Creating the ultimate wakeboarding park – Red Bull Highland Wake

Creating the ultimate wakeboarding park – Red Bull Highland Wake

29 Replies to “Creating the ultimate wakeboarding park – Red Bull Highland Wake”

  1. Wrong area, looks all really nice until its done hundreds of times, then it doesnt look that nice any more.. dislike..

  2. It's wrong place to do that things, you just polluting this beautiful сreation of Nature.
    Think next time!

  3. Повезло тебе что дайверов там не было. А то лес большой, вас бы там никто не нашел. Нехер свой грязный гидрацикл спускать на это замечательное место. Мы надувные лодки тщательно моем перед тем как спустить их туда.

  4. This bothered me on so many levels. Red Bull I love so many of the videos that you sponsor but fouling a pristine Mt lake for a rather mundane video was bad form.  

  5. Земляки, это озеро, созданное Природой высоко в горах и подальше от людей – не для бензина, серфенгистов и издевательства над естественной красотой – с трамплинами и перилами.
    Берегите природу, мать вашу. Другой Родины не будет.

  6. This is original wild lake in мountains… Very clean and beauty!!!! How you could be so stupid with that?? ??? How you can make the support equipment from that unbeliveble trees????? How can you drive gas boat by that crystal clean water?????!!!!!! You are dirty dogs, [email protected] shit!!!!!!! That guy come in perfect place, do his shit and will never back. That is auffull, guys!!!! Your ar uglies!!!!

  7. Where did the jetski come from? I'm guessing helicopter or some kind of air transport brought it there because I haven't seen the horses pulling it… which leads me to my second question: why did you get there by horse??

  8. looking at this i was thinking that the features had nothing special or particular, all of them could have been made in a more accessible location. Rewards are always much more satisfactory when a lot of hard work has went into them. Good work guys.

  9. @red capone @dreamrecorder there not destroy ing anything and its a pretty awesome park I'd loce to ride it.

  10. ultimate park?! so fake with the horses! how do they get their jetski up there? by horse? ^^ its a beautiful landscape! dont destroy it with ur cheap wannabe Park!

  11. You know he is wearing a wet suit with a t shirt on top of it, thought it would be pretty logical to see this, he is sponsored by quicksliver wearing a quicksliver wetsuit. People* these days.

  12. Yah Ultimate F*A*I*L !!! Two dopes a ski and a rope !! Nice getto clothes wacha do stop at good will on the way and picked up those treads. Do us all a favor stay out of natural lakes and one more thing buy a razor !!! You look like a dirt ball….

  13. the lake should stay on his own !!! but they come and pollute the water with gas and any other things !! you can swim in there but don´t use anything not made of nature !! 😉 you see it would be better

  14. Gay as hell! Take that ski and go home. Gasing the water and fukin with a natural lake. God damm kooks!

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