Crowned Eagle Longbow: Harvey Archery – Review (Archery Adventures)

Crowned Eagle Longbow: Harvey Archery – Review (Archery Adventures)

well it's not raining which is a bonus it's been a very long very soggy not particularly cold but it's still very dreary winter so I haven't really been out able to get out to the woods as much as I would like but it's not raining today it feels like spring is definitely sort of coming we're well into March now so hopefully we'll get some more videos coming to you in there Kevin months but what I wanted to talk to you today about is way back last year I was sent a couple of those from a Bowyer in South Africa called Warwick Harvey and is his company's called Harvey archery and now one of the bows he does is this 60-inch reflex D flex longbow that's a very aggressive reflex and you know me I love a reflex on a limb but this bow is called the crowned eagle now it's a 60-inch longbow cut to Center some of the materials we've got in here we've got the coach or County however you want to pronounce it as the main rising material you got a couple of stripes of African / Duke with a sort of layer of micarta in the middle there you've got this beautiful black and white evany on the limbs now that's one of my favorite limbs is black and white evany it's it's stunning you'd never get the same piece it's every piece is individual and it's it's it's really nice I was really pleased that is that is black and white evany that's nice you've got a little bit of an overlay on the on the tip as well you've got a bamboo call in so it should be pretty snappy pretty quick I mean I like bamboo as a as a limb core material I think it's naturally quite springy it's got an overlay of horn and it's cute coupe Kubo horn did we say Kubo horn I think it's Kubo horn I'm gonna have to google make sure that's not some sort of mythical creature it's kudu and it's a member of the Antelope family found in East Africa I really wish you would do your research before you start making these videos Jim you sound like an idiot but yes it's so it's got a very natural very raw kind of feel to it now these are custom bows what makes them all to order to your specifications saying you can you can pay about you can you can sort of make the bow of your dreams or whatever using the materials that that Warwick's got but yeah it's it's a it's a beautiful looking bow actually and I have shot it a little bit and it's a it's a good shooter it's nice it's smooth it's got an interesting limb profile at full draw so I'll show you that when we when we're shooting it but but yeah it's not it's a nice little bow and the good thing is you get a custom bow for and now the price and dollars is about four hundred and ninety dollars which is we worked out to be about three hundred and seventy pounds I'm not a huge fan of putting prices in videos because it dates things change honestly breaks it on the rise and that could change drastically but yeah it's it's to get a custom bow for under 400 pounds I think is really nice and the good thing about warwick is you can talk to him all the way through the process and he'll send you pictures and things as it's being built which is which is always really nice but yeah this this will happen to be a 60-inch crowned eagle it's 45 pounds of 28 inches he can do them to suit draw lengths up to 32 inches which for a 60-inch bow is pretty good but i have talked about the bow let's go and shoot the bow that's what we're here so yeah let's get out there let's sling a few arrows and series like see in a bit right so i've come to my favorite deer targets 15 or something yards away i haven't measured it just a decent sort of distance gives you an idea of how things are going it's finally you know arrow weiss i'm shooting today the I have are actually probably a little weak for this Bock probably do with a 500 these are 600 spine axes traditionals recently I've sort of gone back to access traditionals just-just-just lately is I I found 50 of them in my garage I sort of didn't realize yet so yeah cut them down wrap them up and everything put a new feather on it I'm shooting a feather actually of my own design this is a working titles got the G wing I'll tell you all about that at a later date but that's just a little feather I've sort of developed over the pasta said a couple of months but yeah let's give it a go let's shoot some arrows and let's see let's see if I can talk you through kind of how it feels to shoot it's it's I mean I'm shooting this 3-under it can be tilted three and a split-finger I've shot it both split thing around 3-under today I'm not noticing a huge amount of difference actually it's a pretty pretty sweet either way but I just let's just do we go but now it's nice it does there's a really Pleasant kind of punch to it it's it feels very raw I don't know if that's free because it's from South Africa that's a terrible joke I'm probably going to cut that out but yeah it's definitely it doesn't feel like any other bow I've shot it's very punchy very very feels feels very quick if I hadn't destroyed my crony I'd probably be able to speed test it for you but it's definitely it's definitely spits him out definitely spit some out but yeah that's why nice that's why nice maybe 600 spines a good call for this actually but yeah I just grabbed arrows out the the drone but yeah that's that's nice no I said it was felt quite quite raw and I don't mean that as a negative in any way it just maybe it's maybe it's the horn on it I don't know maybe it's just just in my head but a nice definitely fun to shoot definitely fun to shoot now it's 60 inches it's it's pretty smooth though those limbs seem to work and felt quite nice now I don't know if you can see I'll try and put a shot in from it from a wider angle they've had the limbs look at full draw now they just seem quite unique it seems to be like a quite unique shape but it's definitely interesting photo shoot I like it I like it now you notice um I've just got arrows in my pocket today I'd have liked to have put a bow quiver on it like shoot me the bow quiver but the the limits actually a lot wider than what I'm used to on my bows at the moment the limb tips very slender but it comes down at the riser and it's quite turts quite chunky so I couldn't put any more my bow Quivers on unfortunately but it's been quite nice walk around the woods were just a few arrows in my pocket it's so I used to do when I was a kid getting back to basics that's got a nice pop to it when you shoot it last arrow so we'll shoot this arrow then we'll have a little wonder around the woods we'll shoot it a bit more and then we'll have a little chat and talk about you know a bit of a round up at the end that's nice I can't I can't fall back that's a nice group they're coming I mean they're all a little bit to the left what I'm looking at but it's getting used to a new bow but but that is definitely definitely definitely a shooter I like it is uh works done a good many good bow there and it's the shape is very unique I don't think I've ever it definitely stands out on the on the bow rack but anyway let's go grab those arrows just go for 100 words and shoot some more [Laughter] [Applause] so that is the crowned eagle from Harvey archery now I wouldn't sit here and do a video review on a bow I didn't like I get sent stuff that I don't like and I don't do videos on it so that is to say I quite like this boat it feels a little bit different to anything else I've ever shot there's a there's a raw quality to it sort of a little bit untamed I don't know I mean it's difficult to shoot or anything it just it just feels a little bit edgy and I quite like it it's um yeah it's definitely unlike anything I've shot for a while it fits nicely in the hand the grip is one of the major plus points on this bow I think it's it's a stunning grip it fits my hand I'm all about the grip that's kind of why I like they strike us so much they have such a beautiful grip and this is very similar in feel it's got a very thin throat a little bit higher on the palm there which is quite nice actually just to fit snugly in the hand obviously being a custom bow you can change that grip you can have a higher grip or a low grip should you want to the other thing is this scoop here aesthetically when I first looked at it I thought it was a little bit odd but actually I really liked it it's a feature of the bow it makes it stand out on a shelf it just looks a little bit different and I'm all for like that little something a little bit different and I don't I don't know why I did the fingers sort of fit nicely to it you can hold it nice and tight it's just a nice little feature that I thought I'd really do quite like it comes with a fast flight string but I'm obviously putting a prison string on there I mean why wouldn't I but yeah that's so that's got a grizzly string on there a little hybrid grizzly strength that it's made most it quick quiet string but yeah I've just had a blast it's been it's been nice to actually get out in the woods again it's been a while since since I've sort of come out to the woods it's it's all overgrown and targets in need of some repair and things but yeah it's good good been back in the woods and we've got a whole bunch of stuff coming up this year this year's shaping up to be pretty impressive I've got another warrant Harvey both to have a look at I've got a couple of strikers and I've also got something very very special coming from striker to share with you but yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be a good year and thanks for sticking around and sharing it with me so yeah yeah you take care shoot straight just see any internet that way do Cavanaugh was he proud of that one no I don't know if you if you've seen Warrick he he looks like a freakin action figure and I was gonna do a thing where I talk about him and then we we cut away and it's a big picture of him looking all manly then I was going to come back and have one of those fake muscle suits on but I didn't get one in time so if we do like do like a really bad Photoshop and I'll try and be all muscly or could you get the gym but then I take a while

40 Replies to “Crowned Eagle Longbow: Harvey Archery – Review (Archery Adventures)”

  1. Great Video! I like your form. Definitely have nice push-pull through your release. Look forward to new videos. Rain in midwest past 2 months has been relentless. Waiting for our club 3d course dry out. Have a good one

  2. Hello Grizzly, I have a 31 inch draw, I'm currently shooting a samik sage and yes it does stack at full draw, I'm really struggling to find and info or models of traditional bows that would provide a smooth full draw at my length. Any ideas would be hugely appreciated. Thanks

  3. Hi. I enjoyed your video about the Harvey Archery reflex longbow. I'm wondering if I can get your permission to feature it in an article on my website Let me know.

  4. Looks like a nice bow, really unique appearance. I always enjoy your shooting sequences, good shooting, and just relaxing to see the arrow fly to the target. Shoot straight!

  5. My Big Jim quiver fits these. I have a two piece one of these (different woods) for sale (anyone?)I love it but I have too many bows right now.

  6. Seriously ? Brexit ?? From South Africa?? Are you kidding me ??? Please leave politics out , we just wanna shoot , and watch shooters

  7. Another very enjoyable video from Jim. Just to say, I think it would be a good idea to do a video of some bows or gear that you don't like, explaining why and what your issue is with that kit. I think that would help a lot of prospective shoppers.

  8. Fred Walker of Canada Ontario, Own Kawartha Traditional Archery Center and Walker's Traditional Archery. We have 30 acres for or venue. A shop, tental, lessons and camping. A one stop set up only for trad shooters. No compounds or crossbows. Enjoying your videos keep up the great work you are doing.

  9. Nice hybred, those wide limbs is what makes it so smooth. Good looking bow as well, Bob lee has a three peace long bow with the wide recurve limbs and it's a smooth shooter.

  10. Good to see you back looking well and doing what you do best. Great to see you back Jim. Hope theres more to come?

  11. Great review, but, would you think it's a good bow to hunt with. Yes yes given you can shoot well enough with proper arrow weight.

  12. A Grizzly Jim bow review shows up in my notifications and the world is brighter already.
    Looks like a really nice bow Jim, and shoots good too, love your reviews buddy don't make
    us wait to long for the next one.

  13. Watching you shoot always makes me want to get my bow down from the attic and let a few arrows fly. πŸ‘

  14. hey, i think you could try one of the bow made by this guy he is from my country and his bows are awesome, i think he would love to send you a bow to test. There are more awesome bowyers in my country if you want to know πŸ˜€

  15. Very nice, love that style of bow. Glad it wasn't 3 weeks ago would of made my new bow choice harder.

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