49 Replies to “Craziest Game Finishes in Sports History”

  1. For everyone complaining in the comments, this is why I can't show video clips from outside US/Canada:

  2. Why do people in America get so excited about college games? It's really odd. Who cares if their college wins a game?

  3. The band clip is the best, the last guy with the ball really wanted to nail that band member and did.😁

  4. damn that car at 8:38 flipped onto its top so hard in that wreck that the "#20" on his door stayed upside down whenever he flipped back over onto his wheels

  5. I hate American football It's just known in America, the rest of the world doesn't care about your fucking sport. It is not sports history if it is only known in America because it is just America's sports history then

  6. 2006 CFL Week 16 Edmonton Saskatchewan ending. To find its footage, check out sportscentre top 10 wacky cfl moments. #7 on that list.

  7. I think the safe from 2:50 was fair because if the other player wasn’t in the way he would have made it with plenty of time

  8. Confused AF 0:20 in! Is this Rugby or Football? And LMFAO at 7:19 team in white bouncing around all happy then SIKE!!! FK YES! AND, I think Auburn won the football game!

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