28 Replies to “Custom 50' Ready Range® by Shooting Range Industries”

  1. Both videos had Women. One Woman was Black. One Woman was White. The video with the Black Woman gets tremendous negative reviews about how silly it was to have a Woman in the video. She was called all kinds of names from "douche-bag" to the implication that she was a paid prostitute. The video with the White Woman gets nothing but praise for having "eye candy" and a "pretty girl" helping in the video.

    How telling. America. The Great Home of the Racist Moron. This would have made an outstanding Social Experiment – proving that Racist Morons exist in droves in this country – even in 2018.

    Both Women were outstanding. The product is outstanding (though a bit too pricey for my blood). The Morons in the comment section were Outstanding Morons. There was a lot of outstanding going on here. Not all of it was good, however.

    Racist pigs. Get over your idiocy.

  2. Can you combine two in order to make it a 100 ft range?

    Also, I can go over the plans with the designer 1 on 1, correct?

    Thank you

  3. So when are you going to post some real world scenarios? I mean really. I'd lick her like a lollipop 'til the cows come home, but she's a distraction from your core business. I hate to sound antiquated, but bitch, PLEASE!.O.G. out………..

  4. The product interested me, but the girls for show definitely detract from your product advertisement. Completely unnecessary and a little greasy to be honest.

  5. Too all, don't be haters I don't see anything wrong in the videos . He's just trying to sell his product. He is a winner.

  6. This is what happens when a guys who cant get a woman grows up and has some money. He thinks he is still in High School and that having bimbos on his arm makes him cool. I guess he is cool to High School boys. Good for him.

  7. This is a perfect portable 50ft stripper club! get rid of the shooting lanes and add a pole and a kicking sound system.

  8. You know Damn well the old owner dude is trying to bang these young babes by promising them a spot in his videos. And the Bimbo's believe his bullshit and think it's going to be their big break and ticket to Hollywood. Old owner dude aint gettin' no ass and the Bimbo's aint gettin' no work in Hollywood

  9. Nice range setup! What sort of soundproofing is available. Seeing all of these negative comments about your advertising concept really sinks home how uptight this era has become.

  10. Wow whats the problem with adding a lil extra eye candy to the videos? Why are ppl so judgmental? I'm sure He's getting more views because the videos have more appeal.

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