Craigslist Pontoon Boat: Painting & Installing Fencing

Craigslist Pontoon Boat: Painting & Installing Fencing

oh and welcome back to my pontoon boat build videos uh carpets down new decks down now the plan is to install all of the skirting on the outside of the boat and then start putting in the railing so I'm gonna go just kind of set it all up there right now all right what I'm calling my skirts are now we're all laid down now when I was taking it apart everywhere there was a door were these little spacers which is basically I know what does that quarter inch aluminum tubing and those face was were on each hole probably to make sure that the railings don't get forced into the carpet at least that's that's my guess so I'm gonna go lay those out working on every corner or where there's a door which is also wide and clean off this railing so I could see exactly where everything goes with the dust and rubbing sits here you know I can see okay from here to here with the door which means I'm you might do a spacers right there all right kind of hard to tell but I've been kind of sitting everywhere and here is the hardware that I removed from the fencing as you can see it's a kind of various the each fence or side panel got two screws and then two bolts or nuts these studs should be in the fencing these two came out that's why I have these flange mats for the rest these and then various size screws washers lock nuts throughout everywhere else so on the railing up front here we have and had a mixture of big washers and little washes same inner diameter 1cm fender washer ones a standard washer and those were pretty much on every hole you see there was no random reason it was just random so when they were building the boat what I think they did was they had two guys walking down each side with a bucket full of washers and they would lay him down on holes as they went now their bucket of washers was mixed with whatever they had I don't see no rhyme or reason to the size or type of washers they used for even its it was kind of cheaply thrown together now could this deck have been replaced at some point in time probably it's possible but unlikely however you never know it's been a long time I personally don't think so but again yeah you never know reason I don't think so is because the self-tapping screws when they remove them with left old holes where they put in new ones I mean talking about the the inner you know across supports between the pontoons now if you were good and you landed in the exact same hole all right cool but come on realistically that didn't happen that leads me to believe the deck have never changed and all of the hardware in here was original whether the carpet could have been changed at one point and then swapped around that's very plausible but yeah that carpet looks pretty old I don't think the boats ever been asked with and if that's true it was made with mixed random hardware I'm probably gonna go down to the hardware store and buy just new hardware that matches on everywhere so I don't have this issue anymore all right I have also ordered new corners then on to step calm because I do not have country bitcoins I think where the boat was parked forever then it became along solo deal horribly expensive all right it's a little windy out hopefully you don't hear that in the camera audio these are the side paneling or fencing I guess you could call them the plan is get rid of this brown paint and get rid of the vinyl sticker or what's left of it and of course I'm doing this to get rid of the 70s theme that this thing's got going for it I guess it'd be a nice theme but either way now what I would like to happen is be able to you know take apart this fencing get this paneling out of here take it down and get it sandblasted paint it and call it a day problem is you can't this is all welded together the fencing was installed at the time they made the paneling was installed the same time they made fencing so it's basically in there for life let's see how to weld which gates ready but for the most part it's dating so what I have here all right go drive from the well but well dries I can start another panel you so see that that line it's kind of funny um this was predicted from the Sun you can see this was exposed to sunlight kind of made the pain walk weaker it's kind of funny all right about ready didn't do another pass you well the winds bags sometimes problem with these old vinyl stickers hey was these wire wheel ever time Plan B's a little more chemically I have some of this clean strip here craft paint yeah may be asking yourself why don't I just use this in the first place well the stuff is pretty nasty you can see the views coming off but I mean I guess it's good pretty nasty stuff I think what they did was look a list of the top 10 most cancer-causing chemicals mix them together and put them in here it's manufactured in Fukushima and stored in a tree Noble until you order and get it delivered so it's it's not fun stuff radiation is taking care of the top you you all right panels are all masked off doors – and there's a fourth one hiding over there somewhere paint is here paint comes from Joe thank you Joe all right so we have reducer mixing bucket hardener activator more great well let's hope it dries you you you all right all four doors are dry and store all the side panels now it's gonna be tedious presses getting all the tape off let's bring one in get started I already did this one we're kind of doing some tape line good an idea how it's gonna look well I got some of the paneling in it's just sitting there but got some of it in you check it out color match transit you looking good this side actually looks better because railings are left scuffed up yeah come on and well that pretty much sums up where I am of the pontoon boat I do have a couple of more fasteners to go around and tighten down a couple of fences to push it in out a little bit just some fine adjustments and as you can see right here at door to install but for the most part that's kind of it for the railing I do want to say that by far this was the most tedious process as of yet it took many passes with the paint stripper in order to get all the brown off and then more passes to get the final striping off it was it was not fun gallon the paint I think was about a hundred dollars picked it up on eBay um one of the nice things about not being too concerned with the color is you can basically just look at the picture and say yeah good enough and that's if you can do that you just buy a gallon I went to ebay it's a lot cheaper than going to a local paint store another thing too I don't have an automotive paint store here in town so it's little harder to get yeah the paint Internet really comes in handy it is a blue grey metallic can't really see van tulleken inside but outside you can really see it sparkling shine it's pretty nice okay let me know what you guys think of the color I'm just kind of curious it's obviously staying this way and you can see I already got some vacuuming to do on the carpet here but can't expect it well question answers I think the questions gonna come up is did I primer it the answer to that is no reason being I can't find me that zinc based aluminum primer in a spray core can I can get rust-oleum latex based primer in a you know quarter a gallon problem is I'm putting an oil-based or solvent based paints on top of it wouldn't really worked out too well so there is a problem for me getting primer I did a lot of internet searching a lot of people are saying when you paint the aluminum exciting you're paneling not to use primer because you're wasting your time just clean it scuff it up a little bit you paint it apparently a lot of people are saying it's the easiest stuff in the world to paint and I just kind of admitted with that that opinion so far none of its really flaking off it seems like it's sticking pretty well so I don't think they're gonna have any problems but if I do I only use two-thirds of that gallon so it's not too hard to do it over again and luckily this stuff would come off a lot easier than that brown stuff for that sticker well we'll see how long this lasts though hello everybody that's it for now as you can see here I got a lot of boxes arriving so hopefully by next video we'll be able to start getting some interior into this boat I'll try to remember to put links below for the products I used so if you me anything over below and if you get any questions let me know thoughts comments concerns they're always welcome alright everybody see you next time

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  1. Why not just pressure wash the paint and stickers off? Or was the panel too thin and the spray would have punched right through


    watch this and thank me later, I click off a lot of videos because of the high pitch talking or high pitched annoying noises

  3. "Manufactured in Fukushima and stored in Chernobyl until you order it." Nice. Even backed up the video to make sure I heard that line over the wind. Just tuned in recently. Looks good so far. You answered my question about why no primer used right at the end.

  4. That Aircraft stuff is probably better than Round-Up for killing weeds in the driveway. Nice job all the way.

  5. On the paint you can get self etching primer it works great on almost all metals like aluminum is easy looks great!!! I use it on all my duck blinds never wears off!!!

  6. Watched the first video, and liked it. Watched the second, thought that this ain't yer first rodeo. Now, i'm just jealous.

  7. If it wasn't stupidly expensive and custom, I'd say install on that deck's real estate in the front mid a marine grade recliner or two that has enough room to swivel.

    So what if it destroys the available open space at the front? Mom and dad need recliners on that body hauler barge. The kids and other relatives can fit on the other seats like in compact cars, tight and cramped.

    I guess the next best cheapest thing is design the layout so you can put outdoor patio recliner with padding on the deck and fabricate fasteners to bolt and unbolt it down.

  8. Well it looks really nice and goes with the carpet. Will see how long the paint last without the primer but usually roughing up the surface good helps it from bubbling and flaking off especially aluminum. Oh if you like good old storytelling check this out. Thanks Tim

  9. Nicely done. Love the color scheme! Take a look at my slideshow of the rebuild my son and I did to an 88 model. Will be having to repaint in the Fall due to some shortcuts and not knowing what I was doing regarding preparation. It's not a video, just a slideshow with typed narrative.

  10. The paint looks great. I watched another guys video about cleaning his pontoons. I don't know the brand but it made the pontoons look like new. If I remember correctly, it was called"Pontoon Cleaner".

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