CRITIQUING every MLS STADIUM – Secrets and Hidden Gems of Major League Soccer

CRITIQUING every MLS STADIUM – Secrets and Hidden Gems of Major League Soccer

47 Replies to “CRITIQUING every MLS STADIUM – Secrets and Hidden Gems of Major League Soccer”

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  2. I'm still buffled that so many US citizens don't rate football (oops, they call it soccer) as much as other sports,
    I mean,I get why basketball is quite intriguing, and we can give American football a little credit; but baseball?!?!?!Really???

  3. Best part of this video was finding out that there's a lawyer named Dick Pound. I think every man in the world who learns this will feel less manly knowing that their name is not Dick Pound.

  4. you really should look into the actual average age in mls compared to all other leagues before u go with the retirement league bullshit that hasnt been true in the past few yrs

  5. i find it funny when you sarcastically say cant wait to see a crippled neymar out here in 10 years, my local league (a league) would love a crippled, old neymar.

  6. A very significant event at BC Place Stadium was the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup including the final.

  7. Not sure I would call this a "critique", it's more like brief history/fun facts for each stadium. Shrug

  8. No, Toronto FC does not play just Montreal every year. Please do some actual research before failing to make bad jokes.

  9. MLS teams needs to make more stadium closers to the pitch take notes Lafc,sporting,Minnesota,Orlando

  10. I saw a video Mexicans commentators downed the MLS cus of the soccer quality but said their futbol was better than many south American teams because of their stadiums. So when it comes to US soccer stadiums they couldn't care less. I personally think the quality of soccer here can get better but the stadiums rock and that's a hell of a start. About the retirement league jokes.. At least we are getting Neymar, Ronaldo, and messi in 10 years from now
    yesss. LOL

  11. 100 year old Nippert doesn't deserve that shade. It's a great place to watch a game, soccer or football.

  12. BBVA gets a beautiful sightline of the Houston skyline. You get baked but the payoff is the best seat in the house as the sun sets. Oh and why you see those empty seats

  13. There's just… so much wrong with the Seatgeek Stadium entry in the every beginning.

    "Right next door to Midway"… it's 5.5 miles away. It's like saying the LA Coliseum and Hollywood Park stadium are right next to each other.

    "…which only exists because Sourhwest flies there"… it's the better airport, easily. Like, no debate. Most Chicagoans I know prefer MDW over shitty O'Hare. Just… no.

  14. For my FC Cincinnati fans……I got us 😏 13:30.

    #GoFCCincy #QueenCity #OangeAndBlue 🔶️🔷️

  15. Damn, he really said nothing about Yankee Stadium lmao. Just a solid hockey joke, then a random fact about Yankee Stadium lmao. It hurt my heart when he pronounced David Villa as Day-vid Villa.

  16. Pretty sure there was a soccer team that played in Yankee Stadium for a little bit before moving to Giants Stadium in the 70s with some guy named Pele? Idk.

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