Costin Horseshoes A Guide to Sizing & Fitting

Costin Horseshoes A Guide to Sizing & Fitting

Oh g'day I'm Steve Austin and I'm the inventor of the cost of horseshit when you fit the shoe you get the right width you measure from this side to this side of the foot and then you find a shoe to match it usually I like to go a tad bigger then smaller dress the foot and find a shoe that is the same size or a tad bigger so if you're going to dress anything after you're finished showing it dress the shoe not the foot it is very easy to fit it has too little fitting clips at the back which are just there for holding this clipping the foot shoe on and holding it in position you can mark the Centers of your clip and then all I do test just squeezing 20 cutouts click so once you put it on your foot it holds it in position so you can put your nail in take them off when you're finished you've got the option of two side clips you got the option of cutting them off having a toe clip I'll cut the toe clip off now before click the now fits in and it actually fits flush with the top of the shoe sit up like a steel shoe like you never need to emulate the top of your shoe this one here is designed to be flush I know some people think that you need them to be countersunk well what we've done if you want to counter think you know just put a small headed nail in it and I used a vh4 or anything like that you can counter sink it down in and works just as fine with the cost and shoot on the back feet sometimes if they're doing a lot of work turning and stopping and hang on I like to leave all three clips on it just gives it a little bit more a little bit more hold on the foot and I haven't had any troubles of them so same same deal measure the width make sure it's the right width mark the center mark your toes and you can mark the other side same deal don't go big and heat to hoof out just just three little tiny screaming Tony cut it okay now we've we've nailed it on all we do is see clenches up I can make it like I said the secret is get the right shoe for the right foot so again don't have you know is coming out here and here make sure they just set up the right height with this shoe I'm finding I can do a nice job the horses are happier and I can get in and out of there and do three full shoeing is more in the same time you don't have to have a ton of gear I don't have to take my Forge you don't have to take my my my steel and have to take any of that stuff what I need is a plastic shoes my shoeing here understand if you want to use the side clips if you want to put a say a squared toe you can just cut the toe clip off use the side clips and square the toe off it's as easy as that and you can actually do that while it's on the horse it has an injection hole and what I use is a glue gun and I squirt this injection gel under the shoe so what it does it fills up all the voids under your shoe so you get the perfect fitting horseshoe it's and what it does do and also it allows the foot to set comfortably the fold is set comfortably on a gel on a nice soft cushion so that way when the horse walks and moves he hasn't doesn't have to stretch to touch the ground he only has to move up and down pushing all the time if you need a shoe that is full here well put a shoe on this big put a shoe on that fit those parts that you're talking about you can cut this stuff off it it's not like you got you're stuck with this size if you think you your horse abit bowls you bit bit fuller in the toe which it probably won't be I haven't had a lot that are full up but if you have put a bit bigger shoe on it is a foolish it and then just cut the excess off you

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  1. Just another gimmick in the horse world . Nice stone traps in the heels you had going on there . I suppose it never hard to sell crap to the women of the horse world because none of them have a clue about horse shoeing and if you make it sound good they just buy into it .

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