Crazy Horse Racing Race Track – Let's Play Online Roblox Horses Games – Honeyheartsc

Crazy Horse Racing Race Track – Let's Play Online Roblox Horses Games – Honeyheartsc

honey hartsey hello hello hello meeting fans well we are going to be playing some roblox a horse games today I just love roblox because it's just so random of what can happen hello so here we have a whole bunch of horses what is going on here the victors like a horse race they're all lined up whoa okay here is my little character here so what can we have going on in it you're gonna have AI look at all of these little Pegasus whoa whoa they're like moving they're like moving like fruit stripe oh it's a rainbow like a zebra oh that is so cool oh that's so cool where are we going where are we going where we going with Glenn crazy going crazy going crazy so we're going off badge no why would do that no okay that one's only like crazy and went off the edge I have no idea why why would it do that okay what's going on with this yellow Pegasus oh and a pink one and a purple one they look like they're really really wanting to move be new features you can use yeah yeah yeah there we go oh oh it's going crazy again it's going crazy I hope you hear me so much now where are you going now it went up again No horses are crazy where are they going they're moving on their on their totally moving on their own um okay remember we're the worst thing they're going where are they going now I go to the courts now they're going backwards we make no sense what they're doing there's no –ss it's going on okay now the green one is going backwards the green one they look like pinatas don't there's like little pinata horses going forward going back telling Baba coming back now the black ones going push it is go so this is so crazy horses it has gone crazy today better be careful okay let's write on it yeah dude did you skip 50 where are we going looks like we're going towards the edge let's let go towards the edge no relax no he be too easy you know support the edge oh it's going on and be the horses just like they're going crazy oh I'm too scared where is it all just one of the edge okay I don't know what's going on I have no idea okay so looks like we've got a whole bunch of whore here look at the chunky watch they're jabbing me chubby jelly whores ah what happened to my face I'm just a floating hair pile now then if sunglasses I have no idea what happened to my face there's so many horses on my cloth I don't know what to do I don't know what to do what's going on in here there's like an elephant there's a horse riding an elephant what's going on with this one's eyes it's out a horse I don't even know what that is are those horses tied up to this post hello but there's some hay over here if I were a horse I would definitely be right here where is this little green horse going he's getting ahead of the rest of him come on you little horse come here come here hey come here can i no longer ride just because I'm not blowing head I'm not even a floating head I'm floating hair it's going great no all right these horses are gone too crazy they love going over the edge I don't know why oh I died okay I don't know right maybe I can ride this one because it's kind of inside of here it's inside of this area oh it's got rollers on its feet what's going now careful there's an edge over there you're gonna go over the edge no no no I was gonna ride that horse quick get on the pink Pegasus yeah there we go there we go there we go go crazy I think it's trying to buck me up we're gonna riding it I'm writing it I'm writing it dalinda dalinda dalinda dalinda north computer oh I'm getting dizzy Oh getting dizzy OOP what's going on careful the edge careful careful careful careful I'm going crazy here we go I'm kind of taming it there we go there we go there we go in dalinda dalinda dalinda left engine ah okay where am I now where are we the bunch of horses here they're all lined up well one be course yes oh there we go alright we're at a racetrack the racetrack yeah there's a racetrack right here yeah let's go go on this racetrack here we go we're running we're right over anywhere down right now in the Lindemann oh come on Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda Linda since ended Linda Linda yeah keep it going and going around the bed and get the lead Cindy Linda Linda get into the never attempted loses focus focus hey there's more horses here right they're all lined up do like reading a rate limit their leaving to a little racing pen okay we're all lined up another leading what are they going know what are they moving backwards why this one gadget what they're leaving only the little brown one is left why maybe I can go put them back they're going crazy there we go oh they really are going crazy whoa whoa try to buck me up whoa no no they're going crazy foot thick what floor is doing some playing servos all right let's ride the black one are they slowing now they're floating jinda Linda Linda no no easy easy easy well you are going crazy but all the horses they've lost their mind they're just dancing away out there this is like the craziest day on the racetrack ever we're kind of all dancing around these horses have gone crazy whoa whoa all right let's see if I can catch one and ride one maybe I can get the black one come here come here now it's your best all right maybe I'll try to ride on the one that's in here oh really go crazy whoa Wow go gravy okay bad idea totally gone baby well whatever point riding on the track denilla Lindell intestine okay let me go ride on my pink horse cuz this one actually listens to me there we go okay the choices are crazy noises are crazy this guy is actually like all the way down the tracks look like doing the track go find it in Delinda look at wall the crash we got off the track how did it do that it's trapped this one strap oh no it's going crazy to the strap whoa easy girl easy there they all are dancing around whole crazy coming right over I don't understand what's going on the racetrack this is so so so weird it's a weird day today whoa all right where am I now okay here I am where you can be a magical magical horse I played this before and I love this roblox game I think this one is really really cool you can become different horses you can become a Clydesdale you become like a Pegasus or like a fire horse a regular horse or a fold or a little animal like a real fun let's be a Clydesdale today so here are the different little Clydesdales oh those are the foals used to be a Clydesdale phone call or you can be just a grown up Clydesdale whoa Here I am so this is what I look like just a firearm horse right here well and a Pegasus just so cool there's like a jumping track now I wonder if I could do the jumping tracks look at how colorful everybody is all it looks so much peace eat it eat it eat it gifted woo woo woo woo woo well you just are getting bigger and bigger oh I don't know if I can jump these big ones and oh oh did it people horse inherit eating eat hello are you okay this is full okay and kasane kasane cookie van does another little fault there's one two horses here we're they going well there's a little puppy dog there's a lot of little puppies puppy I love puppies they're so cute what's the walk over here to this waterfall the magical waterfall they say this pond has magical healing properties if you were to bathe in it ah magical the water is magic Oh through the world puppy dog in the water little puppy dog is this a lost little puppy let's go into the barn and see what's going on in the barn what is going on do a puppy hanging out in here whoo they're hanging out in this water – beautiful alicorn I had a nice night for a swim fin de vincennes in – oh this one's doing two jobs going over the jump do the big one whoa ooh that one ate an apple oh why it's a puppy purring what's going on over here there's a dark dark cloud oh I don't know what's going on maybe there's some dark magic going on right here with these two blacks Pegasus what's going on in here look they're smiling and talking both there they go who's that dark cloud around him I've never seen the dark clouds kind of scary well there's I get dragon over here there's a dragon mmm so many magical magical animal well look at all this magical dark dust so so dark I don't know what pulling on they're going somewhere okay let's follow see where they're going they're going over the jump huh look all the smoke oh where did it go into the pier it totally vanished where's the other one look at this dark smoke cloud still there what's over here I see something way out in the distance it's another Clydesdale so the cry still over here all by itself looks like she's not speaking right now okay I hope everything's okay if you're injured go to the magical waterfall the water will heal you yeah yay all right maybe fans I hope you enjoyed this random horse play video it was really crazy on the racetrack today be sure you stay absolutely awesome really and I will see you in my next video bye Megan oh oh oh oh she's so protective over her little foal all right Manny fans how well were you going to sucked into the video in the first roblox game what color horse did I ride on first was it a rainbow zebra horse Apollo me no a black horse or a white horse is anyone remembered

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  1. It was amazing and I love your video,s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for all of the fun πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“cccccccccccccccccccccc

  2. Do more roblox😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎please

  3. oh hi i play roblox oh and yes your cool and i was wanting to tell you that i love all you videos that they are so funny and fun

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