Crafted silencer models and.. HORSE RIDING SOON!?? | Rust update 12th April 2019

Crafted silencer models and.. HORSE RIDING SOON!?? | Rust update 12th April 2019

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    Anyway, these updates makes me more excited than anything else happening on a usual day. Thank you Shadow, very cool!

  2. Horse riding would be awesome. If something like that happens I’m going to become a horseback riding emergency responder.

  3. it's only just Occurred to me +ShadowFrax you sound alot like the commentator from "Come Dine with Me" ^_^

  4. I still have never even played Rust. And don't own a p.c. is this a sad commentary on my life or a testament to how interesting you and Rust itself are? Likely both. All banana duck has to do is post videos of him screaming at the people in his nose for 12 seconds and I watch. Still up for debate. Keep up the good work either way. Also. How did I miss this video. I'm subscribed and notis are on. Is this the new 'aloglarithem' on the YouTube everyone is complaining about? P.s. I really did just get this in my inbox.

  5. @SHADOWFRAX , you know how you made the Rust lore video? and you where trying to tie the scientist to the US? did you notice on the thicc scientists it says cobalt on their vests?

  6. they should get rid of the TC and make the resources maintain the house from any chests, the problem of cheaters is that they know where chests and tc is making the game not fun anymore

  7. They should make it so you can put the tactical knife on to guns. It has the loop on the knife that could make it a bayonet.

  8. That Clatter helmet thing has got to be the most stupid items ever. Great helmet but…

    just makes ambient sound and months later they decide let's remove it, along with the item itself from +70% of all peoples inventories
    nice job

  9. Just realized shadowfrax is like the horse from lord of the rings and i am getting extreme fps drops 50 frames on low settings 1060 6gb ryzen 3 2200g 16gb ram and standard 1tb hard drive 7000rpm please tell me what is wrong

  10. Thank you Toronto Maple Leaves for giving us horseback riding in Rust.

    Never thought I'd say that.

  11. This game and the dev support is just soooo goooood! Only at 1500 hours and still always enthused to play. Shadowfrax thanks for the video bro we love you!

  12. Getting a brand new gaming laptop this week. Can't wait to get back into rust! If you're looking for a solid clanmate, hml. TheDinkster

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