Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Training with Jang Yesol (2015.09.15)

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Training with Jang Yesol (2015.09.15)

(The 9th sport, swimming) (There were 6 official matches) (3 wins, 3 losses so far, half and half) (A special guest comes for another victory) Hello, I’m on the national finswimming team. I’m Jang Yesol. (She won four global competitions) (Naturally impressive) (Overwhelming speed by the finswimmer) They started. How will the resistance be overcome… Look at the break she’s causing. (They’ll win today!) (The beginners take off) (Yesol pursues them) Yesol follows. 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m. (Will they qualify to compete?) (It starts in just a moment) (The middle of Gangnamdaero) (A fitness club full of people working out) (A familiar person sits lonely) (Sunghoon waits for the members) Where are we? Hi, Sunghoon. Sunghoon is alone. Where are we? Hello. Welcome. Are you alone? Were you working out by yourself? I was waiting for you. You were? Yes. Did you prepare this? We did yoga for more flexibility. We won. We won. Then we won. There are muscular exercises that are helpful for swimming. I called you to teach you. Never mind muscular strength. Why do you have your top on? Stop it. I have to do this. (His shirt comes off again) You’re breaking the contract conditions. I didn’t recognize you. He raises his arms. I knew you’d take it off, but… I should come wearing my shirt. He brought tape. He brought it. He’s prepared. He prepared it. He brought tape. (The colorful tape bothered him) It’s the color of your skin. I knew who’d take it off, too. Is that why you stood next to me? I saw the show. It was a bit better when you took it off. He’s good. My wife was monitoring the show. She cheered when your shirt came off. (Cheering was inevitable) (This is what excited Hodong’s wife) (8 million women rallied) The most beautiful thing in the world is the human body. I realized that. What should we start with? First is the ‘Phelps training’. Roll it and catch. And then… It strengthens your shoulders and as. (It looks hard) How many times? As many as you can. 20 if you can. Until your muscles are tired. If you can’t, put it down. Yuri, try it. It’s too… Jaeyoon is next. The nice bodies can go first. If you catch the ball and kick, our legs have to go up, so your abs… Use your abs and don’t let your body shake. Back straight. Shoulder muscles. Okay. Catch and throw it back. Good. It will tighten the abs. It’s harder than you think, right? Yes. Don’t stop. In one continuous move. Oh, one move. It’s hard. (Attracting attention at once) What’s this? 8 million women, scream! Yeah! (8 million idols) He must feel pressure. (Just look at those muscles) Perform a bit for us first. Start with pull-ups. Ready. Smile looking at the camera. Go up. Begin. (Bulging muscles for his fans) Your back muscles. Go up. Look. Muscles. This is a nice demonstration. You can see which muscles are being used. Tighten. Good. Here… I can see his organs move. The upper, middle and lower. Use the lower muscles. If you colored them red, he could be in the science lab. (Stable) (Just as good as Phelps!) The upper ones move, right? Upper and lower. The shoulders are strengthened, too. From hanging on like that. It was hard to send the ball up. He’s throwing it up. Sean is Ironman. Try it with one hand. With one hand. I can’t do it with one hand. Just try it. With one hand? He’ll do it if you tell him to. I think he will. If you wish… No, no. It’s possible. Watch. If you wish. (Well?) (It’s possible?) (He succeeds with one hand) It’s possible. If we want it, he’ll do it. He really does everything. He does everything with strength. If we really want it, he’ll do it. Shouldn’t Phelps learn this? Phelps should learn this. Let’s see Sunghoon and Jaeyoon compete. It won’t be a match. I just did a few. I can’t do a lot. (They slowly walk toward the bar) (Jaeyoon vs. Sunghoon) (Jaeyoon with great physical conditions) (The daily coach for muscular training) (They are men, they can’t concede) (Yeah!) (Who is the winner?) Say hello to all the mothers in Korea. (Bow) Go up and come down on one. Straight posture. Ready. I don’t think I’ll be able to do a lot. Begin. One. Two. (Easily in the beginning) Five. Six. (It would have been fierce if the man of steel joined them) Eight. Nine. Ten. Isn’t it exhausting? My hands hurt. Thirteen. That’s amazing. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Sunghoon is getting tired. Eighteen. Sunghoon. – Nineteen. / – Sunghoon is getting tired. Twenty. Look at Jaeyoon’s hands. Why is he so full of leisure? Twenty-four. (Sunghoon falls off) He is the real body indeed. You can just fall off. Sunghoon is an actor. He never frowns. He did as much as he could and fell. He could just fall off. (A reaction with soul) Acting is part of his body. My character is set now. The real body with the best muscular strength. (Jaeyoon with a real body) We’re doing muscular training. This has been prepared. We’ll be using this. (Curious) Stick your back to the chair. Lift it up. Exhale slowly on the way down. Hold it and up. Think of tightening your armpits. Your chest tightened. Push it up with your chest. (The wrestling champion did this before) How much does that weigh? About 35kg including the pole. It’s not light. Hodong, show us something. I’m not strong enough to do that. I think that will be too light for him. I have dreams and hope, too. You must have done this before. – How much did you lift? / – Right. More than this. About 300kg? I heard you waved. When I wrestled, I did squats with 250kg. Let’s try 300kg. You should show us. No, no. Not three. I can’t. 105kg. Okay, 105kg. You should show us about now. (He provokes Hodong) (Interpretation : Hodong, come on) (Right here) He’ll come. He has to. 105kg. It’s 105kg. – Go, Hodong! / – He was a wrestling champion. (He lifted the world!) (He has strong hardware) Kang Hodong is the champion! I’ll challenge! Challenge! He’s a champion. Brock Lesnar of Korea. (He’s the Kang Hodong of USA) Like that? He’s testing it. I think he could do ten. Hodong. Stay back. I can’t rely on you. Jaeyoon, stay there. (Insurance for survival) That’s so funny. He’s lying down. Go, Hodong! I haven’t done this in a long time. Is this good? Hodong has to do this. (A challenge after 20 years!) (100m in 12 seconds, squats with 250kg, benchpress with 160kg) (In his champion days) (Can he do that again?) Show us. (He lifted it) He got it. (The champion won’t die) Jaeyoon, move. This is fun. Go, Hodong! You can do it. (Well?) Grab it. Grab it. Grab it! (He can’t lift it back up) (That was still amazing) He did it. (Recognized) I think Jaeyoon could do it. Try it. Try this. If I can’t, edit it. (No…) I can’t do it. I don’t do chest exercises. It should be hard. Really. He got it. (Easily) Do not try this. (Jaeyoon… Will he succeed?) Grab it! (Struggling) (In shatters) (He loses his mind) I was in the back. Did he just say grab it? You used a dialect. You suddenly used a dialect. Aren’t you from Canada? Grab it! – Grab it! / – Grab it! Our morale is being raised. What do you think? I didn’t try it yet. I… – Right? / – Yes. We didn’t do anything. I’m just exhausted. For morning training, we did some muscular training. Sunghoon taught us. I don’t know how much it will help in the seventh match in a bit. Before that, there is simple training. What is it? The biggest problem right now is the kicking move. Once you start and swim a bit, your kicking move gets smaller. You drag your kick. You’ll get special training to strengthen your kick. The legs get tired faster than the arms. Yes. We invited someone. She’s very special. She won four gold medals at the finswimming competition in 2015. She is the pride of Korea. She is number one at finswimming. Jang Yesol. (It’s an honor) Jang Yesol! Hello. She’s pretty. (She’s pretty) Hello, I’m finswimmer, Jang Yesol. We’ll talk to her more. Some people know her and some people are unfamiliar with her. You won gold medals and have a world record? Yes. A world record holder is here? Yes. Europe is good at finswimming. She showed that we can do it, too. What is the charm of finswimming? Speed and liveliness. For the 50m event, it’s hard to see with the naked eye. We look at the screen to check. To see the rank. You can’t see. You can’t see. (What?) That’s how fast it is. Let’s see a demonstration. (High expectations) Give us a demonstration. I’m really curious. What? What is that? You wear a mask? Is she Flashman? I want that character. She’s Power Ranger. (A Power Ranger mask) Her build… (A strong body, too) With much training and effort. And with great fitness. She beat global swimmers. She holds a world record. The snorkel goes in front. In a straight line. (Gentle waves) She really looks like a mermaid. Get ready. Get set. Start! (She slides in the water) (In a daze) (It’s as if she doesn’t have legs) Why doesn’t she come up? (He lost his mind) (Life underwater) (She only moves the lower body) (And swims forward smoothly) She doesn’t use her hands. (Their jaws drop) (She’s going slowly since it’s a demonstration) (But everyone is still amazed) (She arrives before they close their mouths) (All they can say is she’s beautiful) How charming. She’s like a seal. I want to keep seeing that. It’s so neat. It’s helpful for muscular strength and flexibility. Let’s learn finswimming. Yuri will go first. (Yuri is really flexible) (But she never did this before) Can she do it? It won’t be easy. The fin is big. Her feet are tied up. (She carefully starts) (Huh?) (She succeeds just like that?) (One with the fin) (A smooth and neat dolphin kick) She’s good. Unbelievable! You have to use your waist. (She’s a mermaid indeed) Why is she so good? She’s so good. (She controls her speed, too) She’s breathing. (She swam 25m without breathing once) (Even the queen is impressed) (She goes in deeper) (She challenges it without breathing) (The Little Mermaid comes alive) Wow. (A perfect curve) (Heh…) (She forgets about breathing) She went 25m underwater. She’s kicking properly. (How amazing) (This is fun) Can it be done just like that? I’m really surprised. She should practice more and compete. (She was born with talent) I thought that this morning. She has good muscular strength. It’s like flying. I could feel my cheeks tug. Really? Because of the speed. (That’s how fast it is) Let’s do a 200m relay. (200m against Yesol) (I want to do this) We don’t know. Sunghoon is swimming. The queen of finswimming, Jang Yesol, and the Cool Kiz will do a 200m relay. Yesol has strong lower body muscles. It won’t be easy for the Cool Kiz. No, it won’t. I thought she was a short track skater. The Cool Kiz can use fins. How do you predict the result? The monofin is really strong. Sunghoon was a swimmer. He’s good at using fins. He’s also as good as Yesol with the dolphin kick. It should be pretty close. Yeah! Yeah! Don’t waste too much energy. (Let’s beat the world champion) It’s the finswimming 200m relay. Lane 1, the Cool Kiz. (Lane 1, Cool Kiz) Yeah! Yeah! Lane 2, Jang Yesol. Go, Yesol! Will we see how good Yesol is? Or will the Cool Kiz surprise us? They start. She’s really fast! (Yesol slides along the floor) (Speed vs. swimming underwater) No! Yesol… I’m at a loss for words. She’s the world’s best. She’s flying. What? Yesol is flying. It’s worth a shot. Sure, she’ll get tired. It’s 200m. This race. He’s not that far behind, but a gap is being created. She’s already done? She finished 50m just like that. (Like a submarine) The second swimmer started. There’s a difference of the height of an adult. Yesol is barely breathing. She has a snorkel. She breathes every time she comes up. I don’t think she’ll get tired. (High speed underwater) Where is she? Oh, here! Once Yesol passes, there is a strong break. I think it would be hard to swim behind her. Right. The wave pushes you. (Oh oh oh) (She swims pretty far underwater) (Thanks to that, there isn’t much of a break) Jiwon is unbelievable. (The diving beetle knows) When Yesol passes, it must feel like swimming in the ocean. Like there are waves. She’s like a mermaid. Go, go, go! Hurry! (The problem is the turn) Yesol is nearing 150m. The Cool Kiz are wearing fins. They’re swimming as if they’re flying over the surface. They’re following well. (The rocket is lit) Yesol is getting tired. (Yesol seems to be going a bit slower) (Quick dolphin kicks) Yesol is tired! Good! Chase her! The last swimmer is following. Sunghoon. The gap was closed a lot. The last 25m remains. Sunghoon is good at the dolphin kick. The gap was closed a lot. Will he catch up? (A bit more) (Almost caught up) The gap was closed a lot. Will he catch up? (Who is the winner?) A fin fell off. Yesol finishes first. A fin fell off. Bring it. It’s too big. That’s too bad. Sunghoon’s fin came off. Sunghoon’s fin… It came off. One was left in the water. Too bad. We have the times. Yesol, 1 minute 42.56 seconds. The Cool Kiz, 1 minute 43.94 seconds. It’s a 1-second difference. Unbelievable. Even with four Cool Kiz aces, it wasn’t good enough to beat the queen with a world record. They did their best, but it wasn’t enough. (That’s amazing) Yesol caused a strong break when they did the race. A huge wave was created, but her movement wasn’t that dynamic. It seemed like she slid along, but she had great speed. It was like seeing a dolphin. Is there something else for the beginners? They’ll go against Yesol. – What? / – What? That’s nonsense. You don’t want us to compete? You don’t want us to compete? She’ll swim 50m with a fin. The beginners will swim 25m. It’s worth a shot. Recordwise, it’s close. We’ll swim 25m. Okay! Okay! – It’s worth a shot. / – It is. If you can do it in 18 seconds. Do we get fins? No. (Oh…) (Oh, boy) It’s a contest between the beginners and Jang Yesol. It’s to qualify for the official match. Yesol’s record for the 50m surface is 17.08 seconds. It’s a world record. Hodong’s fastest record for 25m is 17.97 seconds. It seems like it could be possible. This is a 25m pool. You have an advantage if you kick off the wall. The 50m record is faster when it’s done in a 25m pool. But with finswimming, it’s slower. When you kick off the wall… The fin is really big. There is a bit more resistance. I don’t think Yesol will be able to get the best record. Someone could qualify? Yes, someone in good condition. Think a shark is chasing you. A shark is chasing you. A shark. This is to qualify for the seventh official match. Yesol will go against the four beginners. Lane 1, Hyeongdon. I’ll qualify! Go, Hyeongdon! Lane 2, Sean. (Lane 2, Sean) Go, Sean! Lane 3, Jisuk. (Lane 3, Jisuk) Go, Jisuk! Lane 4, Hodong. Eliminated. Eliminated. Go, Hodong! Lane 5, Jang Yesol. (Lane 5, Jang Yesol) Yesol will start at the other side, so they can end together. In places. In places. (It’s more nervous than the real match) Get ready. They started. (The shark is mad) (Of these four…) (Will anyone survive?) (Whiz) (Yesol appears just like that) (Whee) (Oh oh oh) (Even the VJ underwater is surprised) They started. How will they overcome the resistance? There is a strong break. (It’s a tsunami for Hodong) There is a huge wave. Yesol turned at 25m. – Yeah! / – Please… (Survive) – Yeah! / – More! Go! Go! They started. How will they overcome the resistance? There is a strong break. Yesol turned at 25m. Hodong and Jisuk are in the lead. Yesol pursues. 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m… They finish. (Right before the finishing line) Yesol pursues. 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m. (She caught up) (But she seems a bit late) The Cool Kiz are cheering. He won. I think Jisuk won, too. He won. (Two of them survived?) Hodong is 1st place. It seemed like Jisuk and Hodong were fast. Yesol caught up really fast. Jisuk and Hodong seem to have beat her. We’ll have to see the records. At least one person will qualify. Yeah, Cool Kiz! Only Hodong made it? I think Jisuk won, too. We have to see the record. She followed. It was scary. Was it close? (It was really close) I think you and I won. If it was 50cm longer, he would have lost. (Their attention goes to the board) We have the times. We have the times. (Trembling) (It’s like a dream) 1st place, Hodong, 18.76 seconds. He’s really 1st place. (But!) (Only one person made it) 2nd place, Yesol, 19.04 seconds. He had a good start. (Oh, no) It’s time to say goodbye. See you again. Jisuk, come over here. Hodong qualified. It’s too bad for Jisuk. It really is. (1st, Hodong, 18.76 seconds) (2nd, Yesol, 19.04 seconds) (3rd, Jisuk, 19.22 seconds) (4th, Sean, 20.62 seconds) (5th, Hyeongdon, 21.63 seconds) I have a big guild. When Yesol came, the break… It pushed me back. It was really strong. What do you think? – You’re good. / – What? You’re good. You did your best to catch me, right? (That will be a regret) Show a lot of interest to her. What is your dream? I’d like finswimming to be an Olympic event, so more people will be interested. I’ll work even harder to make Korea proud of me. Let’s all cheer for her. Okay. The pride of Korea, Yesol! Yeah! (Until finswimming becomes an Olympic event) (Until this man can qualify) Lucky seven. It’s the seventh official match. Who will be going against us? Come on out! Who is it? Oh? It’s Igyeong. Igyeong. Igyeong. (He goes to greet him) (Igyeong’s father, are you watching?) Igyeong seems to be the captain. Please introduce your team. We’re the hidden swimmers among celebrities. We came to stop you from a fourth win. (Lee Igyeong, actor) (Hwang Seongung, actor) (Kim Jiun, actor) (Kim Sojung, singer) (Yein, Melody Day) (Kim Minkyu, actor) (We’re hidden swimmers) (Hidden Swimmers : Hidden experts whose skills weren’t exposed yet) (Water is more comfortable than the stage) Four wins! We’ll stop you! Yeah, hidden swimmers! Hello, I’m actor, Lee Igyeong. I came for the audition. A president of a giant corporation. It’s him? Yes. He passed. Igyeong is 3rd place. Anyone can enjoy swimming. It’s worth a shot. Did you continue to practice after the audition? No, I went for a drink after I failed. It was upsetting. I received another call. I thought I should wake up. I practiced a bit after that. You must have been really upset to drink. From your looks and bodies, I can tell you’re hidden swimmers. Let’s meet the next swimmer. Hello, I’m the ace. I’m actor, Hwang Seongung. You’re good looking! (The hero of a morning drama) (Hwang Seongung, actor) You don’t know Kang Sora? I don’t know anyone by that name. (That’s not all) Stop. Go after them. Lee Gukju is popular these days. I did a commercial for spicy rice cakes with her. Is that so? Were you a swimmer? I swam for Daejeon in middle and high school. You represented the city. What is your charm? Why are you so well off? Why are you loved? I’m told this a lot. That I look like Hugh Jackman. I’m the Hugh Jackman of Korea. Director, give me a pitchfork. I’m going for that. The Hugh Jackman of Korea. You’re very charming. Are you confident of beating Sunghoon? Answer. Yes. If you lose to Sunghoon, will you shave your beard? Shave? Hugh Jackman. If you lose… I’ll do it. If Sunghoon loses, with all these people watching, he’ll raise his arm and shave. – Just one side. / – Just one side. Only half of one side. Okay, Sunghoon. I got you this. There’s no retreat. Provoke him. The ace of the hidden swimmers will beat Sunghoon today. Hugh Jackman of Korea will win. Sunghoon, say something. He’s acting now. He’s suddenly acting. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to shave today. We’ll see how well Seongung swims in just a while. Next swimmer, introduce yourself. Hello. “Pandora”, “The Cry of Passion”, “Criminal Designer”, “Couples”, etc. I appeared in a lot of movies. Were you a swimmer, too? Yes. I swam for 13 years from elementary school to college. I was in the top ranks at competitions sponsored by the Navy and president. I recognized him. Hello, I’m back with “Dance Music”. I’m singer, Kim Sojung. (Pretty singer who went to KIST) (She’s an exemplary woman) You were a swimmer. I started when I was five. I dreamt of becoming a swimmer. There were a lot of limits. I had no choice. I had to give up that dream. Hello, I’m Yein of Melody Day. (A talented girl group) (Yein of Melody Day) The Olympic coach of the Athens coach and Park Taehwan’s coach, Sim Min. I received hard training from him. You have something to do with me? Whack, whack. You’re An Chihwan’s daughter? Do an imitation of your father. Let’s dig into Hodong’s concern. Whack, whack! Hello, I’m the smiling face of the team. It looks like he would be good. I’m actor, Kim Minkyu. It looks like he would swim well. When he practiced, many female students waited to see him. The So Jisub of the swimming world? I swam since I was five until middle school. I was Nam Juhyeop’s friend in “Who Are You”. I practiced since then. Will it be four wins for the Cool Kiz? Or will it be a win for the Hidden Swimmers? Wait and see. We’ll start now! It’s the seventh official match. This is the first race. It’s the 25m individual freestyle. Lane 1, Kim Minkyu. Go, Minkyu! Lane 2, Hodong. 3 wins, 3 losses. I’ll start well, so we can achieve four wins. (We believe in you) The first race is between Hodong and Kim Minkyu. We don’t have Minkyu’s 25m record. We can’t predict what will happen. Hodong is good at competing. Yes. We can expect a good result. (A close fight is expected) In places. Get ready. Get ready. (Who will win?) They start. Hodong started a bit faster. They start. Hodong started a bit faster. Minkyu started the spurt faster. (The first race will decide the flow) (Both do their best) The spurt was late. There is a big gap. Minkyu finishes first. (Minkyu did better than expected! Hodong lost, but did his best) (Yeah, we won!) His goggles came off. His goggles came off. They came off from the start. Hodong started faster. He jumped in fast. He should accelerate with his kick, but… (On the other hand…) (Minkyu’s goggles came off) (But he didn’t panic) We have Minkyu’s record. 14.96 seconds. Hodong, 17.60 seconds. It ends with Minkyu’s overwhelming win. Hodong achieved his best record, but Minkyu wins with 14.96 seconds! (Minkyu wins) (Impressed) You’re really good. Good job, Minkyu. I finished in 17 seconds. (Cool Kiz 0:100 Hidden Swimmers) It’s the 50m individual freestyle. Minhyeok of the Cool Kiz and Kim Sojung of the Hidden Swimmers! (Kim Sojung) It’s the 50m individual freestyle. Lane 1, Kim Sojung. (Lane 1, Kim Sojung) (Let’s win this race, too) Lane 2, Minhyeok. Let’s win. Let’s win today! Let’s win! Let’s win! Get ready. Get ready. (Nervous) He had a good start. It’s a good start. Minhyeok had a good start. He had a good start. It’s a good start. Minhyeok had a good start. Minhyeok is in the lead. Sojung is good, too. It’s short, but powerful. Good, good. (Silent cheering) Come on! (It’s close so far) She reversed. Sojung took the lead. She passed 25m. After the turn, Minhyeok takes the lead again. (It’s hard to tell who will win) (A bit faster) Don’t look sideways! After the turn, Minhyeok takes the lead again. He has to go a bit stronger in the last 15m. Sojung has a good kick. It’s short, but it’s powerful. It’s really close. 5m left. Sojung and Minhyeok. Minhyeok and Sojung. (Please…) (You can win!) Sojung and Minhyeok. Minhyeok and Sojung. Sojung finishes first. (The both of them did a great job) (I lost?) He could have won. He could have won. Minhyeok led Sojung. After the 25m turn, Minhyeok reversed. It was good. Sojung kicked harder. If you lack endurance, you can overcome it by kicking harder. Sojung won with spite. We have the times. Sojung, 37.91 seconds. Minhyeok, 38.68 seconds. Sojung reversed and won. How do you feel? He’s much better than I thought. I thought I’d lose. I didn’t even breathe in the end. I did well because he did well. Your last spurt was amazing. Congratulations. Thank you. It’s the 50m individual freestyle. Lane 1, Kim Jiun. (Lane 1, Kim Jiun) Lane 2, Jaeyoon. Go, Jaeyoon! Get ready. (It’s between two aces!) They start. Jaeyoon was a bit faster. He had a great start. (Kim Jiun / Jaeyoon) (A strong dolphin kick and high speed) They start. Jaeyoon was a bit faster. He had a great start. They both swim powerfully. They shouldn’t worry about each other. They’re really close. Wow. Go, go, go! Go long! They’re similar so far. Jiun has a slight lead. He takes the lead after turning. (They turn almost at the same time) We don’t know. Yeah! Yeah! Come on! They’re similar so far. Jiun has a slight lead. He takes the lead after turning. The turn was good. It’s similar so far. Jiun is starting his spurt. 5m left. (Who is the winner?) (Increase your spurt!) (A bit more) 5m left. Jiun finishes first. (1st : Jiun / 2nd : Jaeyoon) The Hidden Swimmers win a third time. (They’re powerful opponents) (They’re sweeping every race) (It’s making things worse) Jiun, 27.51 seconds. Jaeyoon, 28.36 seconds. The Hidden Swimmers win. Jaeyoon, what do you think? You did your best. You were strong, but he was stronger. I could see him in the first 25m. We seemed close. My legs gave in a bit later. It’s because I didn’t practice a lot. I’m sorry to the team. You did well. (It’s alright) You did your best. There’s no stepping back for us. We have to prepare the next race with everything we have. The back stroke. Yuri! And Yein! Go, Yuri! Go, Yein! The Cool Kiz lost three races in a row. They’re facing a crisis. It’s the 50m individual back stroke. Yuri and Yein. I hope Yuri can raise the morale of the team. If she loses, they’ll face a huge crisis. Will Yuri win for them? Watch and see. It’s the 50m individual back stroke. Lane 1, Yein of Melody Day. – Go, Yein! / – Go, Yein! Lane 2, Yuri. – Yeah! / – Yeah! (Yuri, be sure to win for us) This was Yuri’s territory. Will she guard it today? Get ready. They started. They started similarly. Yein was a bit faster with the start. (Yein had a fast start) (Yuri pursues quickly) Yuri doesn’t spurt in the beginning. Yein has a bit of a lead so far. Go slowly, Yuri. It’s alright. Yeah! Good! Yuri is following Yein at this time. They turn at 25m. Yuri is in a bit of a lead. (Lane 1, Yein / Lane 2, Yuri) Yuri is in a bit of a lead. She did a flip turn. She reversed. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Let’s go! Yuri reversed. She’s maintaining her lead. She has a good last spurt. She just has to maintain this. I think she could win. Yein’s kick is getting weaker. (The mermaid does better in the end) You’re almost done! (Hang in there) Yuri is in the lead with 5m left. The gap is getting wider. Yuri finishes first. Yuri finishes first. The Cool Kiz win. She guarded her territory. She improved a lot. (You’re the best, Yuri) The fourth race was the back stroke. (There’s a strange feeling) Is something wrong? You did two strokes. (There is a stir) An objection was made. The referees are discussing it. Let us know what the result is. She did two freestyle strokes. Yuri. The referees will announce the result. I will announce the result. It’s the 50m back stroke. Yuri did two freestyle strokes, so she disqualifies. Yein did a precise turn, but she showed her back when she came out, so she disqualifies, too. Both of them disqualified. This race is a tie. By fixing every little thing like this, you’ll become a better swimmer. I didn’t know. I won’t make a mistake like that again. Right. The Cool Kiz vs. the Hidden Swimmers. Jiwon and Igyeong! Come on! He has to win. That way, Sunghoon can control his condition. (A lot of pressure) Will he reverse? Jiwon played a huge role last week. He has a great burden once again. They start. They started similarly. If he maintains his pace, he could win. He turned at 25m. Good! Good! Jiwon takes the lead. You can see he’s doing a spurt. Jiwon is smart. 3m, 2m. (Jiwon was born to win) Let’s expect a good result today, too. Jiwon has a lot hanging on his shoulders. Let’s hope he does well. It’s the 50m individual breast stroke. Lane 1, Lee Igyeong. Go, Igyeong! Yeah! Lane 2, Jiwon. (The Cool Kiz need a win) The icon of victory. In places. Will Jiwon be a hero again? Get ready. They start. Jiwon is going hard from the start. (They go in at about the same time) Igyeong seems a bit faster. Igyeong is swimming in a hurry. Jiwon is full of leisure. (It’s like double speed) It’s too much of an overpace. I think he’ll win. Igyeong is going overpace. I think Jiwon will win. Your head! Your head! Last week, Jiwon changed after the 25m turn. It looks like he’s controlling his pace. He turns at 25m. There isn’t a big difference. He turns at 25m. There isn’t a big difference. (They desperately need a win) Your head! Your head! There isn’t a big difference. Jiwon increases his pace. He increases his pace. Jiwon is going forward little by little. Igyeong is already exhausted. (Come on, diving beetle!) (Give it a bit more) Jiwon was quiet. He changed after 25m. He takes the lead. 5m left. (Jiwon wants to win) (Will he perform another miracle?) Jiwon takes the lead. 5m left. He really… Jiwon finishes first. Jiwon finishes first. It’s a surprise like “Sixth Sense”. Jiwon is a genius. (They really needed a win) Jiwon! Jiwon! (He lost, but Igyeong did his best) (Jiwon performed a miracle with everything he had) His start was much better. He went to the surface right away. You could see that. If you compare the first and second half, you can see how well Jiwon controls his pace. He followed with leisure in the beginning and increased his pitch in the end. It’s his best record. We have the times. Jiwon, 44.76 seconds. He achieve his best time. Igyeong, 45.27 seconds. Igyeong must be upset again. He took the lead in the beginning. He came as the captain. You failed to score 100 points for your team. How do you feel? I wonder what it feels like to win. (It’s alright) He’s really good. I’ll come to experience a win. I should some day, right? (You did well) Let’s hear from Jiwon. He must have panicked in the beginning. He’s always reversing. I keep remembering what Sunghoon said. Just think about everyone who went before me. That’s a good thing to remember. Get ready to scream again. The winner is Jiwon! (The Hawaiian seal wins) We have to go to the relay to see which teams wins. The aces will go now. This could decide the flow. Sunghoon and Seongung! (A race he can’t lose) If you lose to Sunghoon, will you shave your beard? I’ll do it. (If he loses, he has to shave his beard) If Sunghoon loses, with all these people watching, he’ll raise an arm and shave. (He’ll shave his armpit) – Just one side. / – Just one side. (Be sure to win, it will be embarrassing) (A competition of precious hair) (Sunghoon looks in the ice box) (Ice massage) (He’s cooling down) (I’m going to protect my armpit) (Cooling off, part 2) (I can’t give up my beard) Sunghoon is always at a disadvantage. His style and record were exposed. Seongung is Hugh Jackman. He has strong expressions and gestures. He’s not boring. He’s strong. He’s too strong. (Will Seongung protect his beard?) It’s a fight of pride. Lane 1, Seongung. (Lane 1, Seongung) (Go, Hugh Jackman!) Lane 2, Sunghoon. (Lane 2, Sunghoon) (Go, ace!) Sunghoon, I won’t be nervous. Go, Sunghoon! (Resolved) In places. Get ready. Get ready. They start. An amazing start. (They fly) (It brings out exclamations) (A storm-like start) (Lane 1, Seongung / Lane 2, Sunghoon) Sunghoon begins to race. There is a slight gap. Sunghoon is doing so well. His dolphin kick is perfect. He turns at 25m. He widens the gap. (He’s a reliable ace) (The hidden swimmer is surprised) You can see Seongung is exhausted. Sunghoon is increasing his spurt. 5m left to finish. There is no surprised. Sunghoon wins. That’s amazing. I’m at a loss for words. (She’s at a loss for words at his speed) (Sunghoon wins the 50m back stroke) It was between the aces. He’s really fast. (Impressed) (I protected my armpit) When Sunghoon meets a strong opponent, he gets even stronger. That’s right. His kick, pull and recovery. It’s all perfect. He’s doing better each time. He could really set a Korean record. He’s amazing. (Splash!) Don’t be so upset. There was a huge gap. (It’s still upsetting) (What about my beard…) We have the times. Sunghoon, 26.90 seconds. Seongung, 30.46 seconds. Sunghoon was close to his best record. Now then… 300:200. The winner of the relay will win. Let’s hope for some great swimming. We will begin the 200m relay. (It begins now) It’s the 200m group relay. Lane 1, the Hidden Swimmers. – Yeah! / – Yeah! Lane 2, the Cool Kiz. Yeah! (Let’s go for a fourth win) Only the 200m relay remains. Each person will swim 50m. Since they won the two races right before this, the Cool Kiz seem to have the flow. Yes. (We have to win) In places. Jaeyoon and Seongung are first. Get ready. (Pressure from being first) They start. Seongung’s start always looks great. (Seongung / Jaeyoon) They start. Seongung’s start always looks great. Jaeyoon’s kick is better than before. Jaeyoon, let’s go! Yeah! (It’s close from the start) They’re almost the same. They’re near 25m. It’s hard to say who’s in the lead. (The 25m turn) The turn was fast. Jaeyoon slipped a bit on the turn. Yes. Yeah! (He doesn’t fall behind) Jaeyoon isn’t falling behind. He’s in a bit of a lead. Yeah! (Don’t fall behind!) Good! Good! Let’s go! Good! Good! Let’s go! He’s lifting his head and going well. (Jaeyoon creates a slight gap) They pass 50m at about the same time. Sunghoon and Jiun are next. (Jiun / Sunghoon) (Sunghoon is a bit faster) Sunghoon… Look at the water splashing. We can expect him to create a gap. He’s taking the lead little by little. Sunghoon can create a gap. He’s fast. You can do it! Go, Sunghoon! (The gap is wider) Sunghoon turns at 25m first. He does the freestyle like the butterfly. It’s really charming. Sunghoon created a gap. The Cool Kiz are in the lead. Minhyeok and Igyeong get ready. (The Cool Kiz are in the lead) The third swimmer for the Cool Kiz starts first. Minhyeok started. Igyeong follows. (Igyeong / Minhyeok) The third swimmer for the Cool Kiz starts first. Minhyeok started. Igyeong follows. Igyeong is close to the lane… His goggles came off. He paused a moment. (Oh, no) (What happened?) (At the start) (His goggles came off as he dove in) What a mistake. Oh, no. His goggles came off. (Giving it all when he can’t see) He’s still catching up. Minhyeok is in the lead with leisure. The Cool Kiz are in the lead. Igyeong has a good spurt though. Igyeong can’t see right now. He’s swimming with his head out. (Minhyeok / Igyeong) The gap is getting wider. Igyeong seems a bit exhausted. (Minhyeok maintains the lead) Jiwon and Minkyu are last. This will decide. Jiwon starts. Minkyu follows shortly after. (Minkyu / Jiwon) Go, Jiwon! Minkyu is pursuing in a scary manner. Yeah! Yeah! (There is a clear difference in stroke speed) Yeah! Yeah! You can catch up! Go, Jiwon! The hidden swimmer is closing the gap. If Jiwon trying to go faster in the later half like he did earlier? He’s almost caught up. The last 25m remains. (Only 25m remains) (It’s pretty close) (Jiwon looks at his opponent) (Let’s go now) (The diving beetle’s booster goes on) The last 25m remains. Jiwon and Minkyu. It all depends on them. (They’re already having a party) Hurry. Hurry. Jiwon takes the lead. He swims powerfully. (He races without breathing) 5m left. Jiwon! He finishes just like that. That’s amazing. The Cool Kiz win again. (Swimmer of victory, Jiwon) The Cool Kiz are on the rise. The Cool Kiz are on the rise. (The diving beetle’s finale) (The hidden swimmer did his best) (It’s not easy to beat the diving beetle) We have the times. The Cool Kiz, 2 minutes 6.17 seconds. The Hidden Swimmers, 2 minutes 8.70 seconds. The final score is 600:300. That was a thrilling reversal. Today’s winner is The Cool Kiz! (The Cool Kiz win a fourth time) Charming! (Congratulations) (It was a great match) Things could have been different if Igyeong’s goggles didn’t fall off. That must have been regretful. I’m getting emotional. I feel so sorry to my team. Because of my mistake, we lost a match we could have won. I’ll leave with a heavy heart. How does it feel to win? Why are you crying? I’m so sorry. He must have wanted to give up. But he finished to the end. I’m grateful. It’s alright. He did his best. (What about Hugh Jackman’s beard?) (Next week…) (Under the clear sunny sky) (A man enjoys rest on the KBS roof) (Extraordinary kicking) He looks like Lee Deokhwa from behind. Hello. The rising start of the Cool Kiz, Hong Seokcheon. (A fight of pride against him) (No more losses) (The beginners will show what they can do) (What is the fate of the beginners?) (The Cool Kiz achieved a fourth win) (The next opponent isn’t easy) (A bloody fight) (Everything is decided in one second) (Surprise after surprise) (The Cool Kiz challenge a fifth win) (“Looby Loo” / Ben)

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