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  1. Great video. Was curious if you could paint the fence white after applying the diesel/motor oil mixture? I like the idea of the oil, but wife likes the idea of white… Lol.

  2. Hello, your vids are great by the way. Let me ask you. I'm planning to build a 140' fence this spring. I live in Quebec, CANADA where in winter it goes down to -35 c in the winter. I will be digging 4 foot holes. Do you think I need to set the post in cement? My fence will be a privacy fence with vertical boards.

  3. That's about the length I'm wanting to replace on my fence, but there is no way I can dig holes using a post hole digger, (lol) one reason I was asking about using the T-Posts, heavy duty of course, and that wire fencing you used; it won't be seen from the road & next door is a vacant run down house no one lives in. I'm trying to do the easiest & simplest way a 68 year old woman can use. Thanks!

  4. Pete about the only thing/tip I could add would be to use a clamp (I used a "c" clamp) to hold one end of the board while you get a screw in on the other end. Or if "She who will be Obeyed" was around, I'd mark it and she would hold it.

  5. Another Great Video Pete , All you need now is Cow's behind the fence, ( lol ) Keep up the Good Work !!

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