoik is fulfilling his role as the ace) Good, good. It’s alright! Let’s go! Focus. Receive! Receive, receive. Focus! (1:3, Hyeonjin serves) (Donghyuk’s overhead receive) Ryohei, to the left. Quick open! It’s a point! (It’s a touch out) (Gyoik throws himself, but fails to receive) Good, good. Yeah! Hakjin really hits it well. Yes, it’s refreshing like cider. Watch the ball! Iljung, go in a bit more. Hit it quickly. (I could have received that) Go, Sleepy! (2:3, Sleepy serves) Sleepy serves. Left. Gyoik. (They block, but can’t get it over) (Jaeyoon is rushed and misses the swing) You’re in a hurry. It’s alright! (Good, good) They’re in a hurry. The serve is strong. Sleepy, get ready. Relax. (2:4, Gyoik serves) Gyoik serves. (Spike serve) – Gyoik serves. / – Gyoik serves. It’s a serve ace. (We can’t just stand around) (Everyone, shake) (Coach, shake, shake) (The strong serve makes Sleepy fall) I should have received it. The course was really good. (Passionate cheering) Gyoik! Gyoik! It’s alright! It’s alright! (Just get one) (Focus) (2:5, Gyoik continues to serve) Gyoik serves again. It’s a good serve. It’s blocked! (Ryohei blocks) (It surprises the defense) Good serve. We got three points from this mistake. – Right? / – Yes. – Two, three! / – Yeah! (Let’s catch up!) Okay. All the strong serves are over. It’s 5:4. Manseok will serve. It’s low. (Iljung can’t receive, it’s a serve ace) It’s a serve ace by Manseok! It’s 5:5, a tie. Coach Ma calls a time-out. When you make a mistake, you do it consecutively. If someone makes a mistake, you get disorderly. Forget about your mistakes. Get ready for the next move. Okay! (Let’s win the second set and go to the third!) Just receive well. You’re doing well. We have the flow. – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! – Two, three! / – Yeah! (There is no conceding) (Cool Kiz, win!) Go, broadcasting team! There is a loud scream when Jota has the ball. Jota serves. (It goes smoothly) It’s hit over right away. Ryohei. With his head! (Gyoik receives the quick attack with his head) (Hyeonjin spikes) (There wasn’t time to reorganize) (He is a multi-player indeed!) (It falls in a blind spot making it hard to receive) (Ah…) (This is serious) (Dance time to gain the flow) (She shoots hearts) (Yeah!) (The broadcasting team is coming alive) That’s distracting. It’s distracting. (This is a strategy, too) Gyoik did a heading. It would have hit the net if he hit it with his hand. He had to use his head. (They’re playing a bit now) Relax. Relax. Have some leisure. With leisure. Don’t rush it. Bora is going to serve. Bora will serve. I waited for this. 9:8. Bora serves. Nice serve. Ryohei gets it up with difficulty. – Jaeyoon! / – Oh, it’s a net touch! (The net shakes a lot) (How can this be?) It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s alright. The toss wasn’t good. It was my fault. I’m sorry. (Bora thought she committed an error) We won? (The broadcasting team scored 2 points in a row after the time-out) (Why did he touch the net now?) (Let’s take the lead, broadcasting team) It’s alright. We can do it! (It’s only halfway through the game) Hyeonjin, defense, defense! Hyeonjin! Defense! (The broadcasting team doesn’t let their guard down) (Bora serves again) It’s a high serve. Manseok. Good receive. Hakjin! He strikes. (A spike with great power!) (Hakjin shines whenever the team is in difficulty) It won’t be good to go to the third set. Yell out loud. Two, three! (Let’s get the flow back!) (The left defense falls!) (Confused) Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Forget it. (It’s close halfway through the game) It’s Ryohei’s serve again. (Gulp) (Totally nervous) Ryohei’s serve is a powerful weapon. (Spike serve) It’s received with difficulty! Jaeyoon! (Two touch by Bora) (Great timing on the attack!) You can’t hit it twice. Oh, you can’t hit it twice. They were 2 points behind. The ace fulfilled his role. The main spiker has an important role. That’s right. His jump is so good. I thought he committed an error. (Oh, no) 10:10. It’s a tie. The Cool Kiz want to reverse. Ryohei serves. The serve is strong. It’s strong. (It has to be blocked!) Everyone is holding their breath. Ryohei serves. (It’s received again) He runs in. It’s blocked. They get it over quickly. It’s a chance to reverse. Ryohei. It’s blocked! (They score) (Ryohei’s blocking covers the toss mistake) (Thanks, Ryohei) Good, good. We got a losing point. – Two, three! / – Yeah! (It’s a reversal!) (The broadcasting team had to defend against a sudden attack) (Futile) Good, good! (We can’t fall like this!) (The Cool Kiz are good) (I’ll have to scold him when we get home) Ryohei reversed the score. He’s getting ready to serve again to take the lead. (I believe in you) (I’ll receive it) (Here goes!) It’s a serve ace! (Even a diving dig is no use) (I’m Ryohei!) (He changes the flow) (How can that be received?) Could you have received it? It was so quick. It’s alright. It’s alright. Ryohei hits it quickly or spins it. It’s nice to see him hit different courses. (Oh, unbelievable!) (We’re going to lose) Nice serve! (He is Ryohei indeed) (He is an object of fear now) (Full of leisure) (The team members look bright) (The broadcasting team looks gloomy) Don’t hit it. Just block it. (The broadcasting team faces a crisis!) 12:10. The Cool Kiz have the lead. (Again?) Ryohei serves again. – It’s out. / – It goes out this time. (Ryohei’s serve miss) Good job. Good job. (It’s a chance!) Let’s do this! (Oh!) Okay, it’s alright. (You were still awesome!) Let’s go! (Let’s start by receiving again) (This can’t be!) (The nuns are happy) The serve is short. The serve is short. Get ready in the front. (Who is serving?) Iljung will serve. Iljung, serve and stay there. Iljung, focus! (I’ll be scolded if I make a mistake) This serve is important. Hakjin receives. Ryohei tosses it. Jaeyoon! It’s blocked. Hodong! He received it well. It’s hit over. They have to defend. The timing isn’t right! It’s an error! (The serve was too long) (The ball goes outside the antenna) (The broadcasting team loses their chance) (The toss was too long) Sorry, sorry. (A lucky point in an important moment) One, one. (Only 1 point left to win!) Let’s end it well. Okay! Together, two, three! Yeah! (The broadcasting team with hidden experts) (The Cool Kiz face them fiercely) (You can’t say who is better) (Both teams fought well) (But a man who ruined the balance appeared) Ryohei’s serve is a powerful weapon. (A serve ace by Ryohei!) (The spike serve changed everything!) (The Cool Kiz gained the flow) (The broadcasting team falls) (Will it end just like this?) 14:11. It’s match point. Donghyuk serves. (The serve is long) It’s received over hand. It’s tossed up high. Spike! It’s in! (Gyoik saves his team from a crisis) (It can’t end like this!) (He attacks between the defense players) (Too bad) Good job. (Gyoik is good) It’s alright. It’s alright. (Let’s catch up!) (Whew) Okay. Go in. It’s alright. (The broadcasting team doesn’t give up) Giryang serves. This serve is good. Get it with one play. Manseok, go. Go that way a bit more. (I believe in my team!) Long. (Don’t worry) (The ball drops quickly) Hakjin receives. Under toss. It’s an error. (A toss error by the ace, Ryohei) It’s alright. Sorry, sorry. (He never made a mistake before) It’s a miss! It’s a miss! (One more point and it’s deuce) Good! Nice! No, no! One more. (Why can’t I toss?) I’ll receive it. Call it. Sleepy, move back and forth into position. Don’t just stand there. Keep moving. Giryang’s serve isn’t bad. (Sleepy’s error on the receive) (The Cool Kiz barely keep the ball in play) Spike! It’s kept in play! Ryohei! In place. Oh! – It’s an error! / – It’s an error. (The aces keep making mistakes) (What’s wrong?) It’s alright. It’s alright. (There’s no time for despair) Gather your energy. Two, three! Yeah! It’s alright. Don’t cry. (A lucky point on match point) It’s deuce! (They’re facing a reversal!) (No way!) (Let’s reverse!) It’s okay. It’s okay. (Don’t miss this chance) From 14:11, it’s 14:14 now. I’m ruining everything. It’s alright. Good job. He just has to get this one in. Good luck! Yeah! Watch “VJs on the Scene”. (What about this serve?) The broadcasting team can’t maintain the flow. (They lose their chance) (He was thinking about his main job…) It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s alright. (You can’t let your guard down!) (A lucky point for the Cool Kiz) See? It’s a fight of errors. Just reduce errors. Like we always do. Two, three! Yeah! Like we always do. (Oh, no!) (What happened?) (Agh!) (Whew) 15:14. With leisure. Stay calm! It will be an attack from the left. Do you want to go up? Should I go up? Let’s end it. End it. One. It’s alright. (Calmly from the catch) Hyunsoo, go in quickly and attack fast! Min, a quick attack. (This could be the last serve) Gyoik could attack. (Hyunsoo makes a quick attack as planned) (The resolved attack goes out!) (We won!) It’s out! (The plan failed) (It was a chance to go to deuce) (The game ends!) It’s alright! (We won!) 16:14. A set score of 2:0. The Cool Kiz win a third time in a row. Bow to the coach! Good job. (Even the opposing coach seems proud) You’re really good. You’re so good. (Good job, both teams) Cool Kiz, I like volleyball! – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! – Two, three! / – Yeah! (Next time…) It’s a perfect day for an outing. Why did you call us to the park? For a fifth win, another actress… An actress? (She waits for the Cool Kiz) (Shiny eyes and red lips) (More beautiful than spring flowers) Hello, I’m Kim Sohyun. (She’s everyone’s little sister, Kim Sohyun) (More refreshing than vitamins) (For the men who only play volleyball) (It’s a one-of-a-kind cheer) (She packed lunch herself) (It could be the last) (Spring sun for the Cool Kiz) (Sohyun on “Cool Kiz”) (You are invited) (“Destiny” / Lovelyz)

100 Replies to “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – [The Sixth Official Match (2016.05.17)”

  1. I am still proud of that idol girl because she got chosen and she had some skills just didn't get to show them. Well I wish her best of luck for the the future.

  2. i can't choose which team to support ahhhhh. theres bora and minhyuk then theres hakjin and jot. screw this

  3. Not fair to bora the boys are only giving the ball to the boys but bora is the only girl so shouldn't she at least get to be in the game?

  4. Honestly jus saying the whole video what did bora even do i think she's jus there to cheer the team on tbh.. jus my opinion

  5. 12:13 awwww jota is jealous haha he wanted hakjin to also give him knee protectors just in case he might 'fall' CUUUTTTEE AAAWWWW

  6. damn it i lowkey ship hakjin and bora but i don't want to bc hakjin's SO CUTE i wanna ship him with me instead LMAO jk no chance T-T

  7. ryohei and hakjin are the aces imo. ryohei does EVERYTHING well; his spikes are the same level as hakjin's, his power is NO JOKE, his serves are hella powerful. he should get more hype tbh

  8. its probably just me but whenever the cool kiz score a point I get mad…lmao bc first of all, all eight yall dont need to be on the court and I promise I've seen Jaeyoon & Ryohei touch the net atleast 6 times while trying to block the spikes. If you're a volleyball player you'd understand why I'm mad…lol

  9. after watching all these volleyball episodes, Hodong didn't really helped much but talk. since its his job as an mc its understandable but it gets irritating sometimes because he doesn't let the others talk and encourage in between games.

  10. 23:07 "Could you beat him?"
    Jota: Sure!
    And he really beat him! One must remember that Jota-Judo is very different from Jota-Volleyball; the former spikes even without a setter.

  11. I like minhyuk keep humble and Jota keep smiling while the coach saying that he is not good enough as minhyuk, that's my boy

  12. Ryohei and hakjin has good communication in court and you can tell that by there plays because Ryohei knows where to put the ball for hakjin so he can hit comfortably (ik this bc i am a setter and it’s important that ik how my players play to give them the max amount of hitting)

  13. this was honestly one of the most intense volleyball games I have ever watched, even more intense than some of the olympic volleyball games

  14. Everyone who has watched Haikyuu has to see the resemblance between Ryohei and Oikawa. A smart setter. An all-round player. A killer jump server.

  15. The entertainment team should've the all around guy do the setting the one who did the back set earlier to Gu Gyoik.

  16. Wait I don’t get why there are more than 6 players on each court?? Unless they have the exception of a libero, there should only be 6 players. No wonder the receiver becomes off, they’re congested on the court

  17. I’m so lost why are bora and hakjin teased about flirting and love in the beginning? Did something happen between them?

  18. They laugh at Hwang Min drinking story, but in 2018 he kills two passengers in a drunk driving accident. Hopefully he learned his lesson and others will learn from his mistake.

  19. I don't understand? overyone in the comments say Ryohei is underrated but I think he's not?

    Like every time, he serves, the opponents are scared,
    they all know he can block really well too and Hakjin is always grateful for Ryohei his tosses too

    not only us, but everyone expects him to do well anyways

  20. Love ryohei. Wish he did get more love and recognition for his skills and tosses on this show, but I was content seeing the professionals from the male volleyball team praise his tosses and recognized his talent as a setter, although he has proven to be great in all positions.

  21. tbh,Ryohei was the unsung MVP.I love how he does most of the setting for other players at the frontline & also his killer spike serve.

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