32 Replies to “Crazy Russian Wakeboarders”

  1. как вы все трясётесь за свои жизни, не дай Бог пальчик порезать… ))))

  2. ну ты тоже сказал… вот отбери у них Soviet Russia и что останется? )))

  3. бла бла бла нашелся остаряк,главное ты живешь в жопастой германии,которую натянуть можно в любой момент в любое время.

  4. I also was confused because of the truck, but later I saw the license plate of the car and it's definitely Russian.

  5. на доске по Мос. пр-ту это круто!!! Молодцы,парни!

  6. что общего между "soviet russia" и "uneducated states of america"?комплексы жить не дают?россия очень даже educated с самой высоким уровнем алкоголизма среди несовершеннолетних.проще быть нужно

  7. The whole point, is that Russians actually try new things, and aren't afraid of it, In america, no-one would try it "cuz everyone has a stick up their ass".
    All Americans are like you, thats exactly why they will never have the fun like Russians.

  8. In the capitalist United States, you too lazy fat ass up with way to view TV and shit for themselves.
    I like jokes about the united states …

  9. COOL.. i know what to do next,when it's raining for to long!!! Oops… i hope that did not hurt to much 😀

  10. @StrongGayBlackMan Do you live in Russia or a country near them? They are all aren't the same.

  11. @Travmapunk Is that the huge prob btw Russia n Germany? He should be thankful to you guys.

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