48 Replies to “Crooked I – Drum Murder ft. HorseShoe G.A.N.G.”

  1. I would like to see crooked I horse shoe gang vs Eminem Royce 5 9 hopsin method man and vinnie paz??? Super dope battle

  2. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzPi3atViilTzuvNwr9skHOJ-5hdYBTRJ checkt mal meine tracks

  3. just found crooked i, saved my life I thought this style was gone… thank god many underground rappers still breathing, keeping that fire

  4. yo crook! talk to Royce about hsg. sign to Bad half entertainment. do that shit! fuck man Hs has to do something… too slept on. Royce is finally blowing up. hsg would sink in that win

  5. 1st : Demetrius 2nd : Julius 3rd : Kenny 4th : Dice 5th : Crooked I…
    straight classic… Eastside Long Beach

  6. underrated af, they really need a good dj imo, if they had someone making beats like the mainstream shit, they would be hellah rich right now

  7. The industry of music is fucking ridiculous and out of hand. How does talent like this go unnoticed by millions.

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