Custom DIY Recurve or Compound Bow Grip

Custom DIY Recurve or Compound Bow Grip

wellness your shot archery today we'll be doing how to make a custom grid here are the items you're going to need to be able to make your custom grip a grip you're going to need plumber's putty don't use wood putty because wood putty won't stay on your grip uh this sets in 20 minutes once you mix it up allen keys to put the grip on and off your bow so that you can bearly correctly position the putty on the grip to how you want the grip to feel in your hand on the bow a sharpie to mark out the area you want the putty on end at once the putty is dry to mark places that are too high or uncomfortable when your hand is on the bone that way you know where to send and where not to send and then you have an option between using sandpaper or a file or if you happen to have a dremel it's a really great way to more effectively trim down the putty on the grip so that you can get the feel of the grip completed quicker now for the first part of how to make a custom grip you have the grip and your plumbers putty so we're going to take this out now I've already done two grips already myself but now I feel like I be able to show you guys and help you guys out all right seven you got your two-part epoxy for the plumbers putty so you're going to rip off a piece and you're going to mold it together until both of these two separate colors or one unison color now once that's done you have roughly twenty minutes to get it on here and positioned you know how you want it an advantage is if you take a sharpie and you you know you have your boat set up and you pre position everything how you want your hand to sit in and what feels comfortable you could trace around your hand with the sharpie marker and then have the lines on here on the grips ten accurately place the putty so you're not like wasting any or you don't have an extreme excess now you don't want to be you know too conservative when putting the putty on because you want to have extra so you can trim it down you can mold it a little so when it dries it's not set in stone you don't have to go and add more to it you have more than enough that's that's great because then you can take your dremel or your sandpaper and sand it down once it's dry you want to go to the process of sanding down and shaping it now this grip I've already started shaping and sanding so that it fits comfortably in my hand and it's not complete yet but it is it is definitely well on its way as you can see there's a lot of you know grooves and and no sand marks that's because I added up you know fair amount of extra putty that way I could work the grip and sand the grip down to how I wanted it I didn't have to worry about not having enough now this is the finished grip I've been shooting this grip now for six months I've had no problems with the plumber's putty cracking or falling off I do recommend you know lightly sanding where you're going to place it that way you know it's going to give you an advantage as it adheres to the grip itself but now I have a custom grip that feels great on my hand oh I hope this helped you guys and making your own grips thank you for watching and as always happy shooting

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  2. I just modded my grip and realized now that it doesn't sit naturally on my bow stand. You think I should force it or get one of those fancy ones that stand your bow upright? Curious as to how other bow grip modders rest their bow on bow stands now.

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