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  1. I ride horses and a cantered for the first time! It is very bumpy and do you have any tips for that? I’ve also never fallen off, but I got very close to! I was trotting (I ride english) and there was a jump (haven’t started jumping that high) and the horse was heading right to it! I froze and the horse kept going until my trainer yelled and said “go to the side” and I did at the last moment but she was cantering and I lost both of my stirrups! I was flying up and down and both me and my trainer were cracking up over that 😂 it was really funny

  2. I had my first fall yesterday and I am on my hores sunshine she was used for truck riding do I am aloud to stand up I my saddle and not have any one hold but seen she used to it she stared to walk but not expedite it I just fell I just got a scrap so I'm not hurt but it was really funny

  3. I haven't fallen down for 4-5 years since March this year. when I was riding a new horse (am in a school riding group) and lost first one and shortly after the second one of my stirrup while we wanted to galop, i had suddenly lost my balance (because i wasn't prepared for this to happen) and the saddle started to fall to one side, i was like, oh no i'm not going to stay on for much longer, and fell down. I stayed down for a little bit to realise what just had happend and slowley but surely stood op and cashed my breath. The horse was a good boy. He didn't want for this to happen and i'm not angry at him. He could have run away but no, he halted and looked behind him when i was on the ground. It just showed me, that i need to be prepared for everything that can happen. I stood op and got on Him again and tried to galop again and that one went without any problems. I often say to others if they are afraid of fallen down, always get back on, or you will be afraid of it. A friend of mine who is also in a riding goup (i ride two time a week and she is in my second group) was scared of getting back on after she fell down. But after a few weeks, she was on the horse were she had the accident and they became good friends.

  4. They say only girls can ride in this
    she said any young girls should of said any young people I'm a boy and I ride

  5. Is barn sour when your riding away from the barn and turn back the horse takes control and runs straight to the barn no matter what?? My cousins horse is like that.

  6. I was at our farm and we have a crazy unbroken quarter horse I was reaching for a food pan and I like arched my back then all I saw was that giant horse galloping at me, he didn’t run me over he has never jumped he jump d like five feet over me. It was scary he almost landed on me too he took off to soon.

  7. when i was first riding a big rule was that an adult had to be watching you, you wouldn't have done some of these irresponsible things to get you hurt if you had an adult there keeping and eye on you.

  8. I'm new to your channel so I'm getting caught up on all your videos. I'm on my second day I'm hooked lol. But OMG you are so gorgeous!!! And Sabrina's eyes WOW😍. I'm so glad you popped up on my feed. horses are awesome I have always wished I could of grew up around them or own one now but of course I know nothing about owning a horse. But I can't wait to get back on everyday to watch another video. Please keep em coming. I can't wait to see the ones about Crystal's pregnancy. I love seeing your excitement. 😘

  9. lol so I was at this place riding a horse and it was on a trail and we went down hill and the horse stoped fast or something and l almost flew over the horses head. And then the other day the horse trotted down a hill and I had no clue so I almost fell off too

  10. Just came across your channel but last year in the middle of May I was running the barrel pattern just for fun and as I was going around the barrel Brenna my warmblood mare decided she didn’t wanna go around it so instead she stopped and started doing mini hops and kept backing up (this happened outside) but she ended up backing up into the fence and she threw her self on top of me I remember hitting to ground first and looking up watching her slowly turn her body towards me all I was thinking was her hooves are gonna crush me but last min I rolled to my side covering my face and some how she maneuvered her self in the air to turn the other way and her back ended up landing on my ribs and I fractured 6 ribs …I blame my self as a Storm was coming and I knew she was sensitive to rain storms and was her first time doing barrels In the outdoor arena

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